How to Get a Flat Stomach: Fast & Easy Ways

15 Best Ways to Get a Flat Stomach

Excess weight, especially in our stomach areas is extremely unhealthy and can lower self-confidence. There are many ways to control and lose weight, and most of them include incorporating a balanced diet and physical movement in our lives. However, losing fat around our body midsection can be a real struggle; particularly when your goal is to have a flat stomach. Whether you’re trying to learn how to get a flat stomach in just 2 weeks, we’ve got you covered with this guide.

What is belly fat?What is belly fat?

If you’re constant with the big screen then you’d always noticed the six-packs and the tiny waists. It almost doesn’t matter what tribe you are; your heroes and heroines are usually the ones with the finely defined body shape. And with super shape comes the six-packs and the tiny waists. But a fit body is not just limited to fine looks alone, a fit body also attributes with a healthy lifestyle.

Let’s start with the basics to keep you educated. Belly fat refers to the accumulation of fats around the abdomen. They are of two types namely: Viscera and Subcutaneous. The former surrounds a person’s organ while the latter sits under the skin.

Excess belly fat like any other form of being overweight can be dangerous to the body. When Belly fat is excess, it can increase the risk of several health complications including heart attacks, heart disease, stroke, asthma, colon cancer, breast cancer, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s disease, and other types of dementia.

They are a lot of factors that can cause belly fats some of which we have no control over like Genetics and some others like poor dieting. The major causes of belly fats are Poor diet, too much alcohol, stress, lack of exercise, genetics, poor sleep, and smoking.

To get a slimmer waist, constant effort and an organized routine are required. Some of these routines include early eating time, exercises, and many more. As much as exercise is helpful, dietary modification is also very important. This is because attaining a slimmer waist permanently takes time.

How to get a flat stomach in just 2 weeks?How to get a flat stomach in just 2 weeks?

Do you have an irritating belly on your stomach? Then act according to our advice, exercise program, and eat according to our diet plan. You will notice results in just 2 weeks.

1. Exercise

When we exercise, we move our muscles and joints which burns calories. Moreover, when muscles are exercised, they also look better. You can lose weight and get a flat stomach by performing even simple exercises such as walking and swimming.

2. Resistance training

This increases our muscle strength as we are making them work against a weight or a force. It helps to build strong muscles and keep down your weight.

3. Remove excess carbohydrates from your diet

We should not completely remove carbohydrates from our diet as it is unhealthy and carbs such as barley, wheat, oatmeal, legumes, and sweet potatoes actually contain beneficial nutrients for our bodies. But carbs such as sugar have no value for our bodies; they just provide energy faster than other foods.

Starchy foods, including bread, pasta, and rice are delicious to eat but only fill up our bodies and lead to weight gain. So, if you want to get a flat stomach, it is necessary to cut down on the consumption of these carbs. Also, remember to consume the beneficial carbs either in the morning or afternoon and try to avoid them at night.

4. Decrease calorie intake

Calories provide our bodies with the necessary energy to function, but excess consumption has been proven to cause weight gain. The simplest way to reduce calorie intake to get a flat stomach is to cut out on your sugar intake.

Stop consuming chocolates, carbonated drinks, crisps, and other snacks used for munching. Moreover, the snacking done at night just accumulates in our bellies. Those who have a sweet tooth can try to find healthier alternatives and have a glass of water when they have cravings for something sweet.

Singer and Academy Award-winning actress Jennifer Hudson said,

“The key thing is figuring out what your issues are, and it’s really never about the food. You have to be real and honest with yourself. I had to stop and look and ask myself, ‘Why do I want this? What is the real reason?’ At times it was comfort food like chocolate. I love chocolate and I realized it relaxes me, so when you acknowledge what the issue is, you can control it better”

5. Increase fiber intake

Fiber is an essential part of a balanced and healthy diet. It improves our digestive system and helps prevent health issues such as diabetes, heart disease, and weight gain. Foods rich in fiber include pears, apples, oats, beans, and citrus fruits.

Since our bodies cannot digest fiber, it does not provide any calories. Instead, it is beneficial for our bodies as it moves waste out of our systems, in addition to aiding in healthy digestion.

6. Consume probiotics

Probiotics are micro-organisms that help our bodies fight and treat illnesses. They improve our digestive system and boost our immunity. Probiotics can be found in yogurt and are even available as supplements.

Adding probiotics to your diet will ensure a healthy digestive tract and prevent bloating, which will help you to weigh less and get a flat stomach.

7. Consume ‘good’ fats

You must be thinking that why should we consume fats when we’re actually trying to lose it? But consuming good fats can actually help burn off the bad fat in our bodies.

You should add monosaturated fatty acids to your diet which help prevent the accumulation of stomach fat. These good fats can be found in avocados, cheese, nuts, whole eggs, chia seeds, and virgin olive oil. Also make sure to consume these for breakfast or lunch, and avoid them at night.

