15 Amazing Places to Visit in Greece

Amazing Places to Visit in Greece

Greece is a wonderful treat for any travel lover. Every year thousands of travelers visit this country in order to experience beauty and tranquility. If you want to know more about this Greece and its places then read till the end of the blog and explore the most fascinating cities of this sumptuous country.

Best Places to Visit in Greece:

1. AthensAthens

Athens is the most fascinating city in Greece. The airport of Athens is the first stop of Northern American and Northern European travelers. However, many travelers visit Greece in order to explore Athens.

This city of Greece is truly a jewel and it has a wealth of historic sites. You cannot just land into Athens and explore the whole city in a day. Whereas, you will need a few days to explore every corner of this beautiful place. apart from historic sites and archeological landmarks, Athens is even famous for its cafes.

You will find the true taste of Greek cuisine while you have a meal in the restaurants and cafes of Athens.

2. ThebesThebes

Thebes is yet another ancient city and it even has mythological links to it. Modern Thebes is built right on top of the ancient one. During ancient times, Thebes was one of the influential cities of Greece.

You can find many of the remains of the old Thebes in the modern city. However, this magnificent city is located 45 kilometers from Livadia which is yet another ancient city. Some of the historic sites that you can explore are Mycenaean Palace, the Cadmian Gates, and Isminion Temple.

3. SpartiSparti, Greece

Sparti is located in the northeastern part Peloponnese. It is a small town which is famous for its history. it was earlier known as “Ancient Sparta” and this place was a military city-state.

During that era, the people living in Sparta thought that the purpose of their life is to become a fearless and strong soldier. The main motive of the spartan was to live with a healthy mindset, strong body, and brave character. You will find the essence of Ancient Sparta near the modern city center.

4. ArgosArgos, Greece

According to Greek mythology, Argos is the ancient city of the world. This city was built at the center of the fertile Argolic Plain. It was even considered to be the powerful ancient city of Greece.

In the present time, it is many archeological monuments and a magnificent archeological museum. However, this place of Greece is a jackpot for history genre readers because the Danoas library is located in this city. This library has many historical files stored in it.

5. VolosVolos, Greece

It is yet another port city in Greece and one of the popular destinations. Volos has a lot to offer to the travelers, starting from majestic mountain scenery to beautiful blue waters.

On the other hand, this city is the gateway to exploring the Pelion villages. These villages are situated nearby mount Pelion.

Among many Pelion villages, Portalia is the magical one because it has much Byzantine architecture and century-old history attached to it. If you are a countryside lover then you should surely head toward Volos to visit this magical village.

6. LarissaLarissa, Greece

This city is located on the bank of the Pinios River. It is one of the ancient cities of Greece and due to this, you will come across many archeological sites here.

On the other hand, the Ottoman and Byzantine ruins are scattered around Larissa. But the list of ancient memories does not end here as you will find the ancient theater along with the remains of Neolithic acropolis. It is a wonderful city where you can spend some time with the remains of ancient days.

7. KalamataKalamata, Greece

A beautiful city that is located on the shore of Messinian Bay. The most fascinating part about this city is the mount Taygetos. This mountain just behind Kalamata makes it look picturesque.

On the other hand, the large cathedral and museums are the main attraction of this lovely place in Greece.

8. KavalaKavala, Greece

When you head toward the north of Greece you will find a lovely city named Kavala. This place has historic centers, long beaches, and numerous archeological sites.

The wonderful setting of the blue beach along with ancient citadel and the Ottoman building will make you fall in love with the beauty of it. Moreover, some visitors head to this city in order to proceed towards the Aegean Island.

9. PatrasPatras, Greece

If you want to visit one of the popular places in Greece then head towards Petras. It is the busiest ports and many visitors state that this city looks fabulous from the ferry and ships.

If you dig deep into the city you will find some of the impressive castles, churches, and cathedrals. Moreover, the best part of this port city is the suspension bridge that stretches across the water. You can take a ferry from here and set your journey to any of the Ionian Islands.

10. ThessalonikiThessaloniki, Greece

Thessaloniki is the cultural capital and the second-largest city of Greece. This city hosts many festivals and events around the year.

However, this city is located in the Gulf of Thessaloniki. It is a cosmopolitan place and holds three hundred years of history. Travelers from different corners of the world reach out to this city in order to grasp the essence of history.

Moreover, the highlight of this whole city is the 15th-century White tower. You will find a multicultural vibe in this part of the country. There is the gist of history as well as a buzzing nightlife.

11. MykonosMykonos, Greece

This is one of the most beautiful islands in the Aegean region. Moreover, it is one of the most fantastic destinations in Greece as well.

Mykonos is known as a party island but it has a lot of traditional and natural beauty to offer you. The most beautiful part about this island is the collection of unique Cycladic architecture which is set around a fishing village bay.

The beautiful beaches of this island are the most perfect spot you should visit during the time of sunset.

12. MeteoraMeteora, Greece

It is a unique rock formation that is found in central Greece. It is even a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Moreover, it is the home to a monastery that was founded in the 14th century.

This rock formation is the combination of six monasteries that perched atop 1,300 feet. This is an exotic place in Greece that will leave you speechless. Perhaps, it is the finest place to discover in the country.

13. Samaria GorgeSamaria Gorge, Greece

It is the most spectacular and famous tourist place in Greece. This place receives more than half a million people yearly. It is actually a National Park which is situated on the popular island of Crete.

On the other hand, it is even a World’s Biosphere Reserve as well. Travelers can take a walk through the gorge and pass through the breathtaking high cliffs. While on the hike you will even come across the Coastal Village of Agia Roumeli. Perhaps do not forget to spend some time there.

14. Naxos IslandNaxos Island, Greece

This is an island that is situated in the southern part of Greece. This island is the home to Mount Zeus that has so many myths surrounded it.

This place was undiscovered by many tourists for years but it is now gradually gaining some popularity. This island is the greenest location in the Cyclades region. On the other hand, it even has many beautiful beaches as well.

15. Voidomatis RiverVoidomatis River, , Greece

This river is even known as the “eye of the ox” due to the clear blue water and from the top, it looks like the eyes of the ox. You can even take a drone shot to have a live view of it.

This river is the renowned tourist natural site in Greece. Moreover, it is popular for kayaking and rafting among adventure lovers.

These are the top fifteen places to visit in Greece. If you are planning to pack your bags for Greece then you should surely visit these places. Remember that there is everything for everyone in Greece. Therefore, without giving any second thoughts all you need to do is book your tickets for Greece and explore the land of history and culture.

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