The Definitive List of Amazing Travel Hacks

Traveling is, without a doubt, one of the greatest pleasures in the world. Getting to know different places, cultures, food, and activities fill our lives with wisdom, open-mindedness, and memorable experiences.

However, if you are not educated about traveling and forget to apply some travel hacks, it may also represent considerable nuisances and a lot of stress.

That’s why many people avoid traveling more often (especially if they go with kids).

But from now on, you can enjoy your trips fully! Now, discover how to make the most out of your travel experience with the definitive list of amazing travel hacks!

Travel Hacks for PackingTravel Hacks for Packing

So you already have everything planned. You made reservations on the hotel, bought the plane tickets, purchased some tours, and fixed some particular locations you want to visit. Now, it’s time to pack!

Packing sounds easy; anyone can pack! But the truth is that we tend to either pack too many unnecessary things for the travel or forget tons of elemental effects such as sunscreen!

1. Plan ahead

The first thing is to consciously plan what you truly need for the travel. Identify the essential things you would need according to your location and set them all on the bed. A good idea is trying to take clothes that you can easily combine with each other. This way, you can have a back-up outfit without adding extra layers of clothes.

Our best advice is that you make a list to guarantee you have everything and then try to reduce as much as you can. But if you don’t know where to start or are bad at making lists (adding everything but the essential) here, you have the ultimate checklist for packing!

2. Like a rolling stone

So yes, this is the ultimate packing tip and maybe one of the simplest. Just roll your clothes instead of folding them. This method not only saves a lot of space (the tighter you squeeze them, the less space you’ll need), but if you do it carefully, it also avoids wrinkles.

Check out the below video where you have the ultimate tutorial on how to roll clothes for packing.

3. Pack tumbling machine sachets or sheets

Have you seen those little sachets that you use for the tumbling machine? When having long trips, packing these alongside your clothes may help you keep them fresh and smelling good.

4. Packing the Russian style

So, this doesn’t mean Russians pack like this, but it does resemble a Russian doll. So there you have it, the concept is clear: just stack as many things one inside the other as you can.

5. Pillowcase to the rescue

Carrying pillows may be too much bulk for your trip. But pillowcases, on the other hand, may save you from many inconveniences!

To begin with, they occupy virtually no space, but added to that, they can save space by helping you compress the bulkiest of your clothes like sheets, towels, or jackets.

Plus, with a pillowcase, you only need to stuff it with some of your clothes and voilá! You’ve got a new pillow to comfort your sleep in any situation.

6. Adhesive tape to spare the mess

No matter if you marked your bag as fragile or if you closed your shampoo and cream bottles tightly, chances are they’re going to leak. For avoiding this sticky mess, your best friend is adhesive tape!

Just wrap tape all around the cap of your bottles, and you can travel with ease, knowing that your personal hygiene products will be as tightly closed as when you first picked them!

7. Use candy boxes for spices

So this is a long trip; you’ll be out for several days, and you plan on cooking where you go. But carrying spices on your baggage may result in a mess! A good idea is to use candy boxes such as tic-tacs or M&M’s plastic boxes to keep your spices hermetic and safe the whole trip!

8. Re-pack your perfume

Using a smaller plastic bottle for carrying your fragrances will help you save some space and, at the same time, will protect your original perfume bottle from breaking during the travel.

This works for perfume, aftershave, or any liquid on a glass bottle. The only thing is that you should make sure that you clean the vessels thoroughly so they won’t affect the aroma.

9. Going to a wet location? Get a bin bag, and you will be safe

If you are an adventurer, you like to travel in more than one way, and sometimes, that means not getting on a car/bus/plane, but on a boat or even canopy!

In that case, we bet you have suffered from wet baggage more than once! Another amazing travel hack for packing is using a bin bag to cover your bags and make them waterproof!

10. Just unpack the essentials

On a long trip, it may be more comfortable to unpack everything and allocate it to the hotel room. But when going to different locations, unpacking and packing back is not only bothersome, but it will consume considerable time from your stay.

