10 Major Obstacles to Success You Need to Avoid

Major Obstacles to Success You Need to Avoid

Have you ever wondered why some people achieving success and others don’t? Success can be credited to capabilities and luck to an extent. But what matters most is a person’s attitude and approach towards achieving his goals and overcoming all obstacles to success. In this article, we will discover ten major obstacles to success that you need to avoid for achieving success.

Most people dream of being successful in one way or another – but for many of us, time and energy just don’t seem to be enough. We see others perform at the top and feel successful – how can they do everything? Some people become successful because they have a mentality and a pattern of behavior that “ordinary” people lack.

However, that does not mean that all successful high achievers are super people who never get tired or stressed. On the contrary – they use (consciously or unconsciously) strategies to avoid stress and fatigue. Many times, we could be making simple mistakes that could actually be slowing our journey towards success. So, we have compiled ten obstacles to success, which can slow down anyone for achieving success.

Obstacles to Success You Need to Avoid:

1. Blaming others

Many people have a habit of not taking responsibility for their actions. They tend to blame their parents and the surrounding environment for their failures. This manipulative attitude proves to be a major obstacle to success.

While some people do realize that success lies in their own hands, and continuously strive towards achieving their goals. Always remember that you have the power to shape your own destiny. It is you who can design your future and can overcome all kinds of barriers to success.

2. Setting unrealistic goals

No one is stopping you from aiming for the stars. But always remember to plan and set realistic goals. An unrealistic goal might be holding you back for not achieving any kind of success.

How to overcome this obstacle to success? Well, analyze whether you have the time and resources to achieve your goals. If someone wants to become an actor in movies, their initial goals should be on a smaller scale. For instance, they could work towards securing roles in local theatrical plays.

3. Stop trying

Let’s be realistic; we have all encountered failures in our lives. It is human nature to feel dejected afterward. But we should never stop trying and seek to improve ourselves. This attitude can be the distinction between success and failures. Failures do not destroy us, but our attitude after a failure can!

A prime example is J.K. Rowling, the acclaimed author of the Harry Potter series. She had initially submitted her manuscript to twelve publishing houses and was rejected by all of them. But she did not give up and kept trying to overcome her barriers to success. It was then that Bloomsbury agreed to publish her book, and the rest is history.

Today, the Harry Potter series has become the best-selling book series in the world, and J.K. Rowling is one of the wealthiest and inspiring personalities in the world.

4. Lack of perseverance

We have all been through a phase where we just quickly move from one task to another, without completing any. But if this becomes too frequent, it may prove an obstacle to success. We will constantly set goals but never strive enough to actually achieve them.

Never stop believing in yourself so that you can continue to work hard and work smart. Also, stay positive at all cost as being positive have a strong connection with a person work productivity.

5. You are unable to focus on a particular task

With the advent of smartphones, global news is instantly accessible to us. Moreover, many of us have become addicted and manipulated by social media. While working on an assignment, you might find yourself thinking, ‘I’ll just check Facebook for five minutes.’ Five minutes may then turn into thirty, or maybe even an hour.

You can quickly lose your focus and tempo of working. As a result, you will have loads of incomplete and pending work piled up. This approach then becomes a barrier to success.

This is where your prioritizing comes in. You will have to prioritize what is essential and what can wait.

6. Over dream

It is completely normal to dream. But problems arise when we start living in our dreams, rather than working towards achieving them. You may want to buy that two-story house with a pool, but you can’t just sit back and wait for a miracle to happen.

Don’t allow this kind of action which might be holding you back from making money. You need to work hard and earn that money needed to buy the house.

Don’t expect to find a magic lamp which will grant you your dream. Be realistic and put in efforts to achieve your goals. There is no shortcut to success, and you will have to put in efforts to reach your destination and overcome your obstacles to success.

7. Lack of encouragement

Many of us will face criticism from society when we try to strive for something new. This is also a big obstacle to achieving success, which is highly demotivating. But you can easily ignore this and move one. Difficulties arise when you don’t get the required support from family and friends.

In such a situation it is important that you do not get demotivated. Sit down and calmly explain to your loved ones your aspirations and why they are important to you. Key is communication and that too effective communication. Convey your thoughts and dreams properly so that there is no gap in reaching success.

8. You don’t own up

We can all make mistakes at times. It may not entirely be our fault, but we need to take responsibility for our actions. By identifying our errors we can overcome barriers to success, as we can ensure that we don’t repeat them in the future. This attitude is essential if we are to attain success. Attitude makes all the difference for sure.

9. You make too many excuses

Your mind makes excuses because it prefers to stay in its comfort zone which is also an obstacle to success. You will often find yourself thinking ‘It’s too difficult’ or ‘It’s too long’ when venturing into new zones. Do not believe these success obstacles otherwise; you will never be able to succeed in life.

Also, remember that giving excuses is a sign of manipulator and most of us don’t like this type of manipulator. Convince yourself that you are capable of conquering new territories. In addition to this, do not blame anyone else for your actions. It is you who is responsible and not anyone else.

10. You procrastinate too much

Do not keep delaying things for later as it is one of the biggest obstacles to success. Remember, now is the best time to get started! Even if you are just taking a small step today, it is still better than not doing anything at all. Small steps can make a huge contribution and can add value to your life and growth.

We hope that after reading this article, you will be able to make positive changes in your attitude. If you find that you have a habit that is hindering your progress, eliminate it immediately. Do not let any obstacles to success stop you from achieving success in life.

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