15 Best Foods for Naturally Glowing Skin

Best Foods for Naturally Glowing Skin

Have you ever looked at a supermodel on a billboard and wished that you had that kind of a look on your face? What is it that makes them appear so different from us? What is it about their glowing skin? What brings them a glowing face? In this article, we will discover fifteen best foods for naturally glowing skin.

The more famous people keep intense care of their skins, much more than their other organs, because the skin is what appeals, honestly. But what is it that they eat which keeps them so beautiful in spring and fall, in heat and shade? Below is a list of food that brings glow on face and fabulous look on our body skins.

Best Foods for Naturally Glowing Skin:

1. Fish

Of all kinds of meat, fish is best for the human body. Fish intake thrice a week can fix a lot of bodily issues, so much so, that fish can even qualify as a cure to many illnesses. The omega-3s and other nutrients in fish help clarify skin by removing spots and scars, this, in turn, gives the skin a flawless and shiny look.

Oily fish like Salmon, Sardines, and Mackerel contains a high amount of omega-3s. So, consumption of Salmon, Sardines and Mackerel fish can increase face glow naturally.

2. Beetroot

The miraculous beetroot juice is the ultimate beauty formula for increase glow face skin naturally. Take some apples, carrots, and beetroots and take out their juice in a jug, drink this juice daily. It can be a little heavy but it is a great detoxifier. If you drink this juice regularly you will notice a glow and color in your skin within months.

3. Pomegranate

The bride-to-be is the Indian sub-continent frequently drinks pomegranate juice for beauty, before their Big Day! Other than that, pomegranate juice has anti-aging properties too, meaning, it can keep your glow intact forever.

Research has even shown that pomegranate can reduce skin roughness, making it an ideal choice for replacing that morning glass of OJ. Therefore, no more excuses for adding pomegranates in your anti-aging foods list too.

4. Honey

When it comes to making the skin plump and moisturized, dermatologists often talk about honey. Honey has the magical capability to make your skin healthy and give it a soft shine.

The best way to take honey is by spreading it on a slice of bread every day and eating it during breakfast or you can quickly lick one spoonful of honey at any time during the day.

5. Cucumber

Cucumber is known for its high water content; it’s 96% water! Can you imagine the moisture it can give your skin? Cucumbers are simple-looking, green items but they have large quantities of Vitamin C which are known to work wonders on a person’s skin.

The fiber in cucumber is also beneficial for digestion. Proper digestion, coupled with adequate moisture and Vitamins, clears your skin perfectly and gives it a long-lasting shimmer.

6. Oranges

If you are an orange lover then you probably have no skin issues; oranges are like small, round containers of Vitamin C. The said nutrient is like a detergent for the skin, it cleanses your skin and removes the unwanted marks from it giving it the shine that you always dreamt of. If in doubt, try eating an orange daily in its season and compare your skin before and after the season.

7. Mint

A friend of mine had an unmatched freshness and glow on her skin, once I couldn’t stop myself from asking her if she did something extraordinary for her looks… She simply replied that she had this habit of drinking mint-water every day.

The recipe she told was: take some mint leaves, a spoonful of fennel seeds and 4-5 cardamom, put this in two glasses of water and let it boil, strain the mixture (once boiled) and drink the filtrate when cool.

8. Watermelon

From my personal experience, I know that any eatable that is really watery is pretty wonderful for your appearance. Watermelon qualifies as a very juicy fruit (around 92% water) and offers a wide range of skin-nourishing vitamins, so eat lots of watermelons.

9. Almonds

Almonds are good for intelligence, but the unusual thing about them is that they are also good for the skin. Eating almonds routinely can essentially make you a glowing beauty with brains.

10. Pistachio

Speaking generally, nuts have astonishing health-boosting qualities. Pistachio, for instance, regulates the nutrient levels in your body and creates a balance. This is indirect assistance to the healthy look on your skin.

Stating simply, when your insides are working fine and when every nutrient is in the right proportion in your body, your skin wears the medal for it and glows.

11. Apple

Have you ever seen an apple closely? The texture is rosy and it feels like there is a thin layer of shine protecting that rosiness of the fruit. That is exactly what an apple can do to your skin. An apple a day will surely keep the dermatologist away. For the best results, add apple juice to your breakfast and drink it daily for glowing skin.

12. Strawberries

Strawberry is like a Vitamin C-rush in a little pack. As I said earlier, Vitamin C is a skin-issue rectifier, it can remove blemishes and add the necessary blossom to your cheeks. Foods that contains Vitamin C can bring glow on the face skin naturally.

Without Vitamin C your skin is likely to look dehydrated and dull, it may even appear pale and scaly. Strawberries are delicious fruits so it is going to be pretty exciting to add more strawberries in your diet!

13. Mango

Who doesn’t like mangoes? The yellow bliss is not just bliss for the taste buds, it is also a thumbs up for your skin. People who eat more mangoes have clearer skins due to their protein, fiber, and Vitamin C.

Mangoes deep cleanse your skin and regulate cholesterol levels in your body. If you are looking for a natural pore-healer then include mangoes in your diet.

14. Lemon

Cut one slice of lemon and put it in your water bottle. Check your face today in a mirror and preferably take a photograph. Now keep drinking this lemon-water every day. Take a photograph three months later and notice the difference.

Dr. Gary of Goldenberg Dermatology says that taking lemon-water first thing in the morning can induce alkalinity in your system, making it good for the skin. Lemon can also lead to weight loss so thinner individuals must be careful.

15. Water

If you are still wondering what should we eat for glowing skin and hair? Well, sometimes, it is as simple as water. We all drink water but do we drink enough? Drinking the right amount of water can flush out all toxicants and impurities from your system.

Priyanka Chopra, one of the hottest Bollywood (and now Hollywood) actresses is an epitome of flawless skin. But what’s her secret? Lemon and water… She drinks 4 liters of water per day!

It is not just the incorporation of new dietary plans that will give you shine on your skin, but the avoidance of junk food, oily food, smoking, alcoholism and forgoing the over consumption of any one type of nutrient that can save your skin from drastic consequences. Therefore, bid farewell to your ill eating practices and start having the suggested fifteen best foods for naturally glowing skin.

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