List of 8 Unusual People in the World

List of Unusual People in the World

Not everyone in this world is normal – some are unusual from others. This article discovers a list of unusual people in the world and the strange things they do.

Some on the list have freaky talents and skills which most would never dream of being able to or wanting to do, and some of them have decided to undertake painstaking procedures to transform themselves to look, sound or act extremely strange – one thing though is certain – they’re all unusual people! Now, let’s discover eight unusual people in the world and the strange things they do.

List of Unusual People in the World

1. Tran Van Hay Tran Van Hay

Most men prefer clean-cut hair – less than 2 percent of men have hair reaching their shoulders. But, not all fit in this category.

In our unusual people list, Vietnamese herbalist Tran Van Hay comes first. Because he has not ever previously had a haircut in more than fifty years and was known as the man with the longest hair in the world. His hair reached all the way down past his back, neck, and being all the way down to his knees.

According to his late wife, he only ever washed his luscious locks a few times in his life – the last time being eleven years ago. Unfortunately, Tran Van Hay died in 2010 at the age of 79. Although he never got his hair officially measured and his impressive feat was never acknowledged by the Guinness Book of Records.

2. Lucky Diamond RichLucky Diamond Rich

Have you ever thought about having a tattoo on your body? Maybe a small one of your arm or leg? What about tattooing your entire body?

Known as Lucky Diamond Rich aka Gregory Paul Mclaren, this weirdest man has more ink on his skin than any other alive. This crazy guy was born in 1971 and lived in New Zealand and is known as the world’s most tattooed person.

The title was formerly held by Tom Leppard who had not only a lot of tattoos but also a myriad of piercings and body modifications. He has tattoos covering his entire body, including the insides of his eyelids, mouth, ears, and yes his foreskin.

The painstaking procedure of getting all of that ink took this man 100s of hours and a total of 20 years to complete his masterpiece. Some may agree this body art is incredible, but the majority classify him as a freak!

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3. Michele KobkeMichele Kobke

Would you wear a smaller corset every day for three years to shrink your waist? Well Michele Kobke, a twenty-six-year-old woman from Germany did just that almost every day of her life. Even while sleeping.

Her fascination with becoming skinnier was brought on from a childhood obsession with princesses though her family believes depression started this endless need to be thinner.

She shrunk her waist down from an already tiny twenty-five inches to a mere sixteen by doing just this. And despite having a waist smallest than most catwalk modes, she is hoping to lower that number even more to a freakish fourteen inches.

4. Jill PriceJill Price

Jill Price claims to remember everything she has ever seen, heard, tasted smelled… Well, everything. This lady who lives in America has an absolutely incredible, some may say freaky, memory.

She claims to be able to remember everything since her teens from what she ate to who she met. She says all of this is in her brain and can be triggered at any time by songs, smells or locations.

While the majority of people would absolutely love the idea of this, but this unusual lady considers it a curse because since she can’t forget things, she claims it does not give her peace and is, in fact, a burden on her sanity.

5. Hiroo OnodaHiroo Onoda

This man was not originally intentionally an unusual person, but a freaky incident to happen to one man. Almost forty-three years ago a World War II Japanese soldier by the name of Hiroo Onoda was found in the jungles of Guam, having survived there for nearly three decades.

This man believed for more than twenty years that World War 2 was still currently going and maintained guarding his post alone all that time. He was too scared to leave his post, even though the war had ended years earlier – he maintained his sanity even though he never saw another man in half of his life.

Under orders to not surrender under any circumstance, Hiroo Onoda fought a one-man war and only surrendered when Major Yoshimi Taniguchi, who had since become a bookseller, personally came to give him the order.

This unusual incident left this man confused and lost in a world he had been mission out on for so long – he was later moved into an insane asylum as he started talking nonsense and couldn’t adjust to modern life after spending so long alone I the forests.

6. Romario Dos Santos AlvesRomario Dos Santos Alves

Brazilian bodybuilder Romario Dos Santos Alves was so determined and obsessed to emulate the Incredible Hulk that he actually injected his arms with a potentially lethal combination of oil and alcohol. Every muscle in his body was at its maximum potential almost at the bursting limit.

The twenty-five-year-old risked his life in the process, and almost had both arms amputated. This dangerous act nearly cost Romario his life, all just to be able to look better. The freaky swollen muscles of Alves have earned him many cruel nicknames such as ”beast” and ”monster” – though we think these names are very much deserved.

7. Eskil RonningsbakkenEskil Ronningsbakken

Most like to live life on the safer side – with two feet safely planted firmly on the hard ground. Some crazy people, like this guy, like to tempt death and try insane life-threatening tricks to impress others.

Some may say he’s stupid but the daredevil Eskil Ronningsbakken is an extreme stunt artist from Norway – he regularly travels all around the world doing death-defying stunts.

You are more than likely to find him performing balancing acts on the top of lethal cliffs and canyons. Even though this may be from his passion at the age of five-year-old – the art of balancing and performing these types of stunts in incredibly dangerous and has been shocking the world ever since.

8. Michel LotitoMichel Lotito

While some people struggle to eat or eat little – this man is the exact opposite, but it’s not food exactly what he eats. Over the course of a long forty years of his life, Frenchman Michel Lotito ate an estimated nine tons of metal. How did he do so?

In his younger years, Lotito suffered from a condition called Pica. This is a mental disorder in which people compulsively eat non-food items such as dirt and plastic – this is a psychological condition that definitely deserves treatment.

Once he started experimenting with more dangerous items such as nails and glass, he learned that the incredibly thick lining of his stomach and intestines allowed him to consume almost anything.

Soon, Lotito turned his affliction into a career and went down in history as the man who literally ate everything. He died in 2007 from natural causes unrelated to his eating habits. Freaky or what!

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