How to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

How to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work

Many of us believe that long-distance relationships are never going to work out. It because a long-distance relationship has many problems. Today’s modern relationships are no longer bound by location. It’s possible to fall in love with and even seriously date, someone without having ever met them face to face.

Whether your date was someone local who has moved away, or someone you have never met but hopes to; Here is some practical advice and tips on how to make a long-distance relationship work.

How to Make a Long-Distance Relationship Work:

1. Continue to spend time together

It’s easy to invite your significant other out for a quick cup of coffee or a night of Netflix when you live close together. When you are thousands of miles apart, or even in vastly different time zones, it becomes a lot harder to spend quality time together.

If you want to make your long-distance relationship work, make that time. Schedule FaceTime dates with each other, stay in contact with text or by email and phone, and make a point of being there for each other. It may be a little harder to arrange your schedules so you can be together, but those moments are important. Read the top 6 reasons why relationships fail and how to avoid it!

2. Send care packages

Especially if the person you are dating is away due to work, a care package can make all the difference in letting them know you care. Gifts are fun ways to stay in contact with each other, and remember what it is you love so much about each other. It is also a romantic idea for maintaining a healthy long-distance relationship.

Include letters and pictures, as well as goodies you know they will love. A letter they can feel and hold is worth twice as much as the email you popped off the same morning.

Just the fact that you know what their favorite brand of candy is, or that you would love a Linkin’ Park T-shirt even though it is so old school, can help reach across that long-distance and touch their hearts. This ultimately will make your long-distance relationship strong.

3. Don’t lose yourself to the relationship

Of course, when you are in love, it is normal and healthy to want to spend lots of time with the person you are in love with. That doesn’t mean you should sacrifice other parts of your life, however. Even if you think you have a great reason for not getting out there and living the rest of your life, things change.

You might not bother making friends or interacting with others because you’ll be moving to where your significant other is, so why bother? But what if your plans fall through, and the days you’ve been counting downturn into months or years? What if your online relationship falls through, and they break up with you?

It’s important to value your relationship and put effort into it, but not at the expense of your real life. You wouldn’t give up everything you love and are passionate about for a real-life relationship, why do so for an online one?

Make friends, pursue hobbies, and be yourself in real life too. If nothing else, you’ll have more to talk about the next time you log into Skype to be with your significant other. Read 11 rules for couples for a long-lasting relationship.

4. Don’t take advantage

Don’t take advantage of the fact your relationship is long distance. If you know your partner won’t like you going to a bar while they’re gone, and you do it intentionally simply because you know they are gone and probably won’t find out, you are on a slippery road.

Staying honest with a long-distance relationship is probably one of the most important rules, and also one of the hardest parts of a relationship.

It’s just plain easier to cheat when your partner is thousands of miles away, and cheating doesn’t just mean having sex with another person. If you’re intentionally sneaking around indulging in behaviors you know your partner wouldn’t tolerate if you were together, your relationship may already be on the rocks.

Instead, tell your partner flat out if you plan to do something they may not like, even if that means dealing with the discomfort of their disapproval.

Also, be clear of your expectations with another person. If your partner hates the smell of tuna and you plan to have a fish fest as soon as they are gone—they probably won’t care.

If you plan on learning how to rock climb without safety ropes and you know they are a stickler for safety, they probably will. It’s still best to tell them about your intentions and be clear in your communication.

If they can trust you to update them on actions you know they’ll find less than thrilling; they can trust you to be honest about other things too.

5. Trust them in your absence

As we said earlier, it is easier to cheat when they know you can’t suddenly walk in the door. It does no good to be suspicious, and constantly trying to catch them through the internet isn’t going to help your relationship. So, before starting a long-distance relationship you should trust your partner in your absence.

Accept the fact that if they wanted to, they could, and either trust that they won’t or find someone else. The hardest part about a long-distance relationship is that the bridge of trust has to be a pretty strong one to hold up over thousands of miles. If you can’t trust them, it is better, to be honest with this and find someone else, than to keep trying to ‘catch’ them.

Online relationships can be pretty difficult to maintain. When you can’t reach out and touch someone, figuring out how to maintain closeness can put a heavy strain on all but the strongest relationships. If you find yourself separated from your partner, and you truly love them, it is well worth making the extra effort to keep the relationship up. Read 10 warning signs of toxic relationships.

The good news is, of course, that long-distance relationships are easier to maintain than ever thanks to technology such as facetime and skype. If you both care about each other, you can build on the solid foundation of love that you have together, and keep your affection for each other strong until you can be back together again.

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