Top 6 Reasons Why Relationships Fail And How To Avoid It

Why Relationships Fail And How To Avoid It

Admitting it’s over can be the hardest part of a relationship, but sometimes there is just nothing left to what was once true love. Understanding why relationships fail may not be the most pleasant thing to think about, but by understanding what went wrong, you can change what happens when you finally meet someone new. Here are the 6 top reasons why relationships fail and how you can avoid it.

Reasons for relationships fail and tips to overcome it:

1. Lack of trustWhy Relationships Fail And How To Avoid It

Lack of trust between partners is one of the main reason for relationship fails. Nobody likes to feel like they are untrustworthy, and a partner who is trying to “Catch them” doing something wrong can be a very uncomfortable experience. If your partner is checking through your phone, examining your receipts, and questioning everything you do or say, it can start to feel less like a relationship and more like a prison sentence.

On the other side of the coin, if your partner is giving you a good reason not to trust them, it can make the relationship less secure. You shouldn’t have to feel the need to check up on your partner to make sure they are staying true to the relationship. If you feel the need to watch their every move, something needs to change in the relationship so you can both feel confident again—even if that means moving on.

2. Differing expectationsReasons Why Relationships Fail And How To Avoid It

Expectations are a normal part of any relationship. Some of these expectations are just a normal part of living. In relationships, things are no different. We expect our significant other to respect us, to help support us in our moment of need, and to be faithful in an exclusive relationship.

When these expectations don’t match with the other person’s ideas, it can lead to a big relationship fail. While unfaithfulness is an obvious reason for one partner wanting to leave another, differing expectations doesn’t have to be that obvious. It can be as simple as one person wanting the other to stay at home when the other has ambitious career plans and doesn’t want those kids their partner dreams of.

To avoid this kind of relationship fail, it’s important to make sure that you understand what your partner expects out of a relationship, and also to make sure you are in alignment with those. If you can’t agree to the expectations your partner sets for you, or they can’t agree to yours, the relationship isn’t likely to be successful.

3. Poor communication cause relationships failTop 6 Reasons Why Relationships Fail

We’re all guilty of failing to communicate at one time or another. That morning hello by text is forgotten due to a busy meeting, or our significant other asked a question, and we simply forgot to respond. These are small things that really don’t matter compared to the overall picture if they only happen occasionally. What does matter is when we fail to talk about the things that really matter. This one reason why so many relationships fail over time.

When one person always wants to eat at fancy expensive restaurants, and the other believes in careful control of their finances, going out to eat together can turn into an uncomfortable experience. If one person constantly does something that makes the other feel unwanted or unloved, such as canceling dates or failing to remember important dates, it can also lead to friction.

None of these things can be repaired without discussing it, however, which makes communication critical. If you’re unable to talk about your feelings, and the things that need to be done to improve the relationship, then it will be more prone to failure.

4. Partner anger issuewhy relationships fail nowadays

Anger issues are a big cause of relationship fails. After all, no one wants to be around yelling and screaming person. Even if the anger issues aren’t so bad they involve violence; anger can still cause a relationship to fail. When we’re always angry, we are less likely to communicate, less likely to express affection, and much more likely to take out their anger in petty little ways.

Dealing with anger may require a therapist, a break from the stress of life, or yes to find a partner that doesn’t make us feel so angry. Dealing with anger is one of the trickiest problems in a relationship, and if the problem continues to crop up, needs to be dealt with properly. Seeing a therapist may be embarrassing, but it can help pave the way for a better and stronger relationship.

5. Not putting enough time6 Reasons Why Relationships Fail

Even the busiest people want to find love and have a great relationship with someone special. A good relationship simply can’t be maintained if you never put any time into it. When you are always rushing from work to home, or just want to veg out in front of the TV instead of connecting, it makes it more likely for you and your partner to drift apart.

It’s hard to feel close to a person who is completely absent, especially if that absent is mental. If you want to maintain a good relationship, it is important to make a point of staying in touch and staying connected. This doesn’t mean you have to call someone every 5 minutes or live in each others pockets, but you do need to spend quality time with a person in order to prevent a relationship fail. You started dating for a reason. Remember that!

6. Money issuesCommon Reasons Why Relationships Fail & How to Avoid it

One of the most frequent reasons for a failed relationship is differences in handling money. If one person is constantly asking their significant money to help them out of their financial woes—than spending their entire paycheck on new clothing instead of rent—it can cause a whole host of problems.

Likewise, if someone is constantly questioning their partner’s money choices, it can cause the same problem. No one wants to feel like an over spender because they indulged in a single latte one time, or refused to buy a car second hand. If you and your partner have major differences in how you view finances, it can cause a serious strain on the relationship, and ultimately end in failure.

Relationships require maintenance in order to be successful. Avoid these 6 common relationship pitfalls, and you’ll be well on your way to a happy relationship that only grows stronger over time.

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