How to Impress a Girl – According to Girls

6 Ways to Impress Women, According to Women

How to impress a girl?  Well, a million-dollar question going to be answered soon. For men, impressing a girl might seem like an impossible task. Offer them flowers and get a ho-hum response, forget to get the flowers, and raise their ire. Yet the simple truth is, if you want to impress women, you simply have to follow a few basic guidelines. Here are six ways to impress a girl, according to women.

How to Impress a Girl

1. Don’t be a Jerk

It’s seriously that easy. If your actions can be compared to that of a person three years or younger, you won’t be impressing anybody. Want to impress your woman truly? Do the dishes. Vacuum the floor. Offer to take the dog for a walk so she can get her own work done. Don’t just drop your pants on the floor and expect to find them magically washed, dried, and folded the next day as if faeries have done them.

On your first date? Don’t stare at her breasts instead of her face. Don’t touch her in inappropriate places before you’ve gotten her name. In fact, don’t do anything you wouldn’t want someone doing to your daughter on a first date.

2. Communicate

Sure, you’re busy, but typing ‘k’ in response to her makes her think you are mad. Don’t respond at all; she’ll think the same thing. When she texts, text back promptly, and use a full sentence. Too busy to chat? Say so. “Hey, I’m in an important meeting right now, but I’ll talk to you as soon as I’m out.” Then actually do so.

Women aren’t great at understanding verbal grunts and misinterpreting your “I don’t like that,” grunt from your “okay, that’s cool,” grunt can lead to relationship issues.

3. Know the real her

Flowers and chocolates are wonderful gifts that will be appreciated by your date. Probably. However, they are also standard for dates, and not really all that impressive. Prove you actually listened to her talking about her interests, by bringing her origami paper because you know her big dream is to fold 1,000 paper cranes.

Even if you miss the mark, and get a gift that is not really appropriate to her passion, the fact that you tried will win you approximately 1,000 brownie points.

Bonus tip: If you’re not wild about her interests, don’t squash them. If her passion is in raising and showing chickens, you don’t have to go out and clean the coop with her, but don’t whine and complain when she would rather be blow-drying silkie feathers than watching the 300 with you.

If you can’t support her interests, it may be better to find someone who is closer to your ideal, than trying to force someone who isn’t to align with your desires.

4. Help her know the real you

While we don’t recommend showing up to your first date in swim trunks and carrying a surfboard (unless your first date is at the beach, in which case, you’re doing something right!), It’s important not to hide your interests, or who you really are.

If your girlfriend falls in love with the person they think you are; when they find out you’re actually completely different, it can put a strain on the relationship. (And by strain, we mean the relationship is going to be over. Pronto.)

Even if your girlfriend isn’t interested in dating someone with a passionate love for anime, you’ll be miserable if that is your passion and your girlfriend’s only interest is in putting a stop to it. Just like we don’t recommend squashing her interests, it’s unhealthy to hide yours because you don’t think she’ll like it. If she genuinely can’t stand your passions, find someone who appreciates the real you, as much as you appreciate the real them.

5. Use some manners

Even if you’re dating the strong independent type, no one has ever sneered at the words, “Please” and “Thank you.” Good manners are important no matter who you are, and holding the door open is a great starting point if your goal is to impress women.

You might think you have this down if you open the car door for your girlfriend and pull out the chair when she is about to be seated at a restaurant. Pop quiz though, where is your phone after you’ve been seated?

When you spend all your time on a date texting or looking at Facebook, you’re sending a very big message that the lady you are dating is not important to you. Keep the phone in your pocket, and your attention on the girl you’ve agreed to go out with. You’ll be a lot more likely to impress her if she doesn’t have to talk over the sound of Candy Crush.

6. Rescue her when she needs it

This opportunity doesn’t come around often, but when it does, you have the biggest opportunity of your life to impress her. Whether you have just met her, or have been married 20 years, you can still impress women through this age-old technique: be there when she needs it.

This means when she has locked her keys out of her car and is stranded on a cold day, drops what you are doing and goes get her. (Bonus points if you help her get her car unlocked without breaking any windows, and take her for a nice warming cup of coffee afterward.)

If she can’t find babysitting and is frantically trying to figure out what to do, offer to take the kids. (Bonus points x1,000 when you’re dating a single mom. They will never forget this, ever.)

If someone is trash talking her or treating her badly, speak up. Yes, even if it is her own mom, and especially if it is your mom. There is nothing worse than finding out the man you want to spend the rest of your life with will stand by and watch someone else bully you relentlessly. They might still date you, but you’re probably not going to be #1 in their life for long.

In the end, impressing women isn’t about smooth pick-up lines or expensive dates. It’s about being there, being real, and being kind. The bad boy image might be popular on TV, but no woman actually finds arrogance or apathy a virtue worth pursuing.

If you truly want to impress women, it all goes back to these 6 tips. It’s never been about smooth pickup lines or snappy dress. (Really, most girls are just happy if you brush your teeth!)

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