6 Creepiest and Scariest Places in the World

Most haunted places in the world

There are a lot of beautiful places on this planet, most natural some manmade. But there are also a few places you would only ever imagine in your nightmares or see on the big screen. If you are searching for the scariest places as well as creepiest abandoned places in the world, well then you have come to the right place. Here’s a list of some of the oddest and scariest places in the world that would make your skin crawl and make you scared beyond your wildest dreams. Read on!

List of Creepiest and Scariest Places

1. ChernobylCreepiest and Scariest Places in the World

This wasteland is one of the scariest and creepiest abandoned places in the world. Chernobyl not only has been reported to be the most haunted place in the world, but it is also one of the only places on earth that could kill you just by being there.

This abandoned amusement park situated in the empty town of Pripyat, Ukraine has been evacuated for a perfect reason. This place is not only spooky and haunted but hazardous. The entire city was evacuated following a nuclear explosion, a disaster killing hundreds of people.

Long after the accident at the power plant, tourists come to see the radioactive remains of the dust-covered city – though they had to be protected with full-body suits and not get too close for too long or the radiation could kill them. With others reporting sightings of other-worldly beings such as ghosts and spirits, this certainly is one oddest and scariest place on earth.

2. The Mexican Island of Dolls – La Isla del last MunecasMost haunted places in the world

A lot of people have a collection, some collect stamps or old playing cards – well Don Julian Santana for reasons unknown to many decided to dedicate his life to fill a Mexican Island with thousands of Dolls. He spent around 50 years on the island-building, painting and living with his many dolls.

This scariest place looks very disturbing with dolls hanging from a dead tree and doll limbs scattered covered in blood. The island also features a ritual sacrifice each night with the burning of a doll. Most believe it’s creator to be insane and disturbed – though he claims he has dedicated his life to the memory of a little girl who had earlier drowned in the canals on the island.

He believes he has created a world for the drowned girl to enjoy and a place to spend her afterlife – it’s certainly a scariest and creepiest place to be stranded on. Already scared?

3. Korean Gonjiam Psychiatric HospitalScariest Places in the World

This freaky hospital is South Korea’s most famously haunted places in the world, many believe ghosts from the Korean Wars remain and others believe the ghostly figures are that of the previous patients of the crazy ward.

Local legend states that all of the hospital insane patients mysteriously started to die simultaneously around the same time, forcing the closure and total abandonment of the hospital. Now the empty building is left exactly how it was deserted years before – leaving behind the contaminated and disease-ridden equipment and remains.

Some visit here on ghost walks or for scientific research – it was even used in a horror film! Whether it was a deadly bacterial disaster or something paranormal that cause the death of hundreds of patients – this is the scariest and creepiest place in the world.

4. The Catacombs of Capuchin in ItalyCreepiest and Scariest Places in the World

Of all burial locations from graveyards to churchyards, the catacombs are sure the scariest place in the world. The 16th-century invention of the catacombs was designed to show off the dead person in full glory.

The bodies were not covered, buried, or hidden – instead, they were chained to walls by the neck, arms, torso, and legs so you could be seen standing dressed in all of your best clothes for long after you die. The underground maze of the dead contains approximately 8,000 mummified bodies divided into separate corridors for different religions, classes, sexes as even a corridor exclusive for virgins.

With the amount of hanging dead in the catacombs, you must wear full bodily protection before entering as the place is filled with diseases – which the Italians of the past did not know. This grotesque freaky corpse-filled dungeon is the freakiest of them all and one of the most haunted places in the world.

5. Snake Island BrazilCreepiest abandoned places in the world

The most common fear of all is that of snakes. Around 90 miles away from the coast of Sao Paolo, Brazil lies not only the scariest and creepiest place in the world – but possibly the most dangerous. The snake-filled island has millions of Golden Lancehead Vipers free-roaming the island – that’s 5 snakes per square meter.

Originally scientists believed snakes were taken to the island by man, and unable to escape have bred to these insane sizes. Though we now know this island was once connected to the mainland around 10,000 years ago – until sea levels rose to create a river then island of the snakes home.

As the population of snakes in this scary place is so high, they may have quickly made every other living land species on the island extinct. To eat, the snakes would climb the treetops and poison passing birds.

6. The Mines of Parisscariest places on earth list

These very freaky almost infinities tunnels that run below the dark street of Paris are the scariest places in the entire world according to some. The locals believe that various undead creatures such as ghosts, spirits, and ancient cults.

The dark cold tunnels beneath the city were built initially to dig out a multitude of minerals from the sediment below – before water levels rose to submerge parts of the tunnels making them dangerous and unstable. Now, for your own safety, to be caught wandering around will end up with you in prison as it is illegal also includes penalties and fines.

At least 600 kilometers of the tunnels have been already explored by scientists and cave explorers – they have since found hundreds of skeletons proving people had died down there and also some mysterious freaky ancient painting that is still currently unexplained.

As we walk the tunnels of the dead and roam the island of snakes – from the dangerous streets of Chernobyl to the haunted Catacombs filled with ghostly freaks. Would you dare to spend a night alone in any one of scariest places?

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