The best thing to do is arranging in your package the things you will need in each location and then just unpacking that portion without touching the rest. We assure you that you will save a lot of time and comfort by packing like this!

You can use some packing cubes to efficiently keep your things separated and organized.  Check here!

11. Mark your luggage as fragile

We all know that regular luggage is highly mistreated at airports. So, for avoiding the worst possible management of your baggage, you should mark it as fragile, even if it is not.

This way, you not only assure your bags are going to be secure but, as fragile luggage is placed on top of the rest, you also grant it will come out sooner! Two birds in a row!

12. Buy a travel bottles kit

These bottles are specially designed to meet both safety and volume requirements to securely get your liquids on board!

13. Make a secret pocket for your values

Some suitcases include these hidden pockets, but you can also make one using the back fabric of the case or literally sewing it a discrete pocket.

14. Sunglasses case for small items

Handy items such as chargers, headphones, USB devices, or cables may be stored within a sunglass case or something alike. That way, you will never lose them an keep your luggage organized.

15. Pack the heaviest first

When the hefty pieces of your packing go at the bottom of the luggage, you make sure your more vulnerable goods won’t get damaged. But added to that, dazzling in the airport will become much more manageable than if the top part of the case is bulkier.

Travel Hacks for Credit CardsTravel Hacks for Credit Cards

The travel hacks for credit cards actually refer to the point hacking game, which implies obtaining as many credit card miles or points as possible. While the name says the game, the truth is that this activity takes the rules to their limit. And may end up with serious financial consequences (we’ll list them at the end of this section).

In that sense, and for you to rest peacefully, you’re not committing a felony! The point is that you’ll be balancing in the limits of the current airlines/banks/hotel rules to make the most of their free benefits.

However, you don’t throw yourself to the point-chasing if you don’t know how to play. To help you begin your credit card quest, here you have some amazing travel hacks!

1. Keep your eyes in the prize

So, in this aspect, the prize is not the reward, the prize is that travel you want to hack! And it doesn’t have to be a trip what you get from it, maybe an upgrade or VIP benefits.

The point is to set yourself a goal or objective, so you can actually design your amazing travel hack plan. Find out which credit cards suit your needs the most, how many of them you need to apply for, the minimum, the timing, etc.

The best part is that knowing your goal and having a plan also allows you to determine whether you’re doing it at a slow pace. Like to get a trip for that 25th anniversary coming in around 3 years. Or, making it the fast way, and earning that beloved Honeymoon for the end of the year.

2. The more, the better

The first credit card hack you should follow to get the most miles is joining as many rewards or miles program you can. This means you need to get as many credit cards as possible, but you don’t want to do it all at once, so you won’t affect your credit score. You can read more about why applying for multiple credit cards at the same time is a bad idea here!

Instead, you need to follow some rules for applying and managing your credit and prevent unnecessary score loss. Which leads us to the second hack.

3. Stick to the rules

This point is crucial because you can easily find yourself losing miles, credit score, and even acquiring huge debts if you don’t follow the rules.

  • Make sure you can make it to the minimum spends requirement: this can be effortlessly done if you time opening the credit card to a big purchase you have pending. Buying a new car, white line product, computer, etc. and paying it with your newly acquired credit card will get you to that minimum spend real quickly! Just avoid overspending to get the miles, or you’ll get ruined in no time!
  • Pay full debt every time: if you can’t pay your credit debt every month, you have nothing to do with acquiring new cards. Avoid drowning yourself in debts and crashing your credit score. Even if you pay the interests instead of your full debt, you’ll remove your eligibility for rewards sooner than later. So, make sure you can be fiscally responsible and solvent before entering the game.
  • Before applying for the card, make sure to know what benefits they hold, as it’s not convenient to cancel the credit card right after you redeem your miles. And on the other hand, you won’t want to have to hold to an inconvenient credit card.

If you’re not sure of how to meet these requirements and would like to try some ideas, you can find 10 creative ways to meet the minimum here.

