12 Clever School Hacks to Surprise Your Friends With

12 Clever School Hacks to Surprise Your Friends With

When at school, you go through numerous troubles and have to face unlimited challenges. Some days may be worse than others when you shoe breaks or your shirt gets stained because lunch fell on it or something else.

The following are several clever school hacks that you may use to surprise yourself and your fellow pupils.

Clever School Hacks:

1. Sneakers Get Dirty

It is very exciting to play in the school playground but we often avoid playground activities because the shoes get dirty. If this little problem is solved then we can easily with our friends in the ground for long.

Get some wax and rub it on the sides, front, and back of your shoes. Meaning, the entire boundary of your shoes; apply a fine layer of wax on your shoes and blow a hairdryer on it so that it melts and spreads evenly, this technique will protect your shoes from getting dirty in the sand.

Applying wax will technically cause the sand to slip off your shoes and they will remain neat and clean even after playing for hours in the school playground.

2. School Has No Soap

This used to happen in my school too. There would be days when the toilet would have no soap and the lousy janitor will say upon inquiry “No soap, sorry” which automatically meant that the school has run out of soap and they will not buy the next lot before the start of next month.

In such a case, there is one thing that can be effectively done: prepare a paper soap for carrying to school. Take a mug full of water and dissolve some hand wash in it, now dip a dissolvable paper in it and let it absorb the soapy water for half an hour or so.

After half an hour, take out the dissolvable paper from the mug and let it dry. Once it has dried, it becomes your paper soap and can be carried anywhere; rub the paper on your hands (when you need a bar of soap and it is unavailable) and then wash with water.

3. The Lost Free Loop of Watch

This often happens that the ring or the loop that keeps your watch intact by winding itself over the strap gets lost. This is some serious tragedy as its loss means that you cannot tie your watch anymore and if you did, it will fall off.

To solve this problem you may apply this idea. Take out a spare rubber hairband and mount it on the strap of your watch, if the hairband is slightly bigger in size then wind it up the band twice (by twisting it to make another loop and wind it up the strap again).

If you do not have a hairband then you may even use those idle rubber bands lying in the classroom cupboard for this purpose. The rubber band will then become the free loop of the watch and can tightly hold the strap in place.

4. Counting Words

The school work requires counting words, especially, in the English language course. Essay writing requires you to prepare or read articles of a certain word limit, where counting the number of words in the article or written essay becomes a challenge.

It is a pain to count each word and there are high chances that you can get lost midway and have to start over. To make this task as easy as ABC for you, try counting it by the following method. Take the first three lines and count the words in each line.

Note the number of words for each line by its side, once you have done that find an average of the three figures, for example, if the word count for each of the three lines was 10, 11 and 12 words respectively then the average will be 10 + 11 + 12 = 33 and 33/3 =11.

So the average horizontal line in your essay has 11 words. Now count all the lines vertically, if you have let’s say 100 lines in the essay then 11 * 100 = 1100, you have approximately 1100 words in your essay.

5. Math Problems

The math teacher is the new Hitler in town, I can understand. The wrath of the math teacher falls upon those who do not know the solutions to the cryptic math questions. The teacher sometimes punishes students for an entire day by making them stand on one leg outside the classroom if the homework is not done correctly.

Relax! Ever heard of the Photomath App? Come on, guys. This is the 21st century and we are blessed with smartphones. Download the Photomath application, take a picture of your math problem, and upload it on the app.

The app will identify the problem and will generate a solution for you. You just have to copy the solution in your notebooks and understand the working while penning it down.

6. Lunch Fell on the Shirt

Oops! Did the oily lunch just drip on your shirt? You’re worried that your mother will scold you for spoiling your outfit? Don’t worry. All you need is talcum powder. Take two tissues and a talcum powder box.

Sprinkle a good amount of powder on the front and backside of your stain. Now cover the top with a tissue and the bottom with another tissue. The pack will be like tissue-powder-stain-powder-tissue.

Now press the top and bottom tissues till you feel the oil is absorbed. The talcum powder will start taking up the oil which would turn the tissue oily too. Keep it like that for 30 minutes, if necessary remove the old powder and tissue and use some more and press to absorb more oil. The stain will be removed.

7. The Marker won’t Work

The color pens, marker, or, in fact, the board marker may act up sometimes and not work. You may have work pending and the marker is inkless. Actually, it’s not inkless, the ink has just dried up from one end that was facing the ink.

The solution is that you remove the pen cap from the bottom, look inside the hole to find an ink cylinder inside. All you have to do is turn the ink cylinder upside down, and press the cap shut. Now shake the marker for 30 seconds and then start writing. The pen will start working again.

8. The Ink Stains

The stains of the permanent marker, color pens, and ball pens can be removed by using a hand sanitizer. The sanitizer should be rubbed on the stain then cleaned with a tissue.

If the stain is still there then rub some sanitizer on it once again and clear it with the tissue (take a new tissue if the old one is too wet to be used again). This process will remove the ink stain in less than a minute.

9. The Shoe Sole Breaks

Oh crap! The sole of the shoe breaks halfway or completely comes off. And you have to drag your feet while other pupils mock and laugh. I know it is pretty embarrassing. Well, now you don’t need to be embarrassed anymore as I have a mastermind solution for it.

Buy a few chewing gums from the school canteen and sit in the school garden on a fine bench. Now chew these gums one by one until they get soft and sticky. Place the sticky gums over the sole one at a time (on the upper side) by spreading the gum a little to stick a greater area. Stick all the gums one after another and then place your shoe over it.

Now wear the shoe and stand up to put your weight on the shoe, this will press it and the gums will bind the sole with the shoe in no time. Walk confidently now.

10. Gum Gets Stuck on Clothes

Often we sit down where chewing gum is already sitting. Eww! And you wonder who was crazy enough to stick it there after all! I know it is extremely frustrating but it can get off in no time, just get some ice.

Go to the canteen guy and ask for some ice; as soon as the guy gives you ice, rub it on the gum for some time. This action turns the gum hard and when it gets very hard then scrap it off easily using your fingernails from your clothes.

11. Argh – The Shoes Smell Foul

All the playing around long walks and summer sweat turns your feet and hence shoes really smelly. But you can easily get rid of this foul smell overnight. Sounds unbelievable right? It sure will surprise you.

Put 1-2 tablespoons of baking soda in your school shoes and leave the soda in the shoes overnight for the smell to vanish. Wear them the next day; how do you like your shoes smelling brand new?

12. Lost The Zipper Pull

The pull of the zipper slider breaks off sometimes and gets lost (because it is really small so easily gets lost). Using the zipper gets really difficult in such times as the zipper binds very crucial parts together of bags, pants, and stationery boxes to name a few.

Fix the issue by getting a paper clip and inserting it through the hook of the slider. Make sure that you press and shut the opening in the slider hook properly after inserting the paper clip so that the clip doesn’t fall off easily.

School tires you already, the work burden is too much to let other things bother you. The problems that you have been facing in school are endless but there are smart hacks to them which can make your life really easy. I hope that my suggested strategies will help you in tackling the challenges smoothly while all the rest look in awe.

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