15 Amazing Places to Visit In Turkey

Amazing Places to Visit In Turkey

Turkey is a land of history and majestic landscapes. It is a marvelous destination for travelers who love to indulge themselves in the pleasure of exploring the old lands. Interestingly Turkey was the gateway between Asia and Europe for thousands of years. In this article, we will discover fifteen amazing places to visit in Turkey.

Consequently, it has not just seen the exchange of trade and money but it has even witnessed the exchange of culture as well. While you wander in the streets of Turkey you will surely find the essence of a different culture in it. Therefore, to know Turkey in a better way let us explore the best destinations to visit in Turkey. Here we go!!!

Amazing Places to Visit In Turkey:

1. Istanbul

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey. But this is not the only thing which makes it popular. Istanbul is the only city that has a narrow strait that connects Asia with Europe. As a result, this city comprises two different cultures- European and Asian.

You must visit the mysterious Hagia Sophia while visiting this city. This astounding architectural beauty was once a church. Then, it was used as a mosque. But now it has been turned into the most visited museum in Turkey.

Taking a cruise ride at Bosphorus would be a lifetime experience. You will be the attester of the beauty of Istanbul at dusk after this cruise ride.

2. Ankara

The capital and the second-largest city of Turkey has a lot to offer you. Some travelers even call it as the small and quiet version of Istanbul. Ankara has lured numerous travelers over the period of time because of its beautiful historical sites.

You might have surely read about Ankara in your history books while reading about the Ottoman Empire. However, the history lingers in the streets as well.

On your visit to this majestic city don’t forget to explore the Ankara Citadel and the Ottoman houses. Moreover, you can end your journey by relish a cup of coffee in the buzzing café of this city.

3. Konya

It is a magnificent city and it is even called as the city of Rumi. However, Rumi is a well-known 13th-century poet whose poems still lingers in the streets of Konya. The famous landmark of this place is the Mevlana Museum. It is the place where the tomb of the famous poet rests.

This place is beautifully decorated and you will surely lose the track of time once you enter this museum. The Tile Museum is another famous spot of Konya where you will find splendid art artifacts. If you are an art lover, then this place is a paradise for you.

4. Ephesus

If you want to lose yourself in the midst of history, then Ephesus is the best place for it. This place narrates a lot about Turkey’s ancient period. On the other hand, it was Europe’s Most Classic Metropolis.

The interesting fact about this place is that it was the largest city during the Roman Empire. Moreover, the Temple of Artemis was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. If you deeply explore this land you will find the remains of the ancient Ephesus preserved in the archeological sites.

The most attractive and most visited landmarks of this ancient city are The Temple of Hadrian and the Celsus Library.

5. Aya Sofya

It is very famous all over the world as the most beautiful building in the world. Aya Sofya is a museum that speaks a lot about the glory of Byzantine. It is a famous tourist place not only in Istanbul but also in Turkey as well.

You will find the exquisite exteriors on the minarets of this building. These decors date back to the Ottoman Conquest. On the other hand, the interiors are even splendid and they will remind you about the times of Constantinople’s power and time. It is one of those places that you should definitely visit while you are in Turkey.

6. Cappadocia

If you want to head to a beautiful photographic place in Turkey, then head to the Cappadocia. This place is filled with cliff ridges and hillcrest which provides a panoramic view of the whole place.

The best way to experiencing the surreal beauty of the place is by hiking the hills. But if you do not like hiking then take a hot air ride. The best time to take this ride is during the sunset. It is the world’s top destination where you can experience the beauty of nature.

7. Topkapi Palace

This palace is unbelievably beautiful and this palace will take you down the lane to the worlds of sultans. This palace played an important role during the Ottoman Era. It was from this place where the sultans set of their journey in order to conquer Europe following the Middle East into Africa.

The interior of this Palace is very lavish. The Topkapi Palace has interiors of jewel decors and that signifies the power of the Ottoman Era. This palace is even surrounded by a public garden which was for the royalties before. However, this garden is now open to the public as well.

8. Pamukkale

This is one of the exotic places in Turkey and the most wonderful natural wonder. It is even known as the Cotton Castle. The name of this place completely justifies its beauty because it looks like a snowfield amid the green landscape.

This place is already the highlight of any trip. But the other most interesting part about this location is the ruin of Roman Hierapolis. Moreover, it is an ancient spa town which lies in the top of the Calcite Hill. Therefore, after visiting the Pamukkale you can even visit the ancient spa town.

9. Mount Nemrut

To the eastern part of Turkey, you will find Mount Nemrut. It is the top sightseeing location in the country. This site contains the broken remnants of the Mammoth statue.

This weird and lonely place in Turkey is the most peculiar archeological site. You will find the giant stone head of the long-forgotten god remains in the barren mountaintop. The best time to visit this place is during the sunrise in order to watch the statue.

10. Ani

The hazardous building of the Silk Road stands abandonedly on the plains of Turkey that is close to the modern border of Armenia.

This place was the capital city of Armenia but the golden era of this city came to an end during the 14th century. The fall of this place was due to the Mongol raid and earthquake destruction.

The remains of the red brick building are still there and many tourists head to this place in order to witness the historical monument.

11. Aspendos

To the southern part of Antalya is the Roman Theatre of Aspendos. It was in this place where many ceremonies were held of the Marcus Aurelius rule.

It is one of the finest historical places in Turkey and a great example of classical age theatre. You should surely visit this place if you are in love with antiquity attraction.

12. Pergamum

Turkey has many Greco-Roman ruins and Pergamum is one amid them. This place was once the home to the ancient and most important libraries in the world.

But now the remaining temples of the Pergamum stands on the hilltop where you can go and witness history. It is an incredible historical place to visit in Turkey with a panoramic view of the entire location.

13. Safranbolu

It is the best-preserved Ottoman Town in Turkey. It is a photogenic place that is finely restored with wooden mansions. These mansions where was the home of the wealthy merchants and these have now turned into boutique houses and hotels.

It is one of the exotic places in the country but there are very little things to do in Safranbolu. However, there are many gifts and craft shops and from there you can buy some souvenirs for your family and friends.

14. Patara

There are many beaches in Turkey and it is said that there are beaches for every sun worshiper. However, amid all the beaches in the country, Patara is the most famous one. It is mainly due to is the 14-kilometer-long shoreline and plenty of space.

Therefore, no matter which time of the year you visit Patara you can find a free spot for you.

15. Sumela Monastery

Sumela Monastery even known as the Monastery of the Virgin Mary. It is the star attraction of the whole Turkey journey. The most fascinating part about this Monastery is the interior. It is covered with dazzling and vibrant frescoes.

If you have planned to head to the northeast part of Turkey then you should definitely visit this place.

Turkey is a place that is filled with ancient monuments leftovers and beautiful cities. This corner of the world has never failed to impress its admirers.

Some tourists even state that Turkey is a world by itself and not paying a visit to this part of the world is nothing but a loss. If you are planning for exploring the world then our suggestion for you is to start from Turkey.

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