4. Looking forward to a new home? Then hold on

If you plan on buying a new property or moving from your house within the next 3 years, it’s better to wait up until then to begin your travel hack for credit cards game. Why? Because opening several credit cards may actually prejudice your reputation in front of lenders.

5. The organization is the key

This is particularly true if you’re applying to a high number of credit cards. If you miss your payments or requirements for only one day, you risk losing all your hard work, as well as losing those miles.

Spreadsheets are the secret to achieving your goal, and for tracking all your credit card subscription dates and minimum spend required times (usually surround the first 3 months). If you’re looking for an app that helps you through this, then Award Wallet is right for you!

6. Remember the price

Many people believe that 1 mile is worth $1. But this is not true, the price may vary, and it’s an essential factor you need to consider when opening credit cards. If they offer many points for an inexpensive cost, you may want to combine with a transferable program so you can upgrade the value of those points.

7. Combine your credit cards

Some credit cards, such as the Chase cards (Sapphire Reserve, Freedom, and Freedom Unlimited), combine their benefits. Their price per point, and transferring properties, among other features, promote a maximum benefit for your points.

You can find 5 tricks to maximize your rewards potential, here!

8. The clock is ticking

Many mile programs have an expiration date for their rewards. Make sure you spend your miles before their termination. Otherwise, they may lose value, and suddenly they may not pay your travel anymore. Or even worst, you may never be able to use them!

9. Ask for help

While travel hacks for a credit card are not exactly difficult to follow, they may be messy at least at first, when you lack experience. A great solution for avoiding disorganization is finding credit card hack blogs such as ThePointsGuy, and learning even more detail on points hacking.

If you are thinking about taking this seriously, you may even hire a person for coaching you through this processing and then booking your reward flight. The savings you get on your trip are more than worth the small price on counseling!

10. Consequences of not doing the credit card hacking in the right way

As we mentioned above, you may face some consequences of undertaking this quest carelessly. Among them we can find:

  • Credit card and account shut: banks don’t want you to take advantage of their programs. In this sense, they become more strict with their particular card regulations. And if they notice strange behavior, they may cancel your card and shut your account.
  • Fees and loss of benefits: if you don’t manage to accurately track your cards, you may end up both losing your benefits and having to pay extra fees.
  • You may impact your score for real estate financing: lenders consider your credit card inquiries and make their own scores. Even if you check your credit score, and you think your numbers are ok, having so many solicitations may have led them to diminish it.
  • Interests: reward cards usually have higher interest percentages. Commonly, people open the cards thinking they can manage the payments. But then they end up not being able to pay even the interest for all their cards, losing money, credit score, and their possible rewards.

Watch stories of point hackers that were a victim of these consequences here!

Now that you know the best hacks for credit cards, it’s time to go on another critical subject when going on a trip: traveling with kids.

Travel Hacks For ParentsTravel Hacks For Parents

Travel hacks for kids come in all sizes and colors, just like the little fellas! Some of them will help you make the trip a bit funnier, all of them will reduce stress, and some of them may even work in everyday life too!

One thing is for sure when it comes to children, no help is ever too much, so make sure to keep an eye on these tips and make family time the best quality possible!

1. When talking about kids, an extra outfit is never extra

This is the most obvious of all hacks when it comes to kids. But, even so, this is also an easy-to-forget one.

The thing about this hack is that you must remember to carry it on your carry-on instead of your luggage. Any inconvenience may occur, and you may not get your cases quickly enough.

This applies not just for the outfit but also for diapers, formula, etc. Just pack extra on any essentials. Hopefully, you won’t need to thank us.

2. Zip-lock it

We doubted if putting this one in the “travel-hacks for packing” section, but this is particularly useful for traveling with babies and toddlers. Pack each full outfit (diaper, socks, etc.) on small ziplock bags so you won’t make a mess every time you try to take out an outfit.

It works for adult clothes too, but it’s recommendable only for light garments such as sportswear or beach outfits.

3. Snack pills

Snacks are one of the essentials of traveling with kids. The issue is that carrying several packs may become bothersome even for getting them from the case, and bringing just one may not be enough.

