12 Health Tricks That Can Simplify Your Life

Terrific Health Tricks That Can Simplify Your Life

The best way to stay healthy is by filling our lives with small but useful tricks that can provide us easy solutions to massive threats. After careful observation, study, and practice, I have shortlisted some totally amazing, key health tricks that you can apply to your everyday lives.

Health Tricks That Can Simplify Your Life:

1. Sleeping Fast by Walking Fast

It is often a problem for people that they have a certain number of hours to sleep during which they cannot afford to miss a single minute of sleep or else they will not wake up capable of doing the next day’s work.

For example, if I have to go to the office at 8 am tomorrow, and I must sleep for 7-8 hours to be able to work at my office tomorrow, then I must sleep between 11 pm – 12 am or else I will be inefficient at work the next day.

But if I lie down to sleep at 12 am and am unable to sleep for a long time then that continuous chain will pose a threat to my overall health due to less sleep, more work, and increased depression.

To overcome this problem you can simply do one thing before going to bed. Even those people who can sleep anyway may do this activity to sleep sound. Have your meal early, then after 30 minutes of having the meal, go to your nearest garden and start walking on the track. Make sure you walk at a pace that is not slow.

Basically, the idea of this health trick is to tire you out a bit and digest your meal. Walk like this till you feel your leg muscles hurt. Then walk back to your home and prepare to sleep. This simple addition to your daily routine can make your sleeping schedule extraordinarily efficient.

2. Eye Exercise to Correct Vision

When we use digital devices for long hours, like tablets, smartphones, television, or more, they end up tiring our eyes (and occasionally make them dry). This tiring out of our eyes is not a joke, it should never be ignored as it can deteriorate your eyesight and induce eye pains for long periods. The best thing that can be done to cure the eye pain is in two steps.

First obviously being cutting the unnecessary usage of such devices that give off radiation which weakens the eyes and the second step is by doing a small eye exercise to keep your eyes fit.

Before beginning the exercise is it advisable to add a few drops of rose water in each eye and rest them for a while. If possible, gently massage your eyes and rub some rose water around the eye sockets. After resting your eyes for 5-10 minutes, start the exercise.

Move your eyes up and down 10 times, move them left and right 10 times, and then roll them 10 times. Repeat this cycle for 3-5 times and then if possible sleep for a while. This activity will relieve your eyes of pain and dryness.

3. ‘Breathe First’ Formula

This must-have happened to each and every one of us that when we are eating, sometimes our food begins to choke us. To reach the solution it is wise to first identify the problem that occurs during this process of eating.

When we eat, our food goes into the food pipe (esophagus) and our breath goes through the windpipe. If our food, in some way, blocks the windpipe, it causes choking and we start to cough to clear the passage but it begins to choke us as we can neither swallow the food in our mouth nor breathe properly.

In such a case it is highly important to control your senses. Overcome the cough and stop yourself from trying to swallow the food first. You need to breathe at this point and not eat.

So hold the food where it is and breathe in and out for a number of times. This action will normalize you after 3-4 proper breathes. Now you can swallow your foods without being choked to death.

4. Waking Up with Caffeine

Caffeine is famous for overcoming laziness or drowsiness. Often we had short breaks in which we desire to sleep but the sole issue that faces us is that what if we do not wake up on time. And what if our sleep doesn’t get fulfilled by taking such a small nap.

To solve this minor worry of most people, I have discovered a useful formula. Drink a cup of tea or coffee at the start of your break. Set an alarm for the end of the break and then sleep immediately. Caffeine present in tea and coffee usually works after 30 minutes in our body.

So by the time it begins to wake you up, it will already be the alarm ringing time. In this way, you rest and become ready to work again and also wake up as fresh as anything.

5. Having Cranberry for Healthy Urination

Cranberries have various health benefits. They are good to the taste buds and nourish the body with certain essential nutrients. Most importantly, the fruit has a medicinal property, which is, that it can aid in reducing infections that dwell in the urinary tract of humans.

Often our urinary tract gets infected by eating unhygienic or unhealthy foods or due to other reasons. Many women face this issue of infections in their urination due to which they suffer from burning sensations in their lower bellies.

Having cranberry juice can greatly minimize the infections by reducing them to zero. It is advisable to drink cranberry juice frequently to get rid of many urinary problems.

