Health Benefits of Brazil Nuts

Health Benefits of Brazil Nuts

Nut lovers already know; brazil nuts benefits for health are second to none. They are known for providing many vitamins and nutrients, like B vitamins, vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, and zinc. The most outstanding nutrition brazil nuts have, however, is selenium.

Brazil nuts selenium is key for boosting the immune system and is a valuable anti-oxidant. Selenium fights free radicals and is an anti-inflammatory. It is estimated that nearly one billion people across the globe suffer from selenium deficiencies. Read on to see just how brazil nuts benefits can be good for your health!

Health Benefits of Brazil Nuts

1. Improve brain health

If you look at Brazil nuts nutrition data, you will notice the nuts contain several important nutrients. This nut contains high levels of an antioxidant known as ellagic acid, it is thought to be an anti-inflammatory that can have healing and protective effects on the brain health and many disease processes such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

These findings were released in a 2016 study by the scientific publication, Neurochemical Research. Brazil nuts additionally contain zinc, which will help to flush away toxins and reduce inflammation.

2. Lower bad cholesterol

Like many nuts, brazil nuts health benefits include lowering your LDL cholesterol levels. They are high in unsaturated fats and low in saturated fats and improve lipid profiles with a serving of just six to ten nuts per day. Brazil nuts are high in Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin E, and magnesium which also act to battle high cholesterol.

3. Fight cancer

Brazil nut’s high selenium levels make it a powerful tool for protecting against cancer, especially stomach, breast, and esophageal cancers. Selenium encourages the production of glutathione, which is a free-radical fighting enzyme. In addition to fighting cancer, these powerful antioxidants can prevent and cure chronic illness and improve heart health.

4. Moods boosters

Brazil nut is a superfood for selenium. Many mood and emotional disorders result from low levels of selenium. Additionally, eating between six to ten brazil nuts daily can improve mood, decrease anxiety and stress, and give your energy a boost.

Brazil nuts benefits increase the production of the “feel good” chemical, serotonin, to help your overall mood. High levels of thiamin keep the nervous system healthy, meaning you will be less affected by stress.

5. Lower blood pressure

Brazil nuts can lower cholesterol, which in turn can lower blood pressure. The high levels of selenium in brazil nuts, along with their high contents of calcium, magnesium, potassium, help regulate heart function and protect against plaque build-ups, a leading cause of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

6. Promotes healthy thyroid function

In addition to selenium, an important nutrient for thyroid function, brazil nuts contain the enzyme triiodothyronine. This enzyme promotes healthy thyroid hormone production by converting inactive thyroid hormones into healthy, active thyroid hormones.

7. Immune system boosters

Selenium, vitamin C, and zinc in brazil nuts stimulate white blood cell production and fight free-radicals. This gives the immune system a boost, protecting the body from chronic illness as well as common colds and the flu.

Brazil nuts also give your energy a boost, keeping you from being run down and susceptible to illness. The Memorial University of Newfoundland Canada has called the brazil nut one of the most effective immunities boosting nuts available.

8. Men’s fertility boosters

Selenium is very important for men’s health. It boosts testosterone levels and increases sperm mobility and production. Brazil nuts provide protection for sperm from attack by free radicals. Brazil nuts health benefits, in the form of high selenium levels, is very helpful for men’s fertility according to a study released by the Journal of Urology.

9. Muscle help

In addition to selenium, brazil nuts contain magnesium and copper which are necessary for strong bones and muscles. Brazil nuts improve bone density and help aid in breaking down necessary proteins for muscle development.

Brazil nuts are helpful in fighting the build-up of lactic acid in muscles, which can prevent or lessen pain after working out or other exertion. Finally, brazil nuts help the body to absorb iron for healthy muscle and bones.

10. Skin and hair

Brazil nuts can be ground and used as an exfoliant, and regular consumption of them will fight acne and improve the quality of your skin and hair. Brazil nuts health benefits include high levels of vitamin E, and C, as well as omega-three fatty acids for optimal skin and hair health.

It helps to replenish and stimulate healthy skin cell growth, producing collagen to preventing wrinkles and glutathione to protect against skin cancer. L-arginine, found in brazil nuts, is used to treat male pattern baldness and alopecia by encouraging hair growth. Brazil nuts also help to heal cuts and other wounds and can lessen the effects of psoriasis and eczema.

So, make brazil nuts nutrition a priority so that you do not experience the undesirable side effects of mineral deficiency.

11. Weight loss

Brazil nuts are high in fiber and protein, making them a healthy snacking alternative that is low fat and filling. Additionally, brazil nuts encourage healthy digestion of food, meaning that food is used efficiently.

The high fiber content of brazil nuts moves food smoothly through the digestive tract, fighting constipation, gas and bloating. The natural energy boost of brazil nuts will keep you from reaching for sugary foods for a “lift”. If you want to experience the nutrition of brazil nuts without gaining weight, be sure to eat raw nuts instead of nuts that have been mixed with other high-fat, high-calorie ingredients.

How to Maximize Brazil Nuts Health Benefits?

Brazil nuts can be eaten raw, crushed into salads, eaten by the handful as a snack, or used as a tasty topping for desserts and meals. Fresh brazil nuts do not store well and should be eaten quickly to retain their peak health benefits. Brazil nuts can be blanched, roasted, and salted to taste.

Brazil nut oil is available as well for topical application to the skin, hair, rashes, or wounds; this oil will have a much longer shelf life than fresh brazil nuts. Now, the question is how many brazil nuts a day? Well, it is recommended that to achieve the maximum brazil nuts health benefits; you should eat between six to ten nuts per day.

Brazil Nuts Side Effects

Anyone who has a known nut allergy should never eat brazil nuts or any nuts at all. Selenium overdose is possible. Selenium overdose symptoms include:

  • Fatigue
  • Hair loss
  • Brittle nails
  • Digestive disorders including diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting
  • Garlic smelling breath
  • Irritability

Weight gain and heart effects have been reported. Brazil nuts, while tasty and a great source of selenium, contain enough fats to make them more harmful for your weight or heart if eaten in excess.

The benefit of brazil nuts is better achieved with lower levels of consumption of the nuts, with no more than 400mcg recommended per day. This amounts to a maximum of between six to ten brazil nuts daily. You won’t want to snack on brazil nuts like you would peanuts or pistachios, but brazil nuts health benefits are worth a daily nibble.

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