The perfect solution is carrying a craft or big medication organizer and pack small portions of different snacks. Whether you want a healthy snack or your kids want some sweets, you’ll only need to take the convenient box instead of revolving for candy bags.

4. Clogged ears may ruin the trip

If something is as hard to endure for adults as it is for kids, it’s ear pain. Watching for your children’s ears when on a plane, may mark the difference between a great trip, and ruining your vacation from day one.

For parents, chewing gum can do the job (1). But for toddlers, a better idea is to pack gummies so they can chew on and swallow safely. Another creative option is to carry a deflated balloon on your carry-on so they can blow on it and unclog the ears.

5. Headphone splitters

While electronic devices are a chief strategy to keep kids at peace, in a crowded airport, the sound may cut the deal. Instead of them watching the screen together, they’ll be fighting about getting the device closer, so they can hear.

This can be easily solved by buying a headphone splitter. This way, they can both hear (or the baby and you), and there won’t be a reason for fights to happen.

6. The comfy suitcase

When on long airport stays, kids may get tired, and things will most certainly get ugly. This is one of the best travel hacks for kids we could find. Pack all the sheets and towels on a large and soft case and let toddlers and kids get on top of it for sleeping!

They’ll be comfortable and safe from the floor, and if the case has wheels, you can even carry them without waking them up!

7. When having an active kid, waiting is best

After long waiting in the airport seats, we all want to rush to the plane once they call. And if you’re with your family, chances are officers are going to let you get on board first, jackpot! Right? WRONG!

Or at least it’s wrong if you have an active kid. Having them sitting still for several minutes when the plane is not moving, and with the expectation of the flight, will surely increase their anxiety.

In consequence, you may struggle more than you wish to keep them still during the departure and the rest of the flight. As little time as it may be, waiting even 10-15 minutes for boarding last may make the difference for them.

Interested in how anxiety impacts your children’s behavior? Learn more here!

8. When talking about toys, bring the non-essentials

Toys are the tool for excellence to keep kids calm during a trip. But that’s also the way for excellence for losing those toys. Make sure to bring those that rarely used, the ones that may run away without being missed much.

9. Family security checkpoints

In the same way, they let you board first, when flying with kids, airports allow you to board first, you’ll also find a line for families in the security check-in spot. Ask about it, your kids will be grateful!

10. The hotel curtains

By all means, you don’t want your babies or tots to be waking up with the sun during your precious vacations. But that curtain gap keeps shining like a LED light as soon as the day hits on!

Bring some clips or butterfly clips and welcome perfect darkness for a relaxing morning sleep! If you forget to carry the clips on, you may use a pant hanger from the closet. You’ll thank us later!

11. Phone numbers bracelets are a MUST

So, airports are crowded, you carry lots of luggage, things may get out of control really quickly, and suddenly you may lose sight of your kid. This is definitely a nightmare, but if they have something on them to find you, they can ask an adult for help.

This is where phone number bracelets kick in. Make sure they are strong an that the number won’t come off. Also, instruct your kids to ask other adults with kids to call that number if they don’t find you.

12. Pool noodles for a safe sleep

So, yes, babies sleeping inside pools sound pretty safe… Of course not! This amazing travel hack has been designed for those tots that still can’t sleep on a regular bed, but can’t fit cribs anymore.

Take one or two of these noodles and place them under the fitting sheet on the borders of the bed. This trick is obviously not flawless, but it definitely makes a difference in safety.

13. Plastic liners for stinky diapers

Prevent your bedroom from retaining diaper stench when having to wait a bit for room cleaning service by using the plastic liner on your ice bucket or a laundry bag. You may also pre-pack a bag expressly meant for this purpose.

14. Coffee and tea service

One of the most common compliments on any hotel room is a coffee or tea maker. This practical machine actually boils water. This means you can use it for making formula, oats, noodles, and other convenient snacks for your tots’ late-night cravings.

15. Antibacterial wipes, super parents perfect shield

You may ask yourself if it isn’t enough with the antibacterial gel. But think about some surfaces such as windows tops and tables. They may be full of bacteria, but with a single wipe, they are now suitable for your baby to chill.

