15 Weight Gaining Food Lists For Mother and Babies

15 Weight Gaining Food Lists For Mother and Babies

There are several reasons why a woman struggles to gain weight after the pregnancy and later in life which eventually affects the baby’s health. This article includes a list of foods that are rich in nutrients, healthy fats, and carbs which will help both mothers and babies to gain weight healthily.

Weight Gaining Food Lists for Mother and Babies:

1. Fruits

Fruits like mango, banana, coconut, are high on carbs and calories along with various micronutrients. It is the most sustainable way to gain healthy weight for both the mother and the baby. Similarly, fruit like avocado is loaded with healthy fats. Like any other fruit, it is calorie-dense, provides vitamins, minerals, and beneficial plant compounds.

2. Dried fruits

Dried fruits are high-calorie snacks that contain antioxidants and micronutrients. There is a myth that the dried fruits do not contain any minerals and vitamins which is not true.

The minerals and fiber remain intact even when dried. It is high in natural sugar, tasty and convenient with the goodness of nature which known for maintaining weight after birth. It also helps the mother and babies to recover quickly from childbirth and keeps the supply of minerals adequate.

3. Vegetables

People in general, do not like eating vegetables. When it comes to babies, it’s very hard to convince them to eat greens. However, vegetables are important to gain weight healthily.

Three servings of green and yellow vegetables per day recommended for women. It is especially compatible with breastfeeding females. It contains a rich percentage of fiber and Vitamin A.

Vitamin B-6, C, D, magnesium, iron, carbohydrate, etc. are other components contained in vegetables which may prove beneficial for mother’s and child’s health.

4. Red meats

Red meats are one of the best muscle-building foods. It is a natural source of dietary essentials. Although doctors advice to limit the intake, leaner cuts of the red meat are healthier than fatter cuts.

It is helpful for nursing moms to help boost milk production. One should aim to eat fatter cuts to gain weight. However, if you avoid animal products, you may have to take B12 supplements.

5. Fish and Salmon

During and after pregnancy, new moms and babies are weak and have a low immune system. Oily fishes and salmons have numerous health benefits which not only help in muscle building after pregnancy, also help in fighting diseases.

In the fish category, salmon probably is the best choice. It is incredibly tasty and well known for protein, healthy fats, and omega 3 fatty acids. Fishes and salmons should be included in a regular diet, however not more than two servings in a day during pregnancy. Fishes and salmon help to keep you and your baby’s heart-healthy.

6. Starch

Starch sources such as potato, sweet potato, buckwheat, corn, oats, beans, and legumes add carbs and calories to your food intake which increases muscles and glycogen stores.

Starchy foods like potatoes, oats are very good for babies as they are easy to eat for them and are nutritious too. Foods like corn increase sugar level resulting in the drop of glucose level only after a few hours of eating leaving you feeling hungry quicker which eventually helps you gain weight bit by bit.

7. Milk

The protein content in milk makes it a good choice for building muscles and gaining weight. Nursing moms should drink one to two glasses of milk daily, if not lactose intolerant.

Healthy breastfeeding takes place only when mothers intake an adequate amount of milk. Babies must be breastfed for 2-3 years old for proper physical and mental growth.

Milk contains high calcium value due to which should be included in the everyday diet of new moms and babies. It contains vitamin D which helps to build stronger bones earlier in babies and mothers as well.

8. Eggs

Eggs are also one of the muscle-building foods that are quite well-known for high-quality proteins and healthy fats. It is a rich source of selenium, different vitamins including B6, B12 and D, and minerals such as iron, copper, and zinc.

The yolk part of the egg contains more calories and fat than the egg whites. In normal conditions, eggs are a great source of gaining healthy weight, if consumed with some form of exercise. It is not only the source for weight gain, but it also gives the energy required throughout the day for new moms when they are low on energy.

9. Rice

Rice is a convenient and low-cost carb source of food. It gives a high amount of calories and carbs in single eating. A cup of rice contains 200 calories and a rich amount of carbohydrates, both of which are important for gaining weight. It does not take a long time to prepare it and is easy to eat for babies also. It is most convenient with meat and other protein-based vegetables.

Weight Gaining Food Lists For Mother and Babies

10. Cereals

Different types of cereals and cereal bars like oats, whole grain, granola, etc. are available in the market. However, most healthy ones are those that are not processed and high sugars not added.

One should look for cereals and cereal bars that contain whole grains, nuts, and fruits. It contains fiber, antioxidants, carbs, nutrients, and calories that help increase weight among babies of 2-4 years. Furthermore, a healthy breakfast is important for new moms to stay energetic throughout the day.

11. Butters & nut butter

Alike all dairy products, butter is also very good for weight gain as it is rich in calories. Although it helps you gain weight, it is not the best choice for building muscles. Nonetheless, it is one of the well-known eateries for gaining weight.

Nut butter like peanut butter is a perfect choice to gain weight. It is delicious and even babies prefer to eat, as no cooking is required and is easy eating. It contains healthy fats and proteins, calorie-dense.

However, make sure no preservatives and artificial sugar added when purchasing nut butter. The only ingredient in nut butter should be the nuts, which is safe for babies and mothers.

12. Whole-grain bread

Apart from its taste, the main reason to eat whole-grain bread is it is rich fiber component. It is the most effective eatery when combined with other protein sources like eggs, meat, cheese, and avocados. It helps in digestion, lower blood cholesterol, blood pressure, etc. in mothers after childbirth.

For babies, products with whole-grain reduce the chances of developing chronic ailments. These products make babies feel full in a small amount, hence helps in eating in small portions rather than large quantities at once.

13. Protein smoothies

Protein smoothies are the most fun way to healthily gain weight. It is delicious and highly nutritious. It contains a variety of minerals and nutrients as the fruits and nuts can be included as per your diet requirement.

Avoid any protein smoothies/shakes available in the market with extra sugar and additives, as it can be harmful to the mother and babies altogether.

14. Yogurt

Full fat yogurt is another food that will help you gain weight fast. However, even for gaining weight, you should choose a low-fat option, less sugar. It is a convenient snack as it works well with most dishes. It contains high carbs, healthy fats which helps to gain weight and it can be consumed with any dish.

15. Cheese

Cheese gives a high calorie and flavor boost. It has been a staple food for centuries that is good-tasting when combined with anything like bread, pasta, sandwiches, burgers, etc.

It has other components like fat, calcium, and protein. For babies, cheese with whole milk cheese is favorable. To gain weight, one should choose full-fat cheeses. Although, correctly incorporating within the diet is important.

General health tips to gain weight:

  • Do not skip meals. For babies and children, feed them when they are hungry instead of completely skipping meals.
  • Include one to two healthy meals in your diet regularly.
  • Avoid low-energy, unprocessed, and junk foods with empty calories like chips, candy, diet-soda, and soft drinks.
  • Consider eating a small portion of food over the day rather than eating big heady meals at once.
  • Limit liquid before a meal so that you can eat more.
  • Consciously make choices to eat foods with good fats, high-nutrients, energy-dense, minerals, and vitamins.
  • Exercise because weight gaining is not just about adding kilos, it’s about building muscles and healthy fats.
  • Reduce stress and focus on sleeping properly.
  • For babies and children, consult a registered dietician for extra help.

A balanced diet, exercise, and a good lifestyle are all important factors to maintain a healthy weight of babies and mothers.

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