17 Cute Baby Animals That Can Melt Anyone’s Heart

17 Cute Baby Animals That Can Melt Anyone’s Heart

You may think social media has rendered you immune to the power of cute baby animals, but you’d be wrong. These babies are as cute as they come, and just seeing their adorable faces will make you say, “Aww!”

If you don’t believe us, here are seventeen cute baby animals that can melt anyone’s heart, and you aren’t an exception. Sorry.

1. Cute ChicksCute baby animals

Tiny, fluffy little puffballs, there isn’t much cuter than a day old chick. Baby chickens have down instead of feathers, so they always look like they are running around in super soft, plush pajamas. Combined with their habit of falling face first into a nap whenever it occurs to them, these adorable clowns are doing something cute 24/7.

2. Cute PuppiesCute dog puppies

Puppies come second in our most cute baby animals list. Before they grow up to be man’s best friend, dogs are some of the cutest babies on Earth. With legs too short for them, sometimes tripping over their own ears, and a face that could melt the blackest of hearts, it’s no wonder dogs are our most popular pets.

3. Cute Baby Goats17 Cute Baby Animals That Can Melt Anyone’s Heart

Baby goats are tiny, boisterous versions of their adult selves. No matter what they happen to be doing, their bouncy movements and dramatic leaps make them twice as adorable. Even taking baths, these little guys are cute, if a little loud about it. Add pajamas for a heart-melting sight no human could ever resist.

4. Adorable Polar Bear CubPolar Bear Cub

Farm animals aren’t the only baby beasts to have won our hearts. Baby polar bears are some of the cutest carnivores to grace our world. This baby animal fluffy white coats and tumbling playfulness can yield hours of entertainment watching them, but even a quick photo is sure to be a keeper.

5. Charming FawnCute Fawn picture

Since Disney first let Bambi trot into our lives, most of us are aware of just how heartwarming seeing a baby deer can be. Their beautiful colors with their white spots and awkward shape with those too long legs make them postcard perfect already. Add into it the shyness that makes it just a little uncommon to sneak a look at one of these babies, and getting a look at one becomes all that much more special.

6. Koala babyKoala baby

Adult koalas are cute all by themselves, but when you see a mini-me attached to their backs, the picture just gets cuter. Koala babies, called joeys just like the kangaroo, are among the most adorable baby animal out there. Their huge noses and fluffy white ruff just beg to be snuggled.

7. Sloth babySloth baby

Hanging high in the branches, sloths only come down to Earth to use the bathroom. Slow moving and peaceful, sloths are among nature’s kinder animals. Their babies aren’t just kind. However, they are adorable! With huge eyes and a perpetual smile on their face, they always look ready for a game of hiding and seek. Just count this baby animal really slow.

8. Cute Penguin ChickPenguin Chick

You probably don’t need me to tell you that a baby penguin is super cute. Before they shed their down and adopt the sleek black and white coats of adulthood, chicks are just plain fuzzy. Their round faces and waddly walk are adorable whether they are at play, or snuggled up with mom for protecting from the icy winter. One thing is for certain, and everyone could use a cute Penguin picture in their life.

9. Cute Chipmunk babyChipmunk Kit

Chipmunks are busy little forest animals that live in burrows. With their round cheeks and high energy, watching baby chipmunks at play can be a very satisfying experience. Who does not love this baby animal?

10. Fox KitCute babe animal list

Foxes themselves are quite beautiful, but their kits are just plain cute. Curled up into a super tight ball with their ridiculously poofy tails flopped over their noses, or bouncing wildly about in a moment of play, watching a baby fox is sure to melt your heart.

11. Leopard Cubcute animals pictures

Before they turn into sleek and deadly predators, leopards are adorable, spotted little blobs. With their bright blue eyes and cute tiny meows, far from their future fears growls, leopard cubs are just plain cute. Leopard cub comes eleventh in our most cute baby animals list.

12. Micro Pigletpictures of cute baby animals

Baby pigs are already pretty cute, but when they come from one of the tinier varieties, they get even cuter. Piglets are very smart and can recognize their name as early as two weeks of age. With their tiny split hooves, soft pink noses, and floppy ears, piglets are some of the most adorable babies on Earth.

13. Beautiful baby bunnyCute baby bunny

No matter what the breed, baby bunnies are darling. Their long ears, hopping gait, and super soft coat make them camera ready every minute of the day. Add on how cute they are when they are capering about with explosive jumps and little flashes of their fluffy white tails, and you just have a recipe for, “Aww!” for this baby animal.

14. Beautiful Otter PupsOtter Pups

Otters are already cute animals, with their gregarious personalities and love for fun. When they’re still all fuzzy and small though, it ratchets the cute factor all the way up to the top. Otter pups spend a lot of time sleeping, playing, perfecting their swimming skills, and just plain being cute. If you spend a day watching them at the zoo, it definitely wasn’t a wasted day.

15. Tiger CubsTiger Cubs

One of the most powerful predators on the planet, it’s hard to imagine these soft and cute little babies will one day be a lord of the forest. Tiger cubs are cute, stumble, and far removed from that future when they are just babies. Take one look into those bleary eyes, and you’ll find your heart getting all warm and soft.

16. KittensKittens

While a cat no doubt thinks it’s a top predator, most of us know better. We also know that if there is anything that can turn a bad day around, it’s snuggling a cute little kitten. Kittens are some of the cutest baby animals around, with their endless curiosity and not quite perfected stealth.

17. Sugar GliderCute Baby Animals That Can Melt Anyone’s Heart

If you haven’t heard of a sugar glider before, seeing their babies will make you want to look them up quick. Baby sugar gliders are almost comically cute, with their huge eyes and small size.

Baby animals are for the most part universally cute, but these seventeen animals are definitely the top of the class when it comes to being adorable.

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