Make sure to pack more than you think you will need, that’s probably the most vital piece of advice in this hack!

16. Breast milk bank on the go

Airlines will allow you to carry breast milk with you if you’re traveling with babies (2). Unfortunately, you would need to consult your own airline to make sure what amount you may carry, as they may vary depending on different factors.

Phew! So collecting these hacks was up to the task of traveling with kids, but we really hope you find them as life-saving as we did. But this definitive list of the most amazing travel hacks is not over yet!

If you’re planning a flight, road trip, or want to save money, the following sections are just for you!

Travel Hacks for FlightsTravel Hacks for Flights

Flights are never the most comfortable experience, even when we love traveling and actually like the sky affair. That discomfort won’t come from the fact of flying, but from many little details that accumulate. With these amazing travel hacks for flights, you’ll make the most out of that plane!

1. Seatguru and punctuality for the comfiest flight is a website where travelers review plane seats according to their level of comfort. How near they’re from the bathroom, how soon you get the snack cart, etc. Added to using the app, try to check-in as soon as possible, to maximize your seat-selection experience.

2. Never lose a flight again

Tired of always losing your flights because the security line takes more than expected? With the Miflight app, you can track in real-time and plan just the right time for arriving at the airport. Your flight will never catch you late again!

3. Traveling with your lovely spouse? Do the middle-seat hack

When traveling in couples, there’s a tricky travel hack for flights, which is always a win-win, even when it sounds a bit crazy. Instead of choosing together seats, pick the window and the aisle.

In case the flight is not full, probably everyone will avoid that solo middle-seat, leaving the whole line for you love-birds. And if it’s full, at least you may switch. If the person is doesn’t agree, you can always talk until they’re annoyed and accept the change (don’t tell them we told you this!)

4. Bring your own blanket

Do you like sleeping on flights? Well, that’s great! But remember

bringing your own blanket as usually, plane blankets are continually used without leaving the plane, which means they’re never washed. All kinds of germs await you in the apparently harmless sheet.

5. Pre-load your favorite content on your phone or tablet

This one is pretty much self-explanatory, and a matter of common sense. Make sure to carry enough offline content in your phone for the length of your flight. And don’t forget about charging your device!

6. Avoid turbulence

Turbulence-phobics also have their travel hack for flight as there’re some ways you can reduce turbulence probability on your trip:

  • Flying in the morning will surely reduce turbulence as the air hasn’t heated up so much from the day yet.
  • Choose to sit on the wings section, which is the center of mass of the plane, and therefore, the turbulence hits softer.
  • Check the weather: this is only useful for short-term flight booking, but it may save you a lot of stress if you notice bad weather and change the flight.

Learn more on how to calm down about turbulence, here!

7. Fight jetlag by avoiding alcohol

Resisting the temptation of having a drink to calm the nerves, while flying, may be difficult. But if you suffer from jetlag, you should reconsider. Alcohol dehydrates you and prevents you from entering the state of sleep where you actually rest (3).

Drinking on a flight will only make you regret it for the rest of the trip when you’re with a headache all day long!

8. Say no to ice

Water on planes comes from a tank; a tank that’s not commonly cleansed and contains all kinds of bacteria. From that water, they make the ice cubes. Do we need to say anything else?

With these travel hacks for flights, you’ll have a bit of a better experience that allows you to embrace the greatness of the sky! But what if you’ll be on a road trip?

Travel Hacks for Road TripsTravel Hacks for Road Trips

Traveling on a car is both fun and considerably rough. Especially when going on long distances, discomfort quickly takes place, and things tend to heat up.

So, keeping everyone as relaxed and cozy as possible is essential to survive the journey. We have just the amazing travel hacks for road trips you need to achieve that peace!

1. Battery for everyone with a multi-device

Getting a multi-port device for the trip will guarantee that everyone will be able to charge their phones and tablets when needed. If you travel with teenagers, this little hack may mark the difference between fun vacations and hell!

