12 Home Remedies for Yeast Infections

12 Home Remedies for Yeast Infections

Yeast infections are so annoying to tolerate. They are a result of fungal overgrowth. Women experience such infections mostly; in fact, 75% of women have at least infected with yeasts one time in their life. Candida Albicans is the common yeast responsible for such infections, but there is some other yeast too. The infection can be associated with itching, discharge, redness, pain, inflammation, and irritation.

Whether you’re trying to learn about the home remedies for Yeast Infections, we’ve got you covered with this article.

Home Remedies for Yeast Infections

You can treat Yeast Infections at home. These are home remedies you can go for as a treatment of yeast infections. You can get rid of them with simple and natural remedies.

1. Greek Yogurt

Lactobacillus acidophilus is the live bacteria we can find in natural yogurt. The yogurt should be unsweetened and non-flavored. Greek yogurt is the perfect source of probiotics and is highly effective for yeast infection treatment. The yogurt bacteria is good to maintain the balance of yeast and bacteria in the genitals of women.

A study conducted by Matthew E. Falagas Department of Medicine, Tufts University School of Medicine Boston, MA, USA, stated the consumption of yogurt helps treat yeast infections (1).

Yogurt is the perfect home remedy to fight against yeast infections. You can also apply it to the affected area. Also, add yogurt to your diet for overall health benefits as it is a perfect dairy product and a source of good bacteria, which is a must for the human body.

2. Boric Acid

Boric acid is a useful option against such infections. Women especially reported the benefits of boric acid. The affected person can have about 600mg of boric acid as a capsule for insertion.

Topical boric acid is an anti-septic with resistance against diseases. Research published in the Journal of Sexually Transmitted Infections revealed that boric acid helped 70% of the women with a yeast infection (2).

You can also apply it to the areas for recurrent infections, but don’t forget to consult your doctor before buying boric acid suppositories. Moreover, it is a potent treatment; therefore, try mild treatments before giving it a try.

3. ProbioticsProbiotics for Yeast Infections

There are many probiotics formulas to treat different issues, including yeast infections. Some have natural solutions, whereas some are formulated with beneficial chemicals. They are useful to balance the yeast and bacteria average in our bodies. There are suppositories of probiotics as well. You can also buy them and use them for vaginal yeast infections.

According to a 2012 study published in the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology, shows the benefits of probiotic strains for yeast and other chronic diseases (3).

The main source of probiotics is yogurt, but there are several supplements as well. We can consume such supplements with food, but they can take up to 10 days to treat fungal infections. Therefore, people prefer suppositories over oral probiotics for rapid results.

4. Oregano Essential Oil

When we talk about oregano oil, people often ask about the common oregano, we find in grocery stores. In contrast, the essential oregano oil for treatments is different from this kitchen oregano spice. The oil of wild oregano works wonders for yeast infections. It has two essentials, carvacrol, and thymol, which are potent for such issues.

One can dip a tampon or some other product in this essential oil with other essential oils and use it for a few hours. It is not difficult to apply this home remedy as you just have to get it and apply it by mixing it with other oils. The treatment will provide you satisfying relief.

5. Coconut Oil

Raw Coconut oil is an excellent remedy to apply either externally or internally because it has anti-fungal advantageous features. It is a perfect combination of oregano and other essential oils to use against yeast infections. We can use it with different carrier oils according to the needs and requirements. It is suitable for skin and genitals in many ways.

A scientific study conducted by Ben Shino and published in the Journal of Scientifica showed how coconut oil can be the best home remedy for yeast infection (4).

Some products of Coconut oils can be for cooking only, therefore get the one specifically for the skin. The oil should be organic and pure to combat the infection. Moreover, coconut oil is s proven remedy for such issues according to different studies.

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6. Apple Cider VinegarApple Cider Vinegar for Yeast Infections

Like douching, bathing with apple cider vinegar has several medicinal benefits. We all know about the pharmaceutical advantages of apple cider vinegar. It has the ability to remove all unwanted microorganisms from the body when you take a bath with it. A 2015 scientific evidence shows that ACV can be very effective for yeast candida because of its antifungal properties (5).

