How to make your Home Cozy: 10 Easy Ways

Pillows make home cozier

We all understand how important it is to have a cozy home where we can relax after a long day — a place where nothing bothers us and where everything creates the impression of safety and comfort. But, it’s not always easy to design things that you know will perfectly suit your home and make it cozier.

If you are wondering about how to make your house cozy and warm? Then, here are ten easy way to make your home cozy and beautiful. Read on:

1. Use of curtains can make a home cozy10 Easy Ways to Make Your Home Cozy

Curtains, in general, make a home cozy; especially darker colored pieces. Using thicker curtains on the side of your house which get more sunlight is a great way to keep extra unwanted heat out during the summer. You can also use curtains by incorporating a curtain wall into a room’s decor; it will add visual interest and create a cozy and soft spot in your room.

2. Add a throw to the roomTen Easy Ways to Make Your Home Cozy

A blanket in a room creates a visual point of warmth, especially if it’s fuzzy or dark in color. Plus they are easy to move and nice to have around if you get chilly. Throws make a room look more lived in as well as more layered and cozier.

Switch out throws seasonally. This is so that you are not stuck with a too thin blanket in the winter or a too thick blanket on a chilly summer night. You can also add a wicker basket with multiple colored throws in a corner, or try out a wooden bucket. It brings out a feeling of warmth from the natural textures and softness from the throws.

3. Try darker wall colorsEasy Ways to Make Your Home Cozy

If you want to make your home cozy then try to use a darker wall color. Darker wall color makes space feel inviting, just make sure to add pops of white and metallic to keep the space from getting too heavy. It also helps the textures and patterns that are in the room pop more. Darker colored walls bring more focus on fuzzy accents as well. Bright colors make for a louder ambiance.

4. Be conscious of lighting10 Ways to Make Your Home Cozy

Using soft lighting gives off a glow which makes a home feel soft as well as cozy. You should also try out string lighting to soften up the light in a space, they are not just for Christmas, and they are trendy. Excellent string lighting can be easily found in most places which aren’t seasonal. Get a string of lights with bronze, gold or silver accents to really bring together a room.

Also, you can explore different hued light bulbs to create a cozy environment in a room. You don’t want a daylight bulb because they have blue tones in them. Check the Kelvin temp on the bulb to find out the type of lighting the bulb will give off. 2,700 or less provides a warm glow which amplifies a cozy atmosphere. Also, you can create indirect lighting.

This is another less harsh lighting option. Put lights inside bookshelves or above cabinets to make this effect. Indirect lighting has no glare. Lights from chandeliers or sconces also give off a soft light. There is another option as well; allowing natural light from windows, it gives the room a warm natural glow.

5. Get a bed skirtTen Ways to Make Your Home Cozy

By adding a bed skirt you can make a home cozy and beautiful. It softens the look of the bed and the room. It can be a flashy piece which draws the attention of an eye or something that brings additional attention to another accent piece that you want to stand out more. Also, a bed skirt works to hide unsightly box springs or other materials which may be hiding under your bed.

6. Make spots for wood accents and plantsAffordable Ways to Make Your Home Feel Cozy

Natural wood adds definite warmth to a room which brings the cozyness of a house. Also adding anything natural helps you to relax in a space. Adding a houseplant can also help with the coziness of a home as well as the air quality. They help to balance out toxins that would otherwise build up in an indoor space.

Nature is said to help people relax; also, it is said that those who interact with nature more are less stressed. They also are beautiful to look at after staring at a screen all day. Consider adding a plant close to your home desk. Also, you could consider bringing fragrant plants into your home to enhance the atmosphere as well as your mood.

7. Candles can make a house cozyCandles-make-home-cozier

The glow of the soft light from candles makes for a relaxing environment. Using mirrors around the candle also helps to amplify the feeling which the candles create. Many candles also have an enticing fragrance that compliments the ambiance that the lighting the candle creates.

Scents from candles also make space feel special during the holidays. You can add additional visual interest to a room by using candle stands and different sizes and colors. Candles with wooden wicks also make a tremendous crackling sound that is associated with a fireplace. Adding candles definitely will make a home cozy and beautiful.

8. Get a few rugsHow To Make Your Home Warm, Cozy and Comfortable

Putting well-placed rugs in space create a more textured area and enhance the coziness level. Plus stepping on rugs feel nice on your feet. You can even layer them for additional coziness. The mixture of textures makes a place feel homier.

To layer rugs in a visually pleasing manner put a neutral colored rug on a textured patterned rug or lay a textured accent rug on a patterned area rug. Rugs keep in the heat in a room also. Use a variety of textures to make a room feel relaxed. Shaggy rugs are ideal for making your home cozier.

9. Layer pillowsInexpensive Ways to Make Your Home Cozy

Everything will feel more plush and cozy with more pillows. Layering also gives off a feeling of luxury. Try mixing textures of the pillows for multiple options of comfort. There are knit pillows to try out or fur, and there’s always the feel of good old cotton. They are also easy to change out and rearrange to alter the feel of a room effectively. Having extra pillows in a room makes people want to curl up, relax and maybe read an excellent book.

10. De-clutter Genius Ways to Make Your Home Cozy

Cleaning up and getting rid of some unsightly items helps you to feel more relaxed, which ultimately make a home looks cozy and clean. This also prevents stress and improves your mood. Clutter tends to weigh on your mind consciously and unconsciously. Less clutter gives you the ability to release tensions effectively while sleeping or while you are trying to unwind at the end of a day.

Clutter is also distracting. It may remind you of an unpleasant time. Try instead of surrounding yourself with stuff that gives off good vibes, to help keep your mind clear and relaxed. To be cozy and clutter free is ideal for space.

These all contribute to the coziness level of your home. Now, no more excuses for a messy and unorganized home. With our advice, you can now make a home cozy and beautiful.

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