Cat Health: What are the Healthy Cat Signs?

Signs of a Healthy Cat and Common Signs of Illness

Cats prefer to hide any aches and pains they have, and it can sometimes be very difficult to tell whether they are sick or not. If you’re concerned your pet is feeling a little under the weather, here are ten healthy cat signs you can look for to assure yourself of your cat good health.

What are the healthy cat signs?

1. Bright clear eyesWhat are the Healthy Cat Signs

The next time your cat decides to have a staring contest with you, look deep into those unblinking eyes—and check for cataracts. Because healthy cats have bright, clear eyes without any discharge or cloudiness to them. Crusty eyes are sometimes a sign of an eye infection, and cloudy eyes can be from a variety of different problems. If your cat’s eyes are shining and alert, and they track your movements well, you can rest assured it is a good sign of your cat’s health.

2. Fresh breathHealthy Cat Signs

Most cats aren’t keen on letting you inspect their teeth for tartar. But you don’t have to in order to guess at their condition. If you start to notice a bad odor from your cat’s mouth, your next move should probably be to drop your kitty off at the vet for a thorough descaling. Bad breath is often one of the first signs of periodontal disease. So, cleanings are the best way to combat the problem. On the other hand, if all you smell is fresh, clean breath, the cat’s mouth is probably healthy, and a sign the rest of your cat may be too.

3. Clean coatGood Cat Health Signs

Cats that aren’t feeling well don’t groom as much as the cats that do. Arthritis can make it hard to clean, and so can other illnesses that bring on fatigue and lethargy. If your cat is feeling sickly, he is less likely to clean as much, and you’ll notice it in a dingy, drab, or even matted coat. Additionally, if the cat has stopped or greatly reduced his grooming habits, you’ll want to see a vet. If your cat’s coat is shiny and beautiful, your pet has nailed another healthy cat sign.

4. Proper Weight10 simple signs to tell if your cat is healthy

Cats that are a little too heavy around the midsection can set themselves up for a variety of serious health issues. High blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and many other ailments are all connected to obesity in pets. Therefore, if your cat’s waistline is slim and trim, it’s an excellent healthy cat sign, and may even increase their lifespan.

5. Goes in the litter box10 signs of a healthy cat

Most cats are fastidious about their bathroom habits, and will go in their litter box with precision, providing it is kept clean. A cat who is feeling under the weather, lacking in coordination, or perhaps having foot problems, may miss the litterbox or not be able to make it. If your cat is normally spot on in the litterbox, and suddenly can’t seem to remember where it even is, it is a serious sign of poor health and should mean an immediate vet visit. If your cat is a regular user of the litter box, however, pat yourself on the back, it’s yet another healthy cat sign.

6. PlayfulSigns Of A Healthy Cat

While its normal for cats to have a range of personalities, with some being more serious than others, most still enjoy batting about the odd tinfoil ball or catnip toy. If your cat suddenly goes from the boss of the cardboard box to a blob uninterested in toys, it could be a sign they are no longer healthy. If your cat is waking you up ping-ponging around the house in the middle of the night, rest assured it is a great sign of his health!

7. No discharge from nose10 Signs You Have a Happy, Healthy Cat

Kitties are prone to coming down with the sniffles the same way humans are. Typical signs of your cat catching an upper respiratory infection include a runny nose, sniffling, sneezing, and a warm, dry snout. A healthy nose is cool and moist to the touch, breathing is quiet, and there is no drainage of any kind. Therefore, if your cat’s nose is normal, it’s a great healthy cat sign that they are healthy and free of any kitty colds that may be going around.

8. Normal behaviorSigns of Good Health in Cats

If you have a cat, you may well have laughed at this predictor of good health in cats. With their crazy antics, it can be a bit hard to tell just what is normal for a cat, but a little intuition can help you discover whether your cat is acting normal or not. If you have a very serious cat who would never dream of doing anything undignified suddenly acting hyper or a hyper cat that is suddenly calm, it is possible this sudden change in personality could be medically related. If your cat is still the same as always, however, it’s a good sign they are healthy and happy.

9. Smooth skinSigns of a Healthy Cat and Common Signs of Illness

As cats get older, lumps and bumps become part of the territory. Most of these bumps are fairly benign, but they should all be checked by the vet. If you are petting your cat and suddenly feel skin that is scabby, rough, or lumpy, it is a sign that things aren’t working right internally. If your cat’s skin is smooth and bumps free, however, you can relax. Smooth skin is a great sign of a healthy cat.

10. AppetiteHow to Tell If Your Cat Is Healthy and Happy

Cats are notoriously picky eaters. You give them a bowl of kibble, and they insist empty because the kibble in the exact center of the bowl has been eaten. Even so, change in appetite can be a sign that your cat has an underlying health condition. If your normally hungry cat isn’t eating, or a normally picky cat is suddenly starving, it can be a concerning sign of poor health. So, if your cat continues to behave normally as far as food, relax. It’s a sign of good health!

Taking care of your cat’s health can be challenging. But by paying attention to these healthy cat signs, you can quickly keep an eye on whether your cat is happy and healthy, or on their way to serious illness by monitoring these signs of good health.

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