7 Unpleasant Truths That Should Revealing to Best Friend

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We are friends with our favorite people for a reason and helping them out should be part of that friendship. This is also considered as the healthy friendships characteristic. But, sometimes communicating certain facts can be very difficult or embarrassing, especially if they involve you or your close friends.

Unfortunately, not mentioning them can be even worse for your friendship, and for the life of that person. We owe it to our friends to be honest with them, both with the easy and fun topics, and the harder ones.

So, here are seven unpleasant truths you’re better off revealing to close friends. Read on!

1. They’re being cheated on

Unpleasant truths better to reveal to close friends

Often the people who are getting cheated on are the last ones to know about it. If you’re aware that your best friend’s other half is cheating on them. You owe it to them to tell them the truth.

When they eventually do find out what their partner has been doing, it can feel like just as much of betrayal when they learn their close friends knew and never spoke up.

On the flip side of this, if you only suspect that your best friend’s other half is cheating. But you don’t have any proof. In that case, you may want to wait before coming out with your suspicions. You could cause needless stress on an otherwise good relationship because you saw him taking his sister out for breakfast.

2. They are in an abusive relationship

Truths better to reveal to close friends

If your friend is in a toxic relationship then it is another unpleasant truth you’re better off revealing to your friend. While your friend knows their relationship is abusive if the abuse comes in the form of physical blows.

But there are other forms of abuse too. If you notice your friend’s partner engages in gaslighting or other verbal forms of abuse, you should speak up.

If your close friend is continuously excusing black eyes and other “accidents,” a frank talk with them about possible abuse is well worth bringing up as well. This goes for both male friends and female friends. Often men who are abused find themselves more alone than women because the typical response is to be told to man up. Abuse is not okay no matter who is doing it.

3. They smell bad

Truths better to reveal to best friends

Whether they use so much perfume it makes people waiting in the same elevator gag, or seem to forget to put on deodorant perpetually; the smell can profoundly impact how they get through their life.

Letting someone know, discreetly of course, that they have a small problem can change their life if they pay attention, but often no one will mention the odor that follows them around everywhere.

Most people don’t want to smell bad, and it’s easier to get the message from a kind friend than from the boss of their company.

4. They’ve gained weight

How to tell unpleasant truths to best friend

It’s a lot easier to lose 5 pounds than it is to lose 50 pounds. If you notice your best friend is packing on the pounds, it’s best to say something early, privately, and as gentle as possible.

Weight is a very sensitive topic, and it could well be there’s a good reason behind that extra pudge. Being able to lean on a friend can make a positive difference in your friend.

If broaching the topic is difficult for you, it is worthwhile to try and bring it up in a non-offensive way. You could mention that you think you’re gaining a little extra weight yourself, and offer to work with her together on a diet and exercise plan.

Working out with a friend is often much more fun than working out alone, and both of you can embrace a healthier lifestyle together. This will also help you guys to form healthy friendships.

5. Telling them if you feel suicidal

How to tell unpleasant truths to close friend

Many people make an effort to keep their mental health issues to themselves but talking about it to a friend may save your life. If you are depressed, anxious, or have suicidal thoughts, letting your friends know how you feel can get you the support you need.

Your closest friends have been with you through thick and thin. They won’t abandon you because you are feeling depressed or even suicidal. This is part of what friends are for, so if you think this way don’t hesitate to speak up.

6. Letting them know about your wish

​How to Tell a Friend the Harsh Truth

Sure, drinking and partying the night away was fun before you got married. Now, 10 PM is your new favorite bedtime, but you’re still getting invitations for late-night parties.

The truth is if you loved these things at one point, your close friends are probably going to assume you still love them unless you speak up. Be fair to everyone and let them know if your tastes have changed. If you hide it then it will become an emotionally unhealthy friendship between you and your friends.

Your close friends may be surprised that you no longer want to do the same things you used to—or they may be relieved if their interest is waning also. Either way, honesty is the best policy.

7. Let them know if they are spending too much money

​How to Tell a Friend the Harsh Truth

No one wants to feel like they are their close friends’ mom or dad. We also don’t want to be the one continually bailing them out come payday. Your friend’s spending habits can land them in a heap of trouble.

It might make them not being able to handle their bills after a shopping excursion, to suffering a hopeless debt cycle due to their inability to stop spending.

They probably don’t want to hear what you have to say, it is still essential to address the issue. Your words may not help, or they may be the difference that saves your friend from real trouble.

If they complain that they never seem to have enough money in their budget, pointing out their latte habit is $50 out of their budget every week. This may help them stem the tide of spending.

While these unpleasant truths you’re better off revealing to close friends might be problematic. However, sometimes a friend is the only one who can do so. If one of these seven topics come up with your friends, do them a favor and address them openly and honestly. Your friend may not want to hear that they have a thicker midsection than they used to, or maybe too afraid to talk about their relationship, but broaching the topic can make things easier for them.

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