12 Home Remedies For Beautiful Skin Naturally

12 Home Remedies For Beautiful Skin Naturally

The secret to healthy skin, does it really have to be that hard? Obviously not! To ease your skincare struggle, this article provides you with some amazing, natural tips for healthy skin to keep your appearance flawless. Here are twelve home remedies to keep in mind in everyday life, for naturally beautiful and healthy skin.

Home Remedies For Beautiful Skin Naturally

1. Gram Flour

Gram flour has extraordinary skin benefits. Take 4 tablespoons of gram flour and mix it with water to make a paste. The paste should not be very thick, otherwise, it will become challenging to apply it smoothly.

When a nice paste has been prepared, apply it evenly on the part of the skin that needs to be treated. Wash the skin after the paste has dried, in 10-15 minutes.

2. Wheat Flour

The wheat flour treatment is similar to gram flour treatment. The same recipe applies to it; mixing the wheat flour and water in the ratio 4 is to 1. Apply it daily on the dull skin area and let it dry. Wash after 10-15 minutes.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is magical when solving skin issues. Occasionally, take an aloe leaf and slice it open. Take its gel and gently massage it on the surface of your skin. Rub for long, again and again on your skin and leave it on.

You can do your work in the meantime it will dry off and is invisible so nobody can know that you have applied something on your face. After some time, let’s say, after an hour, wash it off to render a silky smooth skin.

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4. Lemon

Lemons are high in vitamin C, a natural antioxidant that boosts the immune system as well as our skin glow. Also, lemon is a bleaching agent. You can remove all marks off your skin with the help of lemon or lime. But protect yourself from the sun after treating yourself with lemon.

As lemon is acidic, you may mix it with gram flour or honey to make a face mask. Prepare a mixture and apply it on the face (or elsewhere) for 30 minutes. Wash it off after the prescribed time.

5. Turmeric

Turmeric is a famous home remedy for treating blemishes. It is used with a carrier like milk or gram flour. Mix some milk with turmeric and massage your skin weekly. The cleansing properties of milk and turmeric will give you a beautiful look.

Research has found that turmeric’s promise of slow down aging may come from curcumin (1)

You just need to let it absorb in your skin. You may apply it over and over again, maybe twice or thrice, and let it absorb. Then wash it off.

6. Honey

Honey restores skin moisture and gives it a soft look. It is extremely effective and can even clear your skin if you include it in your diet. It is extremely useful for dry skin treatment. Honey may be rubbed gently to provide dermal care.

Take some honey and massage yourself daily for about half an hour, wash when done with a body wash or mild soap because honey is sticky and does not get removed properly with water.

This anti-aging food (2), not only does taste delicious, but it can also help your skin look better both inside and out.

7. Milk Cream

The cream of milk is a great cleanser, it makes your skin flawless and revitalizes it perfectly due to its nutrients. The cream must be rubbed on the body before taking a bath. Massage yourself continuously in circular motions to get an even tone and dirt removal. You may apply it every time before taking a bath.

8. Rose Water

This is one surprising formula for skin care. My aunt once suggested that I keep some rose water in a spray bottle and spray it on my face for immediate freshness after every few hours; it literally works! You could use the spraying method or could even use a steaming recipe.

Take some water in a pot and boil it, then add some rose water to it and lemon juice for best results. Cover the pot and let the steam accumulate in the pot.

Remove the lid and take the steam. This home remedy for beautiful skin is really effective for the face. When you have taken enough steam, clear your face with a soft towel and then scrub/wash it. This steaming remedy can be done before going to any event.

9. Oil Massage

For dry skin take almond oil and for oily skin type take castor oil. Pick a suitable oil for yourself and massage your body daily with it (according to your skin type). Perform this activity for a period of 30 minutes, you will notice that the oil will absorb in your skin and nourish it.

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10. Brown Sugar Scrub

You can get face and body scrubs pretty easily from a marketplace, but they are not as effective as a homemade scrub as they do not make your skin healthy.