6. Neck Muscle Massage for Migraine

Migraine causes excruciating pain on one side of the head. People that have migraines know how absolutely difficult it gets for them to sail through the day; the pain doesn’t stop with medicines and the responsibilities need to be performed well anyhow.

Therefore, it is highly important to stop such pain from beginning in the first place. Migraines are often initiated by long exposure to screen, eating less, and due to overworking. There could be other reasons too which vary from person to person.

First of all, it is important to minimize those activities which trigger such pain, and God forbid if you still get a migraine then follow this massage to nullify the pain really quickly.

Ask some nearby people to put their hands on the neck muscles at the nape of your neck and begin pressing and massaging them with the movement of their fingers, palm, and thumb.

Ask them to include the shoulder muscles and shoulder blade muscles too in their massage, then return to the nape and massage it again properly. This will alleviate the pain in minutes.

7. Placing the Pillow Right

We often just put our head on the pillow and sleep. The normal sleeping pattern shows that people leave their necks unsupported while their head rests on the pillow and backrests on the bed. This gap in support structure can introduce your neck to several pains, cervical pain inclusive.

To prevent this from happening it is mandatory that you keep the pillow not just under your head but also your neck. This keeps your vertebra straight and healthy throughout the night.

8. Drinking-Water at Room Temperature

All those people who are conscious of their weight are either working out or cutting on their diet. However, there is one thing that they are not considering at all, or maybe they think that it can have no effect on their shape and size. Yes, water.

Water does not cause fattening, however, drinking cold water can make it difficult to reduce belly. Cold water slows down the digestion process and encourages the swelling on your belly. On the other hand, warm water does the exact opposite.

It paces up digestion and reduces the belly. Therefore, develop a habit of drinking water at room temperature at least to stay in perfect shape.

9. Say No to Sweet Before Sleep

Night time is not the right time for sweets, my friends! If you eat anything sweet before sleeping, it poses a very serious threat to the health and life of your teeth. The remains of sweet items work overnight to rot and decay your teeth, which is why eating all sweet items well before sleeping, ideally in the morning.

People often think that it is not a big deal to lose a tooth or two because it can be replaced with a fake one and a decay can be fixed by drilling and filling, however, the replaced artificial set of teeth can never have the strength that your original teeth have and they can never give your face the same glamour as your real teeth.

10. Sit at Right Angle

When using a computer or studying or listening to a lecture, you must take into consideration the way you sit because it is very important. Sitting in the wrong positions can negatively affect your backbone, causing disc problems in severe situations. The best way to avoid any back or backbone problem is by sitting straight at all times. Stop sinking in your seats and sit at a 90-degree angle. When using your laptop, put it on your desk and sit on the chair with your back straight against the chair back support.

11. Salty Pomegranate for No Cough

Pomegranate is a tasty fruit but it is sour in nature. Many a time when we eat pomegranate we become susceptible to cough and get a sore throat.

To avoid this from happening and to avail the maximum utility from pomegranate, you must add salt to your pomegranate bowl. In this way, you can eat a lot of pomegranates and still not be sick the next day.

Moreover, the added salt gives an added taste to the fruit, it makes the pomegranate easy to eat otherwise one cannot eat a sour fruit for long, adding salt overcomes this problem and you can easily devour a whole bowl of pomegranate pretty quickly.

12. Stop Hiccups With Shock

Hiccups are not harmful but they are irritating. It is a famous belief that when one gets hiccups, someone else is missing them greatly. To be honest, I don’t know how far that is true, but it gets really annoying after a number of hiccups.

That is when you feel like doing something to stop them. There is one miraculous thing that can rid you of hiccups immediately. Get shocked.

Yes! Give yourself a shock, I know that doing it yourself can make it predictable and not very shocking, therefore, ask a nearby person to give you a shock (as in, scare you). If your hiccups stop, thank the person for help.

These may seem like meaningless little tricks at the beginning but once you put them in practice then you will realize that they really do help and these tricks don’t just help directly but also indirectly.

For example, having a good night’s sleep can make you very active the next day and hence productive. Meaning, a night walk can help you sleep sound which can make you productive and this, in turn, means that you may earn more. So readily apply these simple health tricks in your daily routines and get super fit!

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