28 Brilliant Life Hacks That Can Save the Day

Life Hacks That Make Life So Much Easier

Many of us would have never realized that we can solve many of our petty everyday problems with things we have with us in plain sight! So, its time to discover some brilliant life hacks tricks. Knowing such useful tricks can save time and money.

So, we have a compiled a list of twenty-eight brilliant life hacks that can make many of your tasks more manageable.

1. When traveling, tie a small piece of bright-colored cloth to the handle of your suitcase. This will help you quickly identify your luggage on the conveyer belt. It will also save you time after your flight.28 Brilliant Life Hacks That Can Save the Day

2. Ever gotten confused in finding the right key in your keychain? Well, you can easily sort this out. Use different colored nail polish to paint your keys. This will help to distinguish and identify the key you want easily. Again, this is more of a time-saving trick.Genius Life Hacks

3. Are photos taken from your mobile phone coming out to be blurry? This could be due to smudges on the camera of your phone. You can easily remove them using a normal school eraser.28 Simple Life Hacks

4. When traveling, many of us like to take our own bottles of shampoo and moisturizer with us. Bottles which have a dispenser have a chance of leaking. To prevent this, wrap the dispensers with rubber bands. This brilliant life hack surely going to make your travel easier. Simple Life Hacks

5. When going out, we often take a bottle of cold water along. However, the water does not stay cold for long. There is a way to ensure it does. Fill a quarter of a bottle of water and then place it in the freezer in a way that it is laying on its side. After this water freezes, fill the bottle. 28 Insane Everyday Life Hacks

6. You can turn your table fan into a ceiling fan! Just use a string and a hook to hang your table fan from the ceiling. Insane Everyday Life Hacks

7. Use Velcro strips to combat the issue of kids or pets moving your carpet constantly.Real life hacks

8. While having an issue with inserting the thread in a needle, spray the thread end with some hairspray. This way the thread end would get stiff, and it will be easier to insert it the needle. You can thanks us later for this brilliant life hack. Brilliant Life Hacks That Can Save the Day

9. Using cheese as an ingredient in one of your dishes and can’t find the cheese knife? No worries, as you can easily use a vegetable peeler instead!Life Hacks That Can Save the Day

10. When having an ice-cream stick, everyone must have experienced the ice-cream melting and dripping onto his or her hands. Well, now you can prevent your hands from getting dirty. Simply pass a tissue paper from the bottom of the stick upwards till it is just beneath the ice-cream. The tissue will absorb the dripping ice-cream, leaving your hands clean.Hacks That Can Save the Day

11. Ever struggled when filling a container with water that does not fit into the basin? Use a clean dustpan to transfer water into the container easily. Place the container on the floor and adjust the dustpan on the basin in such a way that water fills into it and falls into the container below.28 Incredible Life Hacks That Make Life So Much Easier

12. Creases on shirt collars can be very annoying, especially if you notice them after putting on the shirt. However, there is no need to go through the hassle of taking off your shirt and ironing. Simply use this brilliant life hack, well how? Just use a hair straightener to iron out the creases from the collar.Incredible Life Hacks That Make Life So Much Easier

13. Most of us usually stack clothes one on top of the other in a drawer. When looking for a particular one, we have to keep lifting the clothes to find it. To avoid this hassle, simply stack your clothes vertically in a drawer so you can easily spot the one you need.Life Hacks That Make Life So Much Easier

14. Use a small hair clip to keep your earphones from tangling up.Hacks That Make Life So Much Easier

15. Clean up your hazy car lights using some toothpaste.28 Popular Life Hacks

16. Many of us often encounter unexpected rain when outside and have important documents with us. To prevent them from getting wet, carry them in a zip-lock plastic bag. You can also place a piece of thin cardboard inside the bag to ensure that the documents do not fold.Popular Life Hacks

17. Crying your eyes out when slicing onions? From now on, chew gum when doing so to prevent teary eyes. This brilliant life hack surely will save your tears! 28 Real life hacks

18. Shower Heads often become clogged with the build-up of residue and dirt. To easily clean it, tie a plastic bag filled with some vinegar around the showerhead and leave overnight.28 Best Genius Life Hacks

19. Baking soda and vinegar can be used to unclog the clogged sink. Just pour some baking soda along with a cup of vinegar and see the magic.Best Genius Life Hacks

20. Tired of finding sperate bowls for filling sauces and placing pickle when having a barbeque? Simply use a muffin tray to serve the condiments.life hacks tips

21. This brilliant life hack related to your phone. If you hurry and your phone is dying then you can use this hack for the quick recharge. Just charge your mobile phone in airplane mode as it is faster than the ones charged in normal mode.28 life hacks tips

22. You can run your old razor on jeans to increase its affectivity.Simple life hacks to use around

23. If you are annoyed and agitated by watching irrelevant ads during your favorite game just switch your phone to airplane mode.28 Simple life hacks to use around

24. Ever hit your hand with the hammer while holding a nail? Protect your fingers by using a clothespin to hold the nail while hammering.real life hacks and cheats

25. Use paper clips to organize your cable wires and prevent them from tangling up.28 real life hacks and cheats

26. This brilliant life hack going to save your money and time.  Try using a pants hanger as a cookbook holder in the kitchen.

Kitchen Cookbook Hanger
Courtesy: www.cuisineathome.com

27. Fill a bottle with water and place your mobile phone torch underneath it. You have just made your own lamp.28 Life Hacks That Can Save anyone Day

28. Struggling with reaching into and washing your blender? Simply pour water and soap into it and switch on the machine. Then rinse with water and voila! You have got a spotlessly clean blender.life hacks for home

So, how many of these brilliant life hacks did you already know? These life hacks are called life hacks for a reason, and it would not be an understatement to say that these tricks can prove to be a lifesaver. Adopt these small tricks to save up on time and money.

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