Take an adequate amount of brown sugar in a bowl and add some lemon juice to it. The brown sugar will dissolve in the lemon juice so you have to act fast. Rub your skin in straight and circular patterns to remove any dead skin, wash it off with water when done. Feel an immediate smoothness.

11. Cucumber

Have you ever heard the simile ‘as cool as a cucumber? When you apply cucumber on your face that is the first thing you will feel: coolness. It doesn’t just make your skin beautiful, it also relaxes you.

For using this home remedy for beautiful skin; take a cucumber and peel its cover off. Once peeled, grind the cucumber and take it out in a bowl. Now lie down and start covering your face with the ground cucumber, including your eyes. Relax for half an hour now. When you feel that it has worked its magic on your skin, remove it from your skin.

12. Fuller’s Earth

Fuller’s Earth comes in the form of stones; you need to break off the required amount of Fuller’s Earth and keep it immersed in water for a few hours.

When it has dissolved and softened you can add some rose water to it and then mask your skin with it. Let it dry, it usually dries off in about 30 minutes. Then wash off with water. You can use this remedy every week.

It is important to note that before every therapy you must wash your face with warm water to open the pores and give a finishing wash with cool water to shut the pores so that your treatments can actually display the freshness they were expected to deliver. Pick the most suitable home remedies for beautiful skin naturally and flaunt your perfect skin daily.

Tips on How to Get Beautiful Skin Naturally

A lot of us want the perks that come with having a glowing skin, but getting your perfect look might take a little bit of work. Healthy skin will give you that natural glow but factors such as lack of sleep, harmful sun rays, lack of a balanced diet, stressful lifestyle, and heavy consumption of alcohol can keep your skin looking dull and worn out. So here are a couple of healthy tips to give you that flawless glowing skin.

1. Stay Hydrated

Consistently staying hydrated is number one on this list as a result of its many health benefits for your body as well as your skin. Your body is made up of about 60-70% water which helps to keep your skin healthy and always glowing. Excessive loss of water can lead to drying of the skin and loss of the skin’s natural glow. So, stay hydrated and stay glowing.

2. Eat Lots of Fruits

Fruits are a good source of various vitamins essential for keeping healthy and glowing skin. One of these is vitamin C which helps in brightening dark spots and clarifying pigmentation issues. Vitamin C and B decreases free radicals in the skin and helps to eliminate brown spots and dull, flaky skin, and are readily available in natural fruits. So the next time you decide to eat some fruits, remember you are doing your skin a whole lot of good.

3. Use Sunscreen

Uv rays not only dry out your skin, but it also leaves you feeling dehydrated. The use of sunscreen has been proven as one of the most effective ways of protecting your skin against harmful ultraviolet rays and keeping you looking young and beautiful.

4. Use Moisturizers

Depending on your skin type you can either go for an oil-based hydrator (for dry skin type) or oil-free one (for oily skin type). Either way, a moisturizer is one of the best ways to keep your skin hydrated and keep you glowing all day, every day.

5. Exfoliate

According to dermatologists, skin dullness can occur as a result of the accumulation of dead skin cells. Exfoliating which is the sloughing away of dead skin cells helps to brighten your skin and return your natural glow. There are two ways to exfoliate: These are the physical and chemical exfoliation. Physical exfoliation employs the use of scrubs while chemical exfoliation makes use of skin cell melting substances like glycolic or lactic acid.

6. Clean Make-up Brushes

Studies have shown that about 70% of women never wash their make-up brushes or sponges even though they collect dust and act as a site for the accumulation of bacteria which can cause acne and breakout. In trying to get glowing skin, adopting practices that expose your skin to as little dust and bacteria as possible is encouraged. So ensure you wash your brushes and sponges regularly to keep your skin healthy.

7. Have a Regular Sleeping Pattern

Yes, we all know how sleeping regularly affects not only our skin but also our overall health. Your irregular sleep pattern might be what is stopping you from that beautiful, glowing skin that you desire. So make it a conscious habit to get adequate sleep and your skin will thank you for it.

If you follow all of the above tips, it is guaranteed to improve the quality of your skin and bring you closer to beautiful and glowing skin.

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