10 Exercises for Joints Pain Relief

10 Exercises for Joints Pain Relief

As you grow older, your body won’t be as active as it was during your younger years. But if you take good care of yourself through proper dieting, good sleep, and enough exercise, your active and young body will last for a very long time before you start experiencing any kind of body joints pain such as the knee, foot, hip or back pain. In this article, we will discuss what causes pain in joints and ten exercises for joints pain relief.

What Causes Pain in Joints?

Apart from aging, other factors can cause joint pains. There are several reasons which might cause you knee, foot, and hip pain even you are a young and healthy person. Below, we have listed six common joint pain causes:

  • Injuries

This could happen to anyone at any age. Even after the injury is treated, there could still be pains on that body part, and sometimes, if they are not properly handled they can last longer and even change the way a person walks.

  • Being overweight

A study found a relationship between pain and food intake among overweight and obese Osteoarthritis (OA) patients. Apart from looking big and having to force yourself into new clothes.

Being overweight can also cause knee joint pains at any age. The knee joint is one of the major ones that help your body to bear weight. So when you’re overweight, the knee joint is strained. Millions of people suffering from joints pain because of overweight.

  • Improper footwear

This is a general cause of foot joint pain. You may love a particular set of shoes but if they’re not your size you might want to leave them alone, since forcing your feet into smaller shoes and having to wear them all day can negatively affect your feet. High heels and other footwear that cause discomfort are also contributors to foot pains in younger people.

  • Diseases

Anyone can fall sick, some just have knee, foot or hip pain after the illness has been treated. Cases of Athlete’s foot, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and other related issues can cause these pains. Deformities are not left out, cases of ingrown toenails can be very painful to a person of any age.

  • Posture

The way you stand and sit during work or any other activity can be the reason why you’re feeling pains all over your body.

Exercises for Joints Pain Relief:

Now that you know why you could be having joints pains even if you’re young, it is important for you to adjust your lifestyle to prevent them from getting worse. Also, you need to add some superfoods in your diet plan for improving joints and ligament health. As far as remedies go, these exercises I am going to list below will reduce and eventually eliminate the pains you feel on your knee, foot or hip, no matter your age.

1. Ankle Circles Exercise

This is a very effective exercise to kill any pain you feel on your feet. What I love about it is that you do it anywhere, even at the office while sitting in your cubicle.

While sitting, just raise one leg higher than the other, then start rotating the ankle in a circular form. Do these ten times in a clockwise direction and another ten times in an anticlockwise direction. You can also do it while you stand, the procedure is the same.

2. Hip Bridges Exercise 10 Exercise That Can Relieve Body Joints Pain

As the name implies, this exercise for eliminating hip pain. You’re going to lie down for this one, so you can’t really do it outdoor. Get a comfortable mat and lie down, then raise your knees as you place your feet flat on the floor — waist to feet should give a triangular shape when someone looks at you from the side. Now, lift your hips upwards and count to ten, then rest and repeat a few times.

3. Pushing the Wall ExercisePushing the wall exercise

Many health experts, including the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, has recommended this exercise for curing foot pain. Find any wall and place your hands on it, make sure your hands are on the same level as your shoulders and let your back be straight.

Then place one foot, 30cm away from the wall as you bend it towards the wall. Count to ten and repeat for the other foot. Do this ten times and push the wall well.

4. Ball Massage Exercise Ball massage exercise

You’re going to enjoy this exercise to relieve foot pain. Sit on a chair and place a small ball under one foot, a tennis ball would do just fine. Then use your foot to slowly roll the ball from your heel to your toes. Repeat it on the other foot; you should feel good after that.

5. Raise Heels Exercise Raise Heels Exercise

This exercise for knee pain and it’s really easy to do. Just stand behind a sturdy chair and place both hands firmly on it. Then raise your legs backward to knee level, one after the other. Easy, but effective. Do it 15 times on each leg.

6. Down Dog Yoga Pose Exercise Down Dog Yoga Pose Exercise

This yoga pose is very good for any kind of body joints pain, especially for the hips, feet, and knee. It’s a three-in-one solution. Just get a mat and place your hands and toes wide apart on the floor with your hips high up — stretch yourself. Count to 20, then bring your knees down towards and count another 20. Repeat ten times.

7. Toe Walks Exercise

Toe walks Exercise

Just as the name implies, it involves walking on your toes. Just stand on your toes and walk for about 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds. Repeat the procedure six times and do this morning and night.

8. Cow-face legs Exercise Cow-face legs Exercise

This exercise for hip pain relief. Sit down on the floor, rest in such a way that your right leg forms a V with the foot towards your left hip. Then place your other foot over it, so your left foot gets to your right hip. Take deep breaths and hold on for 30 seconds.

9. Ball marching Exercise Ball marching Exercise

Get a big exercise ball and sit upright on it. Then lift one heel slowly and stay that way for 10 seconds. Do this on the other knee and repeat the switching for 15 minutes.

10. March on Back Exercise March on back exercise

This lower back exercises for immediate pain relief. Lie down flat on your back with your hands straight on the floor. Then bend your knees to form a triangle when someone is looking from the side. Raise one foot about 4 inches high and leave it there for 10 seconds, after which you let it rest on the floor slowly.

Do this for the other foot. Repeat the procedure three times while alternating both feet.

It is always wise to talk with a doctor before doing any kind of exercise. So, we advise you too for speaking with a physician before doing those listed excise for any kind of joint pains.

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