10 Habits of Insecure People that can Ruin their Relationship

Habits of Insecure People that can Ruin their Relationship

People with insecurities are those who do not love themselves. They lack self-confidence and have a pessimistic outlook on life. Such people continuously presume people have ulterior motives behind their words and actions. In this article, we will discover ten habits of insecure people that can ruin their relationship.

Insecure people have some bad habits that give them a tough time developing relationships. They can even ruin existing relationships with their bad habits. Hence, we need to analyze what exactly keeps insecure people from finding love and what kind of habits insecure people have which can ruin a relationship.

Habits of Insecure People That can Ruin their Relationship:

1. Lake of responsibility

The first habit of insecure people is that often they do not take responsibility for their actions. They tend to blame their partners for their failures. Moreover, they like to live in the past. They keep mentioning how things were better in the past. This can be quite frustrating for their partner to hear.

Insecure people are also afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone. Hence, they are apprehensive about their future as well. They have trouble planning their lives with their partners. Consequently, there is no peace in the relationship.

2. Pretend someone else

Insecure people’s common habit is that they always pretend someone else. They are never confident in their own skin. They will quickly get impressed by others and then put in efforts to imitate them.

This attitude might not go down so well with their partners as no one will prefer to be with a ‘fake’ person. It is also a constant source of argument or fight between partners. This is also a sign of toxic relationships.

The main issue is that these insecure people are never happy with their current situation and this leaves no other option for them but to imitate other people and their lives.

3. Not independent

Many times people with insecurities fail to give personal space to their partners. They tend to cling to them at all times. Even when in a relationship, both partners are still unique individual beings and need personal space.

This habit of insecure people can create tension in relations and may also damage them. Lack of own space can exhaust the other person which ultimately leads to stress and unnecessary friction.

4. Excessively jealous

Some people have trouble believing that certain people can love them. Such people are insecure because they don’t love and believe in themselves. This habit of insecure people also reflects the relationship as well.

Insecure people can continuously doubt their partners of cheating and betrayal. Moreover, they may take excessive measures to keep checks on them.

An example can be insecure partners holding a tab on their respective partners’ phones and whereabouts. This lack of trust is detrimental to any relationship. This can cause a toxic relationship, of which some may be irreparable.

5. Always dissatisfied

People with insecurities are never happy with their current situation. They always look for perfect condition. When looking for a partner, such people tend to seek ideal ones.

As ‘ideal’ is only just a deception, insecure people will always find faults in their partners. No one will prefer to live with someone who expects you to be perfect.

6. Betray the ones they love

Insecure people, another common habit is that they lack confidence. Hence they always look towards others for the appreciation to boost their self-esteem.

Moreover, they may also perceive praise from others as affection. In this way, they may end up cheating on their partners. Betrayal results typically when you start seeking attention and love from outside of your relationship boundaries.

10 Insecure People Habits That Ruin Any Relationship

7. Insensitive

Insecure people tend to only talk about themselves. They may keep discussing their daily problems with their partners without giving them a chance to talk about theirs. So much so, that they can become detached from the feelings of their partners.

This habit of insecure people stops them to develop solid relationships. These people might be tagged by some as self-obsessed, and no one wants a self-obsessed partner for apparent reasons. And many times, they are unable to find love in life.

8. Insecure people lack optimism

No one likes to listen to the rants of a pessimistic person continually. People with insecurities habits can be excessively negative at times. It can be quite difficult for their partners to deal with such kind of behavior.

People look out for partners who are positive and exuberate positivity at all times. This is a sign of a healthy relationship. Therefore, the negative attitude might prevent such people from finding love in life.

9. Hard time accepting praise

Insecure people are under constant doubts about themselves. They can never truly accept praise from anyone. Such people continuously doubt the sincerity of the kind words spoken to them by their partners. You can read more details here.

They try to read in between the lines and come to false conclusions. They always choose the wrong tangent and make things difficult for themselves as well as their partners. This habit can prove to be detrimental as it does not allow love to blossom in a relationship.

10. Insecure people have lack of social lives

Insecure people tend to live in their world. They do not enjoy the interaction with other people. This is not because these people are introverts. But instead, they do not trust other people and continuously doubt their intentions.

What’s more, if they have partners who enjoy socializing with friends and family, it can create a clash of personalities. In this way, people with insecurities develop rifts with their partners. They do not live life to the fullest.

Insecure people need to gain more confidence in themselves and try to avoid their bad habits. They should realize that the world is not a dangerous place and not everyone is plotting against them. The adoption of a more optimistic approach to life is also essential.

Also, focusing more on their selves instead of others will help them lead a healthy life. Moreover, these people need to start loving themselves. It is crucial for these people first to realize that the ultimate problem lies with them. People who are capable of love are the ones who find love eventually. And as they say, ‘What is life without love?’

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