Best Dash Cam Recommendations For Every Car Owner

best dash cam for car

It’s always a good idea to install a dash cam in your car – you never know when you’ll need footage from your windshield. This list of best dash cam recommendations provided by MegaDrivingSchool. If you don’t know who is MegaDrivingSchool then check our beloved MegaDrivingSchool on YouTube and Facebook – maybe, once you have a dashcam, you will be able to submit your own exciting content to them?

Reasons For a Dash Cam

If you do not yet have the best dash cam installed into your car, we have a list of reasons why you should order one today.

  • If you get involved in any car accidents, the dash cam recording can help during possible heated disputes.
  • It will make dealing with your insurance company to a smooth process and will expedite the claim.
  • Did you know that it might help you to avoid fraud? Have you seen videos of pedestrians jumping out in front of the vehicle? Without video footage, it would be hard to prove that it was not a driver’s fault as a pedestrian would be almost always seen right in the road accidents.
  • It can be a learning tool. Especially, if you a starting driver, it might be really beneficial to review your driving and rethink where you or other drivers around you could have been better while on the road.
  • It can be fun! Your dash cam will be with you when you go on trips and explore new places – the footage can make a great memory of the holiday scenery which we don’t have time to fully appreciate while driving.
  • It can help your car stay in the place where you left it – thieves are least interested in cars that have cameras installed with motion detectors.

Best Dash Cam Recommendations

Are you convinced? MegaDrivingSchool made a list of various best dash cams that will suit all needs and budgets too. Let’s start from our best value dash cams: we chose some great options which will bring you good quality for a good price.

Best Value Dash CamBest Value Dash Cam

Most of us forget that accidents can happen from both sides of the car, not only from the front! Dual cams promise you a full view of any incidents which may occur on the road:

Best Value Dual Dash Cam

Best Budget Dash CamBest Budget Dash Cam

Not having a dash camera at all and finally getting one is already a big step. We chose some good options for you who cannot afford a fancy dash cam at the moment, but still understand its necessity:

As said before, you might plan to only take place in the front view accidents, but… well, that is not how it works on the road. Go for a budget Dual cam if you do not have a lot of cash to spare at the moment, but still want to have a view from both the front and rear end of your vehicle!

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Budget Dual Dash Cam

If you are in a mood to invest a little more in your equipment, take a look at these dual dash cams:

Best Night Vision Dash CamsBest Night Vision Dash Cams

Best Taxi/Uber Dash Cam

Being a Taxi or Uber driver and spending all those hours on the road? You know yourself that you have a higher risk to get involved in all the nasty road accidents. These are the dash cams that Taxi and Uber drivers swear by:

MicroSD Cards for Dash Cam

High endurance cards are mandatory, 64 GB, or more recommended.

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