Summer Body: Workout and Diet Plan

Regular Physical and Diet Action For Summer Body

Summer is synonymous with a lot of things: sunshine, barbecue, vacation. However, over time, it’s also got attached inadvertently to the term ‘summer body’. Simple as the word may be, it evokes lots of endless anxiety and pressure to look good.

The trick is to be smart, no pun intended, about it. There are two things, well mainly two things that influence the way you look: your diet and the physical activity that you engage in to supplement it. The apparent combination is a ratio of seventy to thirty that does the trick. Read on for the regular physical and diet actions for the summer dream body!

How to Get a Summer Body

1. Diet can do the trick

The most natural thing is to eliminate anything processed or make a conscious effort of reducing it as much as possible. This means added sugars, trans-fats, and high sodium content products. Another easy tip for a dream summer body is to avoid products with palm oil. This is more of a mental challenge as you think your body into believing what things to avoid, which can be challenging work.

Instead of the things mentioned above, try incorporating more greens and healthy lean protein into your diet. As a general rule, divide your plate into quarters. Use one for complex carbs such as sweet potato and brown lentils.

Use another quarter for lean protein. This can be fish, chicken, and red meat but keep meats like beef to twice a week. Use the remainder to add some color from the good old green like spinach, lettuce, and broccoli and paint it whatever you like with seasonal produce.

Also remember, that fruit is deceptively healthy, so measured quantities must be consumed. Limit yourself to one portion a day. Similarly, think of fruit juices and other sugary drinks as a waste of precious calories. Think of different ways you can consume them instead. Pro-tip, every time you feel like a drink, drink a glass of water instead.

If the process of summer body challenge things gets too dull, spice it up with berries, cucumber, and citrus fruit slices like lemon or orange for a fresh new spin. Also, caffeine is great but try to restrict your amount to two cups of unsweetened and without milk tea or coffee for that slight caffeine kick.

2. The magic of portion control

Once you have an idea of what your diet should consist of, let’s talk about portion control. Instead of having big meals, divide your food, or desired quantities into 5 small meals over the course of the day to feel full. It’s also good to count calories to keep another check on how much you are eating over the course of the day.

3. Sweat it out!

Now that we have food out of the way let’s talk exercise. This too is a healthy balance of strength and cardio to give you that ideal summer body. While people may be tricked into thinking that it is all about the cardio, incorporate weights into your routine for a stronger, more agile body.

Cardio exercises like running, high-intensity interval training, and spin are good for losing the pesky fat. Once you’re on the way to that, it is time to pick up those weights. Make an exercise regimen that has exercises like lunges, squats, and push-ups to help your body gain the strength it needs to keep going.

You will see the difference yourself as you push your way through with the correct diet and exercise. Try not to overwork yourself because while the adrenaline rush can be great, it can also take a serious toll on your body.

4. Fixing the sleep cycle

The next thing you should be mindful of for the summer body challenge is very much a part of your recovery process. Sleep as much as the jokes imply is essential for you to remain healthy and on track of your transformation.

Try getting in at least 7 hours of sleep that helps in muscle recovery. As well as that, it has a lasting impact on your skin which is a bonus that everyone’s dying to get.

Along with sleep, recovery should also be taking necessary breaks in the form of rest days. These are the days when you do not work out and let your body heal for the coming onslaught of exercise.

You can try meditation on these days to help elevate your recovery. This would also keep you focused on the track you are which can often be difficult, particularly if you feel you have hidden a slump.

5. Positivity breeds success

Another thing that you should be focusing on is keeping a positive outlook. This will help you through the mental state that you often feel as you start making these drastic changes compared to the lifestyle you were leading before.

Journaling is an excellent way to track your summer body challenge progress and seeing how far you have come. This is also a unique way to keep small reminders of how you overcame a particular day. Journaling is also a good record-keeping mechanism that helps you understand what combination is the most effective for you.

It is important to know that anything you do should not be for a single season but it should be as a lifestyle change that you are entirely invested in to see lasting change in yourself. This will motivate you to keep moving to a better and improved you.

As the days get hotter, keep hydrated and keep being motivated. The best version of you is out there for you to become it. All it needs is a little resilience and persistence that you know you have given the things you have accomplished

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