8. Power up on protein

Proteins are essential for us as they are the building blocks of our bodies. They create hormones, enzymes, and other chemical substances, and also help in the creation of cells.

When you start to lose weight, you lose both, muscle and fat. Hence, it is important to consume enough protein daily, which will help provide the energy your body needs to burn fat and maintain a calorie-burning lean muscle. Protein-rich foods include eggs, beans, lean beef, and lentils

9. Whole food

Today, more and more fast food, pre-made meals that can be microwaved and preserved are being consumed. Despite these foods being quick and convenient, they are unhealthy for our bodies. Preserved food is loaded with sugar, which has to be avoided to get a flat stomach.

Consuming whole foods can help us lose weight. Whole foods are free of preservatives and artificial ingredients and have not gone through any processing procedures. They include fresh organic fruit and vegetables, fresh fish, and meat with no additives.

Flat stomach exercisesFlat stomach exercises

People do believe that it is very difficult to remove stomach fat, but the truth is, it is very easy! It just requires motivation and dedication and the aim to achieve a flat tummy. The following exercises are known to work when planning on having a flat stomach

1. Crunches

Crunches are one of the most effective ways of losing belly fat. It is an exercise that works your rectus abdominis muscle and the obliques. Examples of crunches are:

  • Reverse crunches: It involves lying on your back with knees raised at an angle 90 and your arms behind your head, then brings your knees and upper body towards one another and then stretch out, repeating this move for a specific duration
  • Bicycle crunches: It starts by you lying down on your back with hands behind your head. The knees are raised at angle 90. Start by twisting your body by bringing the right elbow towards your left knee and left elbow towards the right knee and repeat the process. The movement should be done slowly for maximum effect.

2. Mountain climber

This exercise starts in a push-up position. Bend your right knee towards your chest and keep your left leg straight, then quickly switch from one leg to the other repeatedly.

3. Plank

Plank is an exercise that strengthens the abdomen, back, and shoulders. It starts by lying down on the floor with your toes and forearms on the ground. Keep the body straight and hold this position as long as you can without going down. Note that your butt must not be too raised.

4. Russian twist

This is one of the most effective exercises in getting a flat stomach. It requires you to sit on the floor with your knees bent slightly, feet lifted a little bit and back tilted backward. Hold your hands together and twist from side to side without dropping your legs or straightening your back.

5. Boat pose (navasana)

Start by sitting on the floor with bent knees. Lean back slightly and then bring your legs up and straighten them until your body forms a V shape. Your arms should be stretched out and parallel to one another. Keep your palms facing inwards.

6. Flutter kicks

It begins with you lying on your back with your arms at your sides. Lift your legs and keep them as straight as you can, then raise your right leg up and at the same time lower your left leg, switch legs, and repeat.

7. V-Ups

It starts with you lying on your back with arms and legs extended and legs squeezed together. Raise your upper body and legs using your arms to touch your toes. Go back to the starting position and repeat the process.

You should start each exercise with a time of maybe 20seconds or a specific count and later increase the difficulty by increasing the time or the count. Slow and steady does it

Flat stomach diet planFlat stomach diet plan

In this section, a 15-day meal plan has been curated for a slimmer waist. It is simply a 5-day meal plan that can be repeated in three cycles.

It is also very important to integrate your diet with exercise and the other way around. If any food discomforts you, stop it immediately. You will also be taking green tea along with your diet. Green tea protects against obesity due to the catechin compound in it. And the presence of caffeine increases your metabolism. Without further adieu, let’s delve into the diet plan.

Key Points in Getting a Flat Stomach

  • Always take dinner before eight 8 pm. No meal should exceed this time, fruits included.
  • The minimum water you drink daily should be at least 2 liters. The maximum should also be 4 liters.
  • Everything you do should be moderate. This includes your exercises.
  • The minimum time for exercise should be at least 30 minutes daily. This should also be for a period of 7days.
  • Always plan your meals in advance.

Diet Plan

Day 1

Morning: Green tea and one banana. Breakfast: Veggies with oats with a bowl of fruits. Mid-morning: A handful of nuts. Lunch: Salad, two rotis, dal, and sabzi. Snack: One glass of chaas. Dinner: Grilled chicken or grilled vegetables quinoa salad.

Day 2

Morning: Green tea and a handful of nuts. Breakfast: 3 egg omelet and banana milkshake with vegetables. Mid-morning: A bowl of fruit. Lunch: Rice, salad, sabzi, dal, and yogurt. Snack: A handful of roasted peanuts. Dinner: Big bowl of salad, dal, and sabzi.

Day 3

Morning: Green tea with apple. Breakfast: One toast with cheese, two boiled eggs, and fruit yogurt. Mid-morning: Chickpea salad. Lunch: Brown rice, yogurt, salad, dal, and sabzi. Snack: fruit salad. Dinner: Tomato soup, salad, and sauteed vegetables.