2. Check your tires with the penny test

Especially for long trips where you’ll be on dessert areas for several hours, you need to be sure your tires are in good shape. Use a penny to test it:

  • put the coin within the tread of your tires
  • If it reaches the shoulder, it’s good to go!
  • If it doesn’t reach the shoulder, you need to check or change your tires.

3. Baskets or caddies for dinner on the go

Having dinner while on the go is one of the attractions of road-tripping, but you may find yourself making a mess if you are not careful. Using those little shower baskets or caddies will keep your food in place and prevent it from staining your precious seats.

4. Bring extra batteries for unlocking your car

Many cars nowadays lock and unlock with this remote control-like key. Having an extra battery is an essential travel hack for road trips. It’s the only way to make sure you are always able to access your car.

5. Leak-proof containers for trash

Those hermetic containers we use for cereal or nuts will work as a regular trash can but with the upgrade of being leak proof! Just put a liner on them and change it each time you take a break.

6. Check the sign side for exit lanes

If you don’t know the road too well and are not sure on which side to find your exit, check the sign and follow the direction the number is placed on; if it’s on the right side, you go to the right.

7. The M&M change hack

Stash of quarter’s coins is travel hacks for road trips on themselves. Vending machines, toll booths, buying coffee on the road, etc. are some of the uses they may have. But they’re also easy to lose. With an M&Ms tube, you can keep a good deal of these coins at hand and completely safe!

8. Bring a paper map

We know google maps, GPS, and everything. But if you get lost, and have no signal, lose your phone, or if it stops working, you won’t be able to find your way. Having an old school paper map just in case may save your whole trip from quite an unpleasant situation.

Travel Hacks for Road Trips with KidsTravel Hacks for Road Trips with Kids

1. Shoe-organizer for baby-supplies

While you may not have thought about it before, once you hear it, it becomes pretty evident. Hanging a shoe organizer in the back of the front seat. This way, baby supplies will be both organized and at hand.

The best part is that they will occupy way less space than carrying them on a suit or bag!

2. Pencil case: travel hack for road trip version

Stick a couple of suction shower organizers to the backseat window to keep pencils, color markers, and other art supplies at hand for the little ones. You may even use board markers and let them use the windows to paint the trip away.

3. The ultimate road trip art-desktop

Get your biggest cookie or pizza tray on board and let it work as a practical art desktop for the kids. This way, you make sure the tot won’t get frustrated for not being able to draw or color.

4. Design a reward system

You design a reward system that reminds your kids they should behave. The principle is, having a sign that demonstrates kids are being well-behaved and they deserve a reward, whether it is choosing the next game or activity, having a snack, or whatever they like the most.

If they misbehave, then the sign is removed, and when you remove it, it means they are not entitled to such a reward. You may even upgrade it, with additional rules like “all signs most be up” for the compensation to take place, so they also learn solidarity.

Without a doubt, one of the best versions of this system we found online was July Ryan’s kid clips. Check here!

5. Keep zippy at hand

We all have had to turn thousands of times our head back to look in the seat or floor for the baby sippy cup. On the way home, it may not be a problem, but when you travel 18 hours, it may become a literal headache.

Use a rope to tether the zippy to the car seat or the front seat headstand. That way, you just have to pull the line and fish that zippy back!  This is definitely an amazing travel hack that makes wonders in daily life too!

Travel Hacks to Save MoneyTravel Hacks to Save Money

Last but not least, the favorite section of the travelers-on-a-budget! Here you’ll find some amazing travel hacks for saving money while on your trip. Make the most out of your every penny with these ingenious, and sometimes almost evident, ideas:

1. Benefit from comparison websites

You can track rate changes and flight prices easily and even get notifications, by signing in to a comparison website. Depending on your needs, you’ll know first if there will be a cheaper flight on that date you need.

But you can also mark a note on a cheap flight to any destination of your choice and let that sign mark the date of your new budget-friendly trip! Some of the most popular sites are Skyscanner or Kayak. But a meta-hack of this amazing travel hack is using the offside comparison websites, as they may offer special offers and benefits.