It is a beneficial addition to the diet for various health reasons. Not douching but only bathing with a diluted apple cider vinegar is highly effective in clearing out bacteria and yeast.

Only a half cup with water is enough to soak your body for a good 10 minutes. Adding it to your diet also helps to make good changes in your body. Especially if you have to experience some infections bathing and consuming, it is s perfect option for you.

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7. Garlic

Studies and researches have shown the medicinal benefits of garlic for years. People have used it for different purposes and health problems. It has antibiotic and anti-fungal properties, which help ease yeast infection problems. It may cause burning or inflammation for the ones with sensitive skin, so it is better to avoid this for some people. But it is sufficient for many of the women with yeast infections.

It is better to use it internally then orally, according to a small study conducted by CJ Watson, Department of General Practice and Primary Health Care Academic Centre, University of Melbourne, Carlton, Vic., Australia (6).

Placing a garlic clove is an effective remedy for infections and is quite easier to do. Studies have shown it’s benefited by using garlic components in ointments to treat yeast infections.

8. Vitamin C

Consuming vitamin C is an effective remedy for yeast infections. As we all know, vitamin C has the ability to boosts the immune system; it helps the body to fight better against yeast and bacterial infections.

If you have consumed the right quantity of vitamin c and it’s products, your body won’t experience any difficulty to face such infections. You can take either the supplements or the natural sources of vitamin C as they will treat Candida Albicans with their antimicrobial properties. There are many fruits which are our favorite too. Therefore, we can easily have them ease the symptoms with a yummy taste.

9. Hydrogen Peroxide

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), hydrogen peroxide is an excellent activity against yeast overgrowth (7). It is a bacterium that grows with lactobacillus in the vagina to combat yeast, and it’s overgrowth to avoid mishaps.

By using hydrogen peroxide, we don’t mean touching. Douching will increase the problem for you; therefore, dilute it with water and take a bath as it will ease your symptoms. There are many creams with hydrogen peroxide, which you can apply to the affected area for relief.

10. Douching

Douching is helpful in some cases, as it will flush out all the bacteria and yeast from your genitals. The flushing out of such harming bacteria and yeast can be highly satisfying for women with yeast infections. But don’t forget that douching is not for all. Take your doctor’s advice before going for douching. Douching helps you reduce the inflammation and irritation caused by yeast infections. Douching is beneficial with specific products and components, so don’t go for douching with every infection treating option.

11. Cranberry JuiceCranberry Juice for Yeast Infections

Be it a cranberry pill or juice; you can have various benefits, especially when it comes to infections. It has the ability to fight against such infections, including yeast infections, urinary tract infections, and more. It prevents the overgrowth of Candida Albicans, which is good to avoid infections. One more benefit is that it contains vitamin C, which is a powerful component for better immunity.

There are cranberry pills also available in the market, or you can buy them online, they are equally helpful as a juice. They instantly help you relieve the pain and inflammation.

12. Tea Tree Oil

For finishing various bacteria, viruses, and fungi, tea tree oil is one of the best home remedies. It is a proven essential oil for such health problems. It is capable of killing such microorganisms to prevent infections, including yeast infection. Insertion of a soaked tampon with diluted tea tree oil helps to relieve the painful symptoms of such infections.

A research conducted in 2015, is responsible for the effective usage by many of the women with yeast infections (8). You can mix tea tree oil with other carrier oils to ease the discomfort, but don’t use it if you have sensitive skin. There are prepared tea tree suppositories in the market, but following this remedy at home is excellent and satisfying. Not only it treats infections itself but also increases the effects of other treatments.

These are highly effective and advantageous home remedies for yeast infections. But avoid following the remedies if you are pregnant, have some severe health issues, not sure about your yeast infection, or experience recurrent infections. Moreover, always talk to your doctor whenever you face such discomforts. Avoid frequent intake of antibiotics and other medications.

The 12 above mentioned remedies will let you prevent and treat yeast infections and will keep you healthy and relived. Furthermore, they will ease the discomfort and treat the symptoms of infections, leaving you relaxed. They will relieve pain, irritation, and inflammation in your genitals. Hence, you will feel better by applying these home remedies.

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