12 Genius Hacks for Winter

12 Genius Hacks for Winter

Winter is a season in which it is mandatory to stay warm and comfortable. Life gets better in winter when you know small tricks to get what you want much easier than the others. For this reason, we have collected and shared some surprising and mind-blowing hacks for winter so you can sail through the winter season smoothly.

Genius Hacks for Winter:

1. Stick Foam Beneath Shoes

When we walk in the snow we often face one big trouble, that is, the snow sticks to our boots and makes them heavy and slippery. However, no matter how amazing the shoe sole is, the snow still manages to stick to your shoes.

To solve this problem you can do one trick, you may stick several sticky foam strips beneath your boots. Also, insert them in the gaps, when you return home you may remove the strips to get ice-free shoes, moreover, even outside the snow will not stick to your shoe sole that much.

2. Making Candles for Warmth

We all crave heat during the winter season. However, the furnace or heating equipment may not be working properly at times or we may not have them simply. As a cheap alternative, you can make candles for yourself that look decorative and cozy at the same time.

Buy a significant amount of wax and some food colorings of the colors that you adore most. Now put the wax in a pot and melt it, add one food coloring agent to the melted wax and stir with a spatula.

When it has mixed properly, pour it out in a glass candle holder but make sure that the candle wick is there inside the glass. Hold the wick in the middle of the glass while pouring the melted wax. Now put this glass-cum-candle in the fridge.

Make similar candles with other food colorings too and once they get hard you may cut any excess wick from the top. Decorate your room with colorful candles and feel warm day in and day out.

3. Cushion Cover from Old Sweater

This winter clothing hack is super useful when you have a lot of old sweaters. You may use one of them to make a warm cushion cover to give you comfort when on the sofa. Pick an old favorite sweater and utilize it for the task.

Spread it out on a table and sew it from the bottom. Now insert a cushion inside it and cut the top part of the sweater that is hanging. Sew the part cut that opens and reveals the cushion. Fold the cloth a little towards inside while sewing it so that the overall finished look feels neat. Now you have a super warm cushion to relax on.

4. Foam Inside Pants

Crap! The fall on the snow hurts through the denim pants. What to do now? It’s easy. Grab a pair of pants and invert its fabric. Spread the pants over a table and bring out a sheet of think foam.

It looks like crackers, yeah! With the help of a glue gun or super glue, stick the foam behind on the inside on the pants fully, front as well as the backside. Now wear your jeans and jump, play, and fall on the snow freely without feeling hurt/cold.

5. Socks to Gloves

You can use this winter clothing hack for turning your socks to gloves. Take out an old pair of socks and lay them on a table. Cute the sock feet into half and cut a V shape out of each heel. Now with a matching thread, fold the cloth and hem it singly from wherever it has been cut.

Fold the leg part of the sock and wear it like a fingers-revealing glove in each hand, with the thumb protruding from the hole cut at the heel.

6. Old Sweater to Muffler

Take out an old sweater and cut away from its neck and sleeves. You are now left with just the plain from and back piece in a rectangular shape. Vertically cut the rectangle in half.

Now put one piece above the other, making an elongated piece. Sew the two pieces together. And sew all the corners that are left unsewn. Now you have a long piece. Hang small beads at its ends along its width and wrap it around your neck like a muffler, with the beady end hanging down your front.

7. Make a Basmati Rice Bag

Obtain a small piece of towel. Cut two 12 by 6 rectangles and sew them together to make a thicker towel. Now match its one end with the other and join with foamic double-sided tape or sew it finely. Leave one end open, sew every other opening.

Now you have a small pouch. From the open end, fill the pouch with some rice and sewn or tape that end to fix the rice in the pouch. Heat it on the microwave and carry the little heat retainer in your jacket pocket to keep you warm all day long.

8. Neck Warmer Out of Socks

Take a bright-colored pair of socks and cut them from the toe region. Join the two (now cut from toe) socks and sew them together from the open toe area. Now fill the entire thing with cotton to make it tight and round.

Sew the areas that are open to prevent the cotton from falling out. You now have a sleeping neck pillow or a neck comforter and warmer. You may decorate it and wear it for your ease in winter.

9. Warm Seat for Pet

Take an old sweater. Sew its neck together so that the hole closes. Now sew it from one armpit to another. You now have three holes left, two holes from the sleeves, and one from the bottom.

Insert lots of cotton from these holes and they block these holes too by sewing them. Now join the two sleeves and the middle part (by sewing or gluing) to obtain around the seat-like thing. This now becomes a warm winter seat for your pet.

10. Non-stick Shovel

When you use that shovel in the snow, the snow sticks on it. That’s very irritating! If you do not want the snow to stick to your shovel and if you want to play without any hassle then do the following trick.

Spray your shovel tray with a cooking spray and then play in the snow. You will notice that it scoops the snow without letting any snow sticking on its surface anymore.

11. Sweater Turned to Beanie

Pick an old sweater that has been your favorite and don’t want it to be thrown away. Now spread it on a table and cut it horizontally from armpit to armpit. Now separate the front and back pieces by cutting them from the sides.

You now have two pieces with you. Take one piece and cut it in a zigzag pattern from its top. Make sure that you have 4 crests and three troughs. Now join the left and right side of this piece together by sewing them. You have your crests hanging at the top now.

Join all the crests together at the tips and sew them together, now their sides are left open so sew them together too. You have a beanie now! Yay! Get a knit/wool pompom and sew it at the tip of the beanie to make it a pompom beanie and wear it with grace down the snowy, winter tracks.

12. Lovers’ Holding Hand Mittens

An old sweater needs to be used again. Aren’t they very useful at any stage of their life? Of course, they are. Take this old sweater, bring the inside out so that the sweater’s hidden side is now visible and like other hacks, spread it out on a table.

Bring your lover forth and trace his/her hand on one sleeve and cute the shape out from a distance. Trace your own hand the other sleeve and cut the shape out from a distance too. Now sew the pieces of your glove together to obtain a glove for your one hand.

Sew the pieces of your lover’s glove together to provide him/her with a glove too. Now, for the hands that you hold together, we are going to make a separate glove. This glove will come from the body of the sweater.

Both of you must place your hands near the bottom of the shirt. Trace all hands and fingers for the two of you except the thumb part. Now cut this thing and sew it as you did earlier. You now have a glove in which you may hold your hands together and keep warm. Adorable, isn’t it?

These genius hacks for winter can be done in no time. What is important about them is the fact that they will help a lot in your daily lives. You can stay active and physically relaxed if you apply each one of these tricks in your winter routines. These are harmless and beneficial for you so do give all the methods a genuine try to know the level of satisfaction that they can bring to you in the winter season.

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