2. Make sure your price is right

We all have noticed how ticket prices suddenly went up due to selling out, just the moment we are going to book. Not a few minutes ago, not yesterday or last week, the moment we hit the “Book” button.

We will never know if it’s on purpose or just coincidence. But, booking from incognito mode or any private search method will help you assure the price on your flight. Of course, if the trip did sell out, you’ll also figure that out when checking on incognito.

3. Save money when you face an overbooked flight

This happens more often than we could imagine, and airlines usually bribe affected clients into accepting some bonuses. While it may appear attractive, it may not cover for the monetary damage of losing your flight.

If you know the rules and find yourself in a position of mistreatment regarding the airline overselling a flight, you may be entitled to up to 400% of your original payment (4).

4. Save money on first-class flights and other upgrades

Many times, airlines reserve some last-minute upgrades or first-class seats and sell them at the last minute for a special price. This also happens when many passengers cancel their tickets or are no-shows, and you can benefit from it!

The only thing you need to do is getting to the airport really early and be attentive to the announcements for last-minute offers!

5. Leave the rush hour for the rush traveler

When it comes to airports, the rush hour is during the mornings. It’s then when most people tend to fly, especially for business trips. Knowing that affluence, airlines tend to change prices after this rush passes, leaving the afternoon flights for a lower price.

If you’re not in a hurry but in a budget, wait until the afternoon and book your lowered trip!

6. Get currency before you get to the airport

We know you probably think that changing your currency at the airport is more convenient. You are already stressed about all the arrangements, so why bothering adding another one if you can solve it that day?

Well, because airport exchange rates are designed to benefit them and will impact your budget considerably (5).

7. For the long-stay, get multi-day passes

In many cities, you may find all-inclusive passes that allow you to visit tourist and historical attractions and even popular entertainment places for a special price. On Eurotrips, this is the best way to maximize your budget and get the most of your vacation.

8. Move and buy like a local

If saving is your priority, you will leave out taxis and eating at restaurants every day. Of course, you can choose one exceptional night, or can get a cab from/to the airport, but keep it as reduced as possible.

Using public transport and buying in local food markets will not only help you save money. But will give you a more immersive experience in the culture you will know.

9. Rent instead of booking a hotel

Renting a small apartment or countryside house is one of the most commonly used travel hacks for saving money. While you won’t have all the commodities of a hotel, you’ll probably not pay half the price.

Get informed about the city’s free-cultural movement.

Cheap thrills are everywhere! Beer in the plaza while watching a light show is as inexpensive as it can be magical. Some museums have free days or don’t charge at all.

Many touristic cities have free forums, tastings, and street shows for entertaining the ones that travel with the essential capital.

10. The connection hack

Flying to certain cities is more expensive, especially if these are hub cities, and it’s the holiday season. But if you can’t, or don’t want to afford those unreasonably expensive tickets, there’s an amazing travel hack called the connection hack.

This hack consists of finding a much cheaper flight to a nearby city that first connects with the city you actually want to arrive at. Once you stop for making the connection, you just take off and voilá! You’re already in your city, for half the price!

11. House-sitting

In the same way babysitting works, house-sitting consists of taking care of someone else’s house while they’re away.

While it may not looks so attractive if you think about finding people you know (because they all live nearby), then finding strangers on a website sounds just the perfect fit for you!

Take on a new adventure for free and enjoy a different city each time, rest assured that this amazing travel hack will have your vacations cheap and comfy!

12. Stalk airlines for benefiting from their mistakes

While the title sounds like joining the Dark Side, it’s actually harmless, as you won’t actually stalk anyone. Sometimes, airlines make mistakes and release a flight with a ridiculously low price. Websites such as airfare watchdog are dedicated to track these mistakes and send an alert to their subscribers.

Be ready to book that flight as soon as you get the alert and enjoy the cheapest vacations of your life!

Finally, we’ve reached the end of this definitive list of Amazing travel hacks! Now it’s your turn to benefit from them and maximize the fun! Of course, you can come up with other interesting hacks and ideas, and we would love to hear about them in our comments section!

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