13 Shoe Care Hacks That Can Make Shoe Life Longer

Shoe care hacks

Shoes are an essential part of our overall appearance, and people definitely notice them. It is often said that shoes tell a lot about the person’s personality and it is the first thing that others notice. Therefore, wearing worn out or dirty shoes can shatter our impressions in front of others. Hence, it is important that we take care of wearing proper and clean shoe. You might be already familiar with some brilliant life hacks, but in this article, we will discuss a few shoe care hacks.

We have collected thirteen shoe care hacks that can make your shoe life longer. Read on:

1. Remove stains from suede shoes13 Shoe Care Advice That Can Make Shoe Life Longer

Suede easily gets dirty and retains water and mud stains. In order to prevent such stains, use a protective suede spray on your new shoes. Test the spray before using it to ensure that it will not alter the color of your shoes.
If your suede shoes have already become stained, then there are ways to remove them. Rub the surface of your shoes with an eraser. The eraser will break and adhere to the fiber of your shoes, where the dirt particles will stick to it. You can then dab off the eraser pieces from your shoes.

You can also use a nail filer to remove the stains, but just be careful to use it gently as it may damage the shoes. Do not be too aggressive while removing stains or you will damage your shoes.

2. Use toothpaste for cleaning the solesShoe Care Advice That Can Make Shoe Life Longer

Toothpaste can be used to whiten the soles of your shoes as it contains abrasive particles. Just take an old toothbrush and apply some toothpaste onto the soles. Again, be gentle when using the toothbrush and soon you will notice that they have become cleaner. This is definitely a must try shoe care hacks.

3. Shoe care hacks for removing odor Shoe Care Advice

You can use car air fresheners to remove unpleasant smells from inside your shoes. Place a freshener inside your shoe and leave overnight. You can also try swabbing the inside of your shoes with alcohol or tea tree oil to remove odor. Also, try to buy insoles that are made of natural materials, preferably containing a layer of coal. It effectively absorbs moisture hence not letting any unpleasant odor develop.

4. Hack for correctly dry wet shoes13 Shoe Care Advice

It is normal for shoes to get wet in the rainy season. However, never leave them on a radiator to dry as the high temperature may damage the shape of the shoes. Let them usually dry in the air which might take a day or two. If you do not have another pair of shoes handy, you could use a hair dryer with cold air to dry your wet shoes.

Another way to dry soaked shoes is by using rice. Just put the rice in a cotton bag and leave inside your shoes. The rice will absorb all the moisture from them.

5. Shoe care hacks for removing scratches from leather shoesShoe care - maintenance tips and advice

Leather shoes usually become covered in scratches as you use them. This can make them appear old and worn out. Consider the leather synonymous with our skin which needs moisturization to remove cracks and roughness. Simply rub baby cream or petroleum jelly on to your leather shoes. Leave them for a couple of hours and then polish them. You will notice that your shoes have become smooth and shiny again.

6. Polish the leather for shoe careShoe Care Guide

This shoe care hacks more likely a piece of advice, frequently polish your leather shoes to they remain supple for a long time. Otherwise, the salt present in sweat dries out the leather and damages the texture and look of the shoes.

7. Shoe care hacks for removing dirt from bright-colored shoes13 Shoe Care Pieces of Advice

We all have that one pair of sandals or slippers that we love to wear. But they get dirty easily and washing them can damage their color. So, you can use this shoe care hack for your favorite shoes. Therefore, to clean them, you should use lemon juice. It will clean your slippers without ruining the color. Simply apply lemon juice to them and leave for a while. Then gently rinse with water.

8. Remove stains from wearing new shoesShoe Care Tips

Wearing new shoes can often stain socks and stockings. Removing antiperspirant stains from socks or cloth is not easy, some times it is not even possible. So, to prevent the staining, you can use talcum or baby powder. Simply apply the powder to the inside of your new shoes before using. Then wipe off the extra powder with a piece of cloth.

9. Clean your sneakersShoe Care Tips and advice

You may usually clean your sneakers in a washing machine, but that may actually damage them. It is much better to wash them manually. According to this shoe care hacks, you need to separate the soles and laces from the sneakers before washing them. You can use any brush to scrub off the dirt from them. Then leave them to dry.

10. Wear sock linersUltimate Shoe Care Guide

You can wear sock liners or hose to protect your shoes from the sweat produced throughout the day. The perspiration damages the insoles of the shoes. Also, it is not good from the hygiene point of view.

11. Alternate between pairsAdvice and shoe care

If you want to follow this shoe care advice then you need to have an extra pair of shoe. Because it is very important to let your shoes breathe before wearing them again. This makes them last longer and prevents the build-up of unpleasant odors. This will also give a variety to your look.

12. Add rubber to the bottom of your shoes13 Ultimate Shoe Care Guide and tips

You can easily get this done by a shoe repairman. The rubber will make them sturdier. Moreover, it will prolong the life of your shoes.

13. Add a layer of the shield to your new shoesUltimate Shoe Care Guide and tips

Spray your new shoes with a waterproof protector or candle wax. This shielding layer will protect them against dirt and water, especially in the rainy weather.

So, from now on, make your shoe life easier by using these shoe care hacks so that your shoes always look new and clean. Clean and tidy shoes will make you look good as well as feel good. Ensure that you never ruin your impression in front of others because of them.

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