Day 4

Morning: Green tea with amla. Breakfast: Mint chutney, besan chilla in less oil, and one glass of milk. Mid-morning: peanut salad. Lunch: Multigrain roti, yogurt, salad, dal, and sabzi. Snack: A handful of dried fruits. Dinner: One multigrain toast with broccoli soup.

Day 5

Morning: Green tea with ten almonds. Breakfast: Sambhar with oat idli. Mid-morning: One glass of chaas. Lunch: Red rice, salad, dal, and sabzi. Snack: A handful of nuts. Dinner: Veggies and lentil soup.

Home remedies to reduce belly fatHome remedies to reduce belly fat

In this section, we will discuss some home remedies to reduce belly fat fast;

1. Drink water

This is one of the most effective ways to have an efficient metabolism. Dehydration has been known to cause weight gain and bloating by water retention. Adequate water intake aids the digestions of food by carrying the appropriate nutrients to the various parts of the body which boosts metabolism and also helps to burn calories which also leads to reduced belly fat.

Taking a cup of warm water with lemon or lime is also effective in the morning before eating. Also, laying off the carbonated drinks and replacing their intake with water reduces calorie intake and helps in burning belly fat.

2. Turmeric

Turmeric contains curcumin which has anti-inflammatory properties that helps reduce inflammation and associated oxidative stress which suppresses the inflammatory condition in fat, pancreatic, and muscle cells.

Incorporating turmeric in the foods we eat helps to lose weight and burn belly fat as it gives a healthy metabolism. When getting turmeric extracts in the stores, make sure you get one with 95% curcumin!

3. Coconut oil

Coconut oil unlike vegetable oil contains medium acid triglycerides (MCTs) which is a healthy oil. The medium acid triglycerides are easy to digest and are turned into energy by the liver rather than been stored as fat. Coconut oil can be replaced as cooking oil or taken daily, take 1-2 tablespoons daily. Coconut oil thermogenic nature helps to burn belly fat.

4. Honey and garlic

Honey is one of the best natural resources which is not only delicious but extremely beneficial to the health and the body as a whole. Garlic does great wonders for the cardiovascular system.

Garlic reduces your triglyceride levels and strengthens your immune system, and it prevents weight gain because it stops your pre fat cells from converting into actual fat cells. Raw garlic is especially beneficial for weight loss. Combine garlic with honey, let it infuse for 3-4 days and take 1-2 tablespoon daily before eating and watch the magic happen!

5. Green tea

Green tea is filled with antioxidants (catechins & flavonoids) and nutrients that your body needs and are effective in waist trimming. Green tea increases your metabolism which in turn burns fat with the help of the liver and also improves brain function and memory.
Organic green tea is one of the best for losing weight especially belly fat, take 4-5 cups daily for the best results!

6. Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar burns the excess fat and suppresses your appetite that makes fuller stomach. This remedy not only helps in reducing the chubbiness of your tummy but also in regulating the blood sugar level.
Take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with a cup of water, do this twice for maximum effect.

7. Dietary foods

Intake of dietary food boosts your metabolism and suppresses your appetite and makes you eat less. Chia seeds are one such food that is loaded with fiber, rich in calcium, iron, and antioxidants that help keep your full stomach for a longer time.

Stock more fruits and yogurts at home and fewer junk foods and snacks.

Additional flat stomach tipsflat stomach tips

People who are aiming to lose weight and get a flat stomach should definitely try out these effective ways to achieve the desired results. Here are some ways to get a flat stomach and flat belly in just two weeks;

1. Walk more

Walking increases heart rate and blood flow which means we are exercising all our muscles. Try to incorporate regular walking by walking to a nearby store instead of driving, and listening to music and walking around your neighborhood or in a park.

2. Stand up

Most of us are usually sitting down when watching TV, commuting or when at work. This lack of movement is harmful to our bodies. Sitting down hinders proper digestion, which means that all that we eat will accumulate as fat.

Try to stand up when you can. You can stand on a bus or train and make sure to stand up and walk around for a bit when on a desk job.

3. Eat slowly

We all are always in a rush nowadays. We don’t have time to prepare a healthy meal and just grab something from outside to eat quickly. This food is unhealthy and contains sugar which won’t help us lose weight.

Organize and plan out your routine so that you can take time out and sit and eat food and try to prepare your meals from before.

4. Decrease stress

Try to relax and cut down on stress. Stress is known to be extremely detrimental to our physical and mental health. Moreover, stress can make us crave sweet and fattening foods in order to achieve a temporary sense of wellbeing, which can lead to weight gain.

5. Adequate rest

Taking enough rest is crucial for the body. Adequate sleep of about 8 hours a day regulates your hormones and also provides you with energy for burning calories during the day.

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