Funny Cultural Differences Between Canada and USA

Funny Cultural Differences Between America And Canada

Americans do share many similarities with Canadians. They love the same music, have similar physical features, and so on. It is great to talk about these similarities, but the truth is, there are also funny differences between America and Canada which worth mentioning as well. Some of them are political; others are cultural. So, we’ll be looking at the funny cultural differences between the US and Canada today.

Differences Between Canada and the USA

1. Which country has nicer citizens?

There are really sweet Americans out there, but err…when compared to Canadians, they are a lot more confrontational. Canadians are globally known to be nicer and better mannered than Americans.

2. Maple syrup

Call it a Canadian obsession; they don’t care. They take so much pride in their maple syrup production and market. Canadians and a huge part of the world believe they are the producers of the best maple syrup.

However, Americans have their own, which also sells, but is considered second to Canada’s. Americans don’t like to hear this, but many Canadians call their syrup the “fake maple syrup.”

3. Bagged milk

In Canada, they drink milk from bags. Over 70% of milk drinkers in Canada have been doing this for a very long time, and the Americans really find it strange.

They believe their Canadian neighbors shouldn’t be drinking from bags. Since most of them buy milk from jugs, bagged milk in America would really look suspicious.

However, Canadians don’t care what anyone thinks, they love their national habit and will continue enjoying their milk from bags.

4. How they present their country’s issues

Generally, Canadians love to give the “all is well” impression. They like other people to believe that their country has no problems, but we all know every country has imperfections.

Americans are not opposite in this regard. They don’t say everything is fine, but they also don’t give you the truth about their country’s problems.

5. The flag

Probably this is the common similarities between Canada and the USA you will ever find. Just like the maple syrup, Canadians are practically obsessed with their national flag!

They have it everywhere — company logos, shirts, hats, welcome home posters at the airports, name it…Canadians are madly in love with their maple leaf flag.

As crazy as it sounds, Americans love their flag more…the craze it real! The star-spangled banner is so loved that in some American schools, children are expected to salute the flag every day. It is almost fetish. This topic is usually the start of an argument between citizens of both Nations.

6. How they see their government

Canadians are more tolerant of their government. In fact, they hardly ever disapprove the national heads. However, in America, the story is very different.

Since the majority view it as a necessary evil, they have little trust in their government and don’t wait for other countries to criticize them. They take the lead in distrustful speeches and publicly display their disapproval. Which is not the same in Canada.

7. Their perception if the weather

Canadians love their cold weather. They don’t care if you think they are freezing. They enjoy talking about it and actually brag about the cold. On the other hand, our dear Americans like to brag about how warm it is.

8. Sports

In Canada, their main sport is hockey. They love it the way soccer is loved in England. However, in America, such love is only shown towards football.

Both countries show great love when it comes to sports, but Americans are generally more interested in it…a statement you will find hard to believe when you get a first-hand experience of an average Canadian’s love for hockey.

9. Walking around the house with shoes

In Canada, you’re more likely to see people walking in the house without shoes. Americans will have none of that; you should have your shoes on no matter where you are— that’s how they operate. Remember that factors like weather and location affect how this “shoe in the house” issue is treated.

10. Political gis

Who doesn’t like to sit down with a glass of wine to talk about the politics in the American government…? Americans! They are more inclined to talk about other issues.

Unknown to them, Canadians love to do all the American political chatting they like to dodge. It is very common to meet a group of Canadians discussing the political operations of America…they see it as a way to pass the time.

11. Accent

Wondering about the difference between Canadian and American accents?  Well, most Americans think there is a “Canadian accent,” but you will hear so many as you move around the country.

People in different cities in Canada have a unique accent that can tell you where they are from. For example, the Ontario accent is not the same as the Alberta accent. They also have two official languages — French and English. Americans only have English.

12. Online shopping?

Buying things via the Internet is not really a Canadian thing. Most of their stores just don’t have apps or sites where people can order home delivery. Americans have it so easy in this regard; they can buy almost anything from the Internet.

13. National unity

Americans are more polarized on almost every topic you can come up with. I’m not saying they don’t agree among themselves, they do. However, it is not an everyday occurrence. Maybe because of their population, which is far greater than Canada.

Could it be the reason why Canadians are so different in this area? Maybe, we don’t know. However, the fact is that they are more united in almost all issues. You will hardly find them on different grounds, especially when it comes to issues about America.

14. Concern for the comparison

The constant comparison of both countries didn’t start today, it has been around for a very long time, and the citizens of America don’t really care about the topic.

Canadians on the other hand, know so much about the Americans. They could spend a large chunk of their time distinguishing themselves from Americans in ways you didn’t even know.

They really care about the differences, which cannot be said for their American counterparts. So don’t be surprised if an American shows nonchalance when you start a topic about what differentiates them from Canadians.

US and Canada Similarities

In this section, we will be talking about cultural similarities between the people in the United States and people in Canada.

1. Belief

The two nations are multicultural and both are meritocracies; the idea of the ‘American dream’ applies similarly as unequivocally in Canada; the conviction that anyone can be anything, paying little mind to foundation, ethnicity, sex or sexual direction

2. Music

We share comparable preferences for music parody and other diversions, as saw by how effectively individuals in those callings move to and fro.

The two nations especially love country music. On the off chance that you take an excursion across Canada, or the United States, particularly in the more provincial territories, you’ll hear a ton of bluegrass music stations on the radio.

Downhome music is truly one of a kind to the U.S. what’s more, Canada, as you won’t hear a great deal of it in different nations.

3. Cuisine

Although it passes by an alternate name in every nation, that blue and gold box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheddar (or Kraft Supper) is all around adored by Americans and Canadians the same. So whether you call it KD or Macintosh and Cheddar we as a whole love that blue box delicacy!

4. Patriotism

The two Canadians and Americans are overly glad for their nation, and love to show this off in their attire decisions. Canadians and Americans both love to wear garments with a banner on them.

Regardless of whether it’s the Maple Leaf or the Stars and Stripes, it’s frequently quite simple to choose the Canadians and Americans voyaging abroad, because of their enthusiastic garments

5. Law

Both countries share a lot of their lawful framework, the customary law framework, aside from Quebec, which holds the old classified framework. An example of this is the tax system. Both counties also have divisions between an administrative and state/common government.

Funny America vs Canada Memes

Even in the memes, both country make fun of each other. Below we have such five funny memes:

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You can read more funny America vs Canada memes here!

I hope you enjoyed reading it. Now tell us which country you are from? Do you have differences with your neighbor country? Tell us in the comment section.

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