Top 10 Go To Travel Hacks to Save Money

10 must know travel hacks that will help you save money

Traveling costs money, especially if you want to enjoy your time at your chosen destination really. The more money you’re willing to part with, the more you will enjoy the trip. This is true, but it doesn’t have to dig a big hole into your pocket. You can have a great trip without spending so much money; it’s all about knowing what to do and how to utilize the right travel hacks.

Now, we are going to share ten of the best travel hacks that will help you save money without making you sacrifice your enjoyment!

1. Free toursTop 10 Go To Travel Hacks to Save Money

This is a great way to maximize your stay at your destination without spending money. Tours are very educative and will expose you to the culture of the people you’re spending your vacation time with. A lot of countries, especially in Europe, will offer to take you on free tours. Usually, it’s organized by your hotel. Sometimes they ask you to pay, but it is a fee that’s not compulsory. The amount you pay is also what you feel is suitable since they don’t impose anything.

2. Complain in a very nice way10 Go To Travel Hacks to Save Money

Don’t go around complaining about anything after you learn this; it won’t give you the desired result. Here is the hack, whenever you have any disappointment with your airline, politely reach out to them and complain. After you do this, they will work on the issue and pay you for complaining. It could be a rude staff or an issue with the food you’re served, as long as it’s legitimate, you’ll be heard and more importantly (because we are talking about saving money), get paid for it.

3. Use your ID cardGo To Travel Hacks to Save Money

Let me emphasize that I’m talking about STUDENT ID card here. As a student, you can save so much money by showing your ID card at any point where you have to make payment. By default, many attraction centers give discounts to students, so you’re in luck if you’re still in school. Make the most out of it while your ID card is still valid. When you graduate, that privilege will end so use this travel hacks before its end.

4. Be a bump volunteerTravel Hacks to Save Money

This is my favorite money-saving travel hacks of all time, the benefits are really yummy, and you get to save a lot of money from getting bumped. This is how it works; most airlines book more than their capacity in a day. They do this not to disappoint people, but because they hope some people won’t show up for their flight. It’s business, this way they always have a lot of customers.

Now, where do you come in? It’s right there at the airport when those people the airline hoped wouldn’t show up, actually come…on time, and now we have a chocked-up airport with people who are too many for one airplane. Usually, airports have a way of handling this, one that will benefit you. They ask people to volunteer to bump their flight, join these volunteers and enjoy free flights, accommodation and credit vouchers if the next flight is delayed further, etc. Cool way to save money.

5. Travel off-season10 best travel hacks that will save money

Ordinary times are only the safest seasons to hit the road for a fun trip; they’re also the best times to save money. Why do I say so? Well, tickets are cheaper because there is little or no congestion. Other things like tours, taxi fares, and many more are cheaper since the demand for them it’s not so high.

6. Set price alerts10 brilliant hacks to save money on travel

Make up your mind about where you want to travel to and start planning ahead with this travel hacks. Do this some months before your intended travel date. Search for cheap flights on Google and use apps like the hopper app. You will see how prices fluctuate from time to time and as soon as it is right for you, make the payment. The alert will always keep you updated.

7. Carry a water bottle aroundTravel hacks that will save money

Most intending travelers claim to know this already, but it doesn’t reflect in reality. A lot of tourist’s waste so much money on the water every day, much to the delight of restaurants and airports nearby. The prices are too high in such places, but because water is a basic need, people just rush to buy, but not you. You want to save money, so you are not going to waste any dime on water now that you have always been reminded to bring a water bottle.

8. Sign up to get airline emailsBest travel hacks that will save money

This is an excellent way to know what’s going on with their pricing as well as seasons they offer discounts and freebies. Following airlines on social media is also a great way to know what’s up and even relate to their customer service.
Since you are trying to save money, a reduced flight cost is something you don’t want to miss, so use this travel hacks.

9. Book your fights incognito moodBrilliant hacks to save money on travel

Believe it or not, travel sites can track your online activity. They can do it just as easily as you can check someone’s browsing history by holding their phone. Your financial activities are no secret, so browse incognito to prevent these travel sites from going through your activities.

If they do, they will raise the prices because they feel you can pay the money, but you actually want to save money, and they don’t know that and they don’t care. So, browse incognito to avoid paying extra money for a flight.

10. Use collapsing laundry bagsHacks to save money on travel

You will save your pocket a lot of holes when you organize yourself with a collapsing laundry bag. Spending money on laundry is not necessary when you have this bag, as you can neatly keep dirty clothes separated from other things while you’re traveling back. If it’s waterproof, all the better!

No matter your preferred destination, these travel hacks can surely have you enjoying your vacation without breaking the bank, give them a try and see how much money you get to save at the end of your trip.

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