11 Useful Smartphone Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

Useful Smartphone Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

People spend years of using their smartphones and they still do not know how much more satisfaction and performance they have missed on. To enlighten you and your peers, I have shortlisted some of the most amazing yet useful smartphone hacks to make your life easier than before.

Useful Smartphone Hacks to Make Your Life Easier:

1. Paint The Phone Cover

The phone cover can be changed routinely, however, that is an added cost that we do not want. Instead, we could do something creative and less (or zero) costly. For example, we could paint the existing cover.

For this purpose, a plain phone cover is ideal. Take out your removable nail polishes and paint the rear of the cover so that it can be seen and admired by observers. You can paint abstract designs on the cover, like a night sky, spiral design, peacock feathers, and more.

More interestingly, you can paint the base with one color nail paint and paint a color-changing nail color above it to give a chameleon aspect to your cover.

2. Create a Phone Stand

For creating a stand for your cell phone, you will need a packet of popsicle sticks, glue gun, and a wood cutting equipment. With an inch tape, measure the length and breadth of your phone.

For example, the landscape length of my phone is 6 inches and the breadth is 3 inches. If I have to make a stand for my phone then I will need to take the stand at least 6 inches long and 3 inches wide to support the phone properly. Stick 9-10 sticks side by side and make base 1. Repeat the process and prepare base 2 with 5-6 sticks.

Now mark the midpoint of base 1 and make your phone stand landscape over it (along the length of the base). Now take base 2 and stick it behind your phone horizontally, so that it matches the landscape length and height of the phone. Now take two sticks and put the phone perpendicular to the stick and in the middle of the stick.

With the cutter, cut the stick by the exact width of the phone from both sides to get straight edges (as the edges of popsicle sticks are round originally). Now put your phone against base 2 and stick the cut sticks on the front side of the phone, but only at each end. This step is to hold the mobile in place at a 90-degree angle.

Now take one stick and glue it over the sticks holding the phone in place to shut the ceiling. You can slide the phone inside and out from the sides. Your phone holder/stand is ready. Make bases similar to base 1 (as many as needed) and stick them under base 1 to give your stand some height.

3. Make a Hologram

Take a hard plastic sheet or plexiglass and cut it into 4 equal square pieces with a power saw. Now stack each square sheet over another. Measuring properly, softly draw a medium-sized isosceles trapezoid and cut the shape with the saw. By doing so, you obtain 4 trapezoids as you had stacked the four square sheets on top of another.

Now with the help of transparent tape, bind the four cut-outs to make a pyramid-like structure. Now invert the pyramid and keep it on your phone, play a video and watch the hologram form amidst the inverted pyramid.

4. Make a Lamp

This one is a super easy but super-useful phone hack. Often we have a power cut and our houses fall in deep darkness which is haunting. The fastest method of creating a lamp in such darkness is by using a water bottle and your phone torchlight.

Go to your mobile torchlight settings and switch it on. Now invert the cell phone and place it in the middle of a table. Put a light water bottle over its flashlight. You have a lamp with an illuminated room now.

5. Photograph with Earphones

Capturing a good selfie is tough. The hands are often seen extending from the phone and it kind of spoils an image. Had the picture been taken without any extension of the hands, wouldn’t that be very cool?

I can share some useful hack to get over this issue. You can place your phone near support, like a wall or something, and plugin its earphones. Now using a button on the earphone volume control, you can click pictures without having to extend your hands and looking awkward.

6. Photograph Dimmer

Do you know that a pantyhose fabric can be used to make your photographs very attractive? No. Not by wearing it, but by screening the lens with the fabric. You can take a thin strip of brown or fawn pantyhose material and wrap it around your phone, covering the lens only once.

Now click pictures and compare them with previous ones, your new pictures are softer and dimmer than before and look so unique!

7. Phone Inside Glass Becomes a Speaker

We often feel that we need really high alarm volume to wake up in the morning otherwise there is a high chance of missing work/school. In this case, first of all, set your alarm and increase the phone’s volume to its maximum, then you can take an empty glass (in which you drink water) and put your mobile in the glass.

The setting will act as a speaker, amplifying any sound that comes from within. Thereby, when your alarm rings, it will ring at double its volume, waking up even the dead ones from their graves.

8. Put a Watch Strap Behind Cover

It is difficult to hold the phone as the screens are large these days and the fingers get tired so instead of gripping the phone you may hang it on your fingers, to make it more user-friendly. For this trick, take out an old watch and remove the dial from the straps.

Now with the help of the hook given, tie the straps together and apply super glue at each end of the strap and stick it vertically on the top and bottom of the phone cover.

Let it dry. Once it has dried, you can insert your fingers inside the strap and watch videos and use social media on your phone for a long time.

9. Spiral The Charging Cable

The charging cable is too long and it bothers us. To make it short, you can wrap it over a pencil (in a spiral manner) and with the aid of a blow dryer, blow some heat onto the wire for about a minute.

This will make the wire stay in its spiral shape, you will notice that once you remove the pencil from its center by pulling the pencil out from the bottom of the spiral. The wire becomes short, now you can easily plug it to your computer and charge your phone or transfer items to and from the device.

10. Screen Cleaner and Towel

The greasy screen of our phones needs to be cleaned often but alas we do not give them a regular cleansing. That is because the task is pretty annoying and rubbing the screen clear takes forever. But I can tell you a very simple method of cleaning your mobile screen.

Take some rubbing alcohol and put it in a small spray bottle. Put the bottle over an old towel which is no more in use and draw the shape of the bottle’s bottom on the towel, by using a black marker.

Now cut the shape and stick it at the bottom of the spray bottle so that the mopping side of the towel is facing down. Spray some rubbing alcohol on your phone’s screen and wipe it off with the towel piece stuck at the bottle’s base. Wow, the screen looks flawless in less than a minute!

11. Magnify Like a Projector

Surprisingly enough, you can also use your cell phone to watch movies as in a cinema. The steps are easy. Take a cardboard box and keep it on a table. On the side facing you, place the magnifying glass towards the bottom (against the box) and mark its size with a ball pen.

Now cut a hole of that size where you have marked, and by applying glue around the magnifying glass, fix it inside the hole. Now open the cardboard box from the top and insert your phone inside it. To hold the phone at a certain place, stick it there with tape.

Keep the box in front of a plain white wall; the magnifying glass side of the box facing the wall. Turn the lights off of that room and play a video on your phone. This is probably the coolest thing to do. You have a cinema at home!

These tricks may seem a little too heavy to perform but believe me, they are extremely simple, all you have to do is get the material and process right. The end result will be so astonishing that you may want to jump in excitement. Make your life fun-filled and easy by using the tricks mentioned and let the public’s jaws drop in awe.

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