10 Household Hacks for Easy House Cleaning

Cleaning the house can be fun, but when things get really messy, it is so hard to do a good job, especially if you have little children around. Some people are equal to the task, but others aren’t. Not necessarily because they’re lazy; it is just daunting, and this is where household hacks for easy cleaning become very useful.

So, we have compiled ten household hacks to make your house cleaning as fast and as easy as possible. Read on:

1. Use lemon to control that stench from your garbage10 Household Hacks for Easy House Cleaning

This house cleaning hack is a perfect way to prevent bad odor when you are expecting visitors and have no time to dispose of the trash. Just walk to the store and get a lemon. Cut it into tiny slices and run them over the trash can. It will kill the bad smell emanating from the dustbin and temporality keep the air fresh until you have time for proper cleaning.

2. Use kosher salt and lemons to freshen your chopping boardsHousehold Hacks for Easy House Cleaning

As you continue using chopping boards, they will have stains from the food particles you constantly cut on them. Soaps don’t do well to clean more than dirt, so salt and lemon will rescue you. Pout kosher salt on the chopping board and use the open part of a lemon you have cut into half to scrub it. Rinse off, and your chopping board is good as new.

3. Use ordinary detergent to get new tilesUse ordinary detergent to get new tiles

If your tiles are older than you can remember, don’t worry. You can always get new ones to brighten your floors, but you don’t spend a cent. This household hack will make it brand new; you’ll hand to convince people you didn’t buy new tiles.

Get a bucket of water, a common detergent, and a clean rag. After you vacuum the floor, start using the rag to scrub it. As you scrub, take note of when the rag becomes dirty so that you can change the water and wash the rag before continuing. This method works better with a toothbrush, good luck convincing people you didn’t buy new tiles after using it.

4. Use an old sock with vinegar to clean your blindsTen Household Hacks for Easy House Cleaning

Get equal amounts of water and vinegar, mix them in a bowl and look for a good old white sock you will have to stop using. Then dip the sock into the mixture and gently apply it to clean the blinds. You’ll be surprised at the fantastic results.

5. Use baking soda to shine your cushionbaking soda

You know baking soda has kitchen and skin benefits, but I bet you didn’t expect it on this household cleaning hacks list. Well, your sofa can get cleaner if you spray it all over the areas you really have problems with.

First, brush off the surface. Then spray enough baking soda. Leave it there for about 25 minutes and vacuum it off after. This will really help eliminate bad smell and stubborn stains.

6. Use salt to get rid of scorch buildup on your laundry ironUse salt to get rid of scorch buildup

It is so annoying to have scorch on an iron, but it is inevitable, no matter how careful you are it will eventually show up. Some people use water to wash it off, but how effective can that be? It will only worsen the situation. So, take my advice and spread a pillowcase on your ironing board, then spray salt on it.

Yes, on the pillowcase. Now get your iron and turn off the steam as you gently iron the pillowcase (you’re actually ironing the salt). Do this and turn the iron to view your progress. Trust me; you’ll see a new iron If you use this household cleaning hack.

7. Use vinegar to clean burnt pots/pansvinegar to clean burnt pots

You’ve burnt your food, and the cooking pan is there to prove it, so what? Don’t throw it away or struggle with non-stop scrubbing. Just get vinegar, water, and baking soda to do the magic. Fill the pan with water and add vinegar, then let it boil. Add the baking soda (about two teaspoons) and let it rest for 10 seconds.
You can now wash your pot as usual by using this household cleaning hacks.

8. Use lemon to clear hard water stainsUse lemon as household cleaning hacks

This is usually around faucets, sinks, bathtubs, and bathroom floors. I used to pour bleaching agents on them generously, but that’s before I discovered lemon. Cut a lemon half and use it to scrub the stained surface, then leave it for about a minute to work. After that, run warm water and rinse it off. That’s it, no more stains.

9. Use the blender to…clean the blenderblender machine

You know you can’t put your blender in the dishwasher, so the after using the regular soap and water method of cleaning, you may notice some accumulation of dirt somewhere, or there may be places your sponge can’t reach. So, this is what you do, add water and few drops of soap to inside the blender, then turn it on as if you want to blend the water-soap mixture. Let is work for about five seconds and rinse out with lukewarm water.

10. Use vinegar to shine your windowshousehold cleaning hacks

Want to save money? Then use this household cleaning hack. You can save yourself a lot of money by using vinegar instead of all those expensive window shiners in the market. No matter how well you feel you’ve cleaned your windows, try this and see the outcome.

Get a cup of vinegar and heat it up just until it is warm, don’t make it hot. Now, get a clean, empty spray bottle and fill it up with the vinegar. Any container is okay, but the spray bottle will be perfect. Get a clean cloth and start dipping it into the vinegar and shine your windows with it. Remember to be careful, take note of the cloth and replace when you have to. You’ll just be adding more dirt to the windows if you don’t change the cloth when it’s dirty.
If your windows need heavy cleaning before shining, just spray the vinegar on them and allow it to sit for 2 minutes before you rinse off.

No matter how hardworking you are, your general housekeeping can be better with new tricks. So, no more excuses start using these ten household cleaning hacks to make your house cleaning as fast and easy as possible.

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