8 Cheap Summer Holiday Activity Ideas For Parents

Cheap Summer Holiday Activity Ideas For Parents

Summer is here, and the eternal question burns in every parent’s mind: What do we do with these kids all summer long holiday? How to find a cheap summer holiday activity ideas? Sure, there’s the lake, the shore or running through a sprinkler. But what else can keep the kids entertained in summer?

We have gathered eight cheaps but entertaining summer holiday activity ideas for parents or for your family. Read on:

1. Farm or ranch days8 Cheap Summer Holiday Activity Ideas For Parents

For a fun day trip or a holiday getaway, nothing beats a genuine, working farm or ranch. And this is a great idea but a cheap summer holiday activity for Parents.

Generally, farm and ranch visits are inexpensive, and your children can do fun things such as pick vegetables or fruit, milk a cow, ride a horse and breathe in the pure, fresh country air.

Lots of these farms also feature historical houses and landmarks. Quite a few farms and ranches offer extended stays so your family can enjoy the beauty and wonder of farm life for several days.

Check into a working ranch vacation, and your family may even be able to help on a cattle roundup. This is a cheap and unique way to spend a holiday with your kids.

2. CampingCheap Summer Holiday Activity Ideas For Parents

Camping is a great cheap summer holiday activity for any parents. Take your kids on a fun holiday of camping. Camping is inexpensive, and a great way to have a cheap home base while exploring surrounding areas or beaches. Gone are the days when camping meant roughing it on the hard ground while your tent blew into next week.

Instead, campgrounds feature showers, pools, arcades, and even snack shacks. Some give even more comfort by offering cabins for rent, or places to plug an RV and enjoy all the comforts of home.

Many are pet-friendly, so you can save the money of boarding Fido while you are gone. Most tourist hotspots, beaches, lakes and theme parks offer campgrounds very close by. Read 10 types of children’s behavior parents should worry.

3. Rent an RVCheap Summer Holiday Ideas For Parents

Probably this the best cheap summer holiday idea for parents. You can rent an RV for a week at a fraction of hotel costs and take the family cross country.

At night, plenty of areas have places to plug in the RVs, or you can rent a spot at a campground. The great thing about renting an RV is that your vacation can be as spontaneous and carefree as you’d like.

The ability to pack food and cook on the road saves a small fortune in having to eat at restaurants, and most RV parks are dog-friendly, saving money onboarding costs.

4. Cruise with your familyCheap Summer Holiday Ideas For Family

While this seems out of place in a list of cheap summer holiday activity ideas for parents, it is really more affordable than you would think. The price of the ticket includes food and activities, and cruises can be themed for whatever your children are into at the time, such as Nickelodeon or Disney cruises.

Additionally, the ports of call are, and excursions are generally affordable. When considering a cruise, think of all the different places you can visit and fun things you can do in one week at sea, compared to one week on the road.

The price of hotel stays, gasoline, and food can easily add up to more than the cost of a cruise ticket for your family, especially if you go off-season.

5. Lakefront holidayFamily holiday on lake

A stay at a lakefront cabin can be a relaxing way to reconnect as a family. Most of the cottages or lake houses have all the amenities of home and are affordable. Bringing your own meals to cook means even less money spent, and staying in one spot means less gasoline fill-ups to keep your budget under control.

For an extra fun twist, get a house big enough to share with your friends or family. Lakefront vacations offer swimming, hiking, canoeing, bicycling, and more. Many of these rental communities provide snack shacks, arcades and pools as well.

6. Beach vacation away from the bustleHoliday ideas for family on beach

If you still looking for a cheap summer holiday idea then beach vacation might be a good plan. The key to making the tried and true beach vacation affordable is to keep as far away from the main area of the town as you can.

Additionally, more you go far from the city, more you have the opportunity to discover some unique beaches. The hotels will be cheaper the farther from the boardwalk that you stay.

You can also consider a hotel or motel a few streets in from the beach itself; it may be a bit more of a hassle getting the family to the beach, but it saves money. Even the most inexpensive hotel or motel will still have a pool and other amenities.

To save even more money, rent a condo where you can cook your meals and save a ton of money on going out to eat. Consider a room refrigerator and included breakfast as must-haves. Nearly any beach town will have shuttles if you want to head downtown; these are affordable, and one price will usually cover the entire day’s rides.

7. Waterpark adventureFamily Holiday in a waterpark

Indoor waterparks are popping up all over now, and each has a hotel attached to it or hotels within a mile. The money-saving option comes from staying somewhere that gives you a package deal on admission to the park.

These can be more relaxing for parents than you realize, as many of them offer poolside cocktails. There are lifeguards on duty, so safety is always first at the waterparks.

You can stay a day or a week; kids will never tire or grow bored in these large water parks. Many are nearby other tourist attractions as well, so you can take a day off from the water park and go exploring. Read 10 toddler discipline tactics that work.

8. Theme parksFun Summer Ideas for Kids and Parents

Much like indoor waterparks, most theme parks have hotels attached to them or very near them. These hotels will offer package deals that include admission to the parks when you book the room. Usually, these hotels have shuttles directly to the parks so you can leave your car safely parked at the hotel.

Consider a park-like Busch Gardens in Williamsburg that is surrounded by other things to see and do as well. When you are purchasing tickets for the theme park, consider spending a little extra on meal tickets; the money spent upfront will save you a small fortune throughout the day.

The best way to enjoy a vacation is to find areas that offer many different things close together, and picking an inexpensive hotel or campground that is central to everything.

There are many more cheaps but entertaining summer holiday activity ideas for parents as well; you are only limited by your own imagination this summer.

Additionally, if you want to strengthen marriage after kids, then don’t wait anymore. Just choose any of our summer holiday ideas and go for a vacation with your kids and spouse. Activities always help us to rebound relationship.

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