12 Home Remedies to Remove Dark Spots on Face

Home Remedies to Remove Dark Spots on Face

Have you got any dark spots or areas that are darker than other skin? Or do you worry that you will get dark spots on face? You’re not alone! It may be hyperpigmentation that causes these. In this article, we go over home remedies to remove dark spots on the face.

How to Get Rid of Dark Spots on Face:

1. Lemon

Lemon has bleaching properties which makes it an effective dermal therapist. You can squeeze the lemon juice in a small bowl daily and then dip a cotton bud in it, now rub or press the wet cotton bud on your dark spots. Lemon can also be used for the removal of scars or suntans.

2. Potato

Potatoes are a miraculous remedy for hyperpigmentation on your skin. Hyperpigmentation is when the internal layers of the skin retain dark spots and that needs to be corrected. You may grind a potato and rub it on your skin every day to get a perfect skin tone.

3. Honey

The sweet, clear and golden-textured honey provides a gentle rectification to the human skin and can remove the dark spots on face. It makes your skin look just like itself: clear and glowing skin.

You may take a lemon and spread honey on it, now squeeze it lightly on your skin, and massage it gently while moving the lemon in circular motions on yourself. You will see that your skin becomes radiant and clearer by doing this activity daily or on alternate days.

4. Tomato

Rubbing a tight, red tomato on your skin daily can remove the awful tan from your skin caused by the daily exposure to the sun. Often, exposure to the sun causes dark spots on your skin too, tomatoes are very efficient in rubbing off those marks from the surface of your skin.

5. Aloe Vera

The transparent aloe vera gel is a simple antidote for skin marks. Break off one aloe vera leaf and cut it open, take out its gel and peel off its insides in a bowl. Now rub it on your body. Let it dry and absorb in your skin. Wash it after some time. Doing this activity for three months without breaks can give you a glamorous and flawless appearance.

6. Goat Milk

An ultra-cleansing can be provided to your skin with goat milk. Surprisingly enough, goat milk can go deeper into your skin and nourish it, clarifying the pores and removing dirt. Daily cleansing can promise you really noticeable results. Your color is likely improved because the deep cleansing and dark spots will vanish with time.

7. Milk Cream

If you have milk cream in your house, you can even use that to fix your skin. In fact, it is very helpful when it comes to the removal of black/brown spots from your skin which can make it look dull and unappealing. The cream can remove the dark spots on the face and can also make your skin look fresh and hydrated. Massage yourself before taking a bath with milk cream.

8. Fuller’s Earth

An old eastern remedy to bring out the best in you: Fuller’s Earth. You can essentially break the Fuller’s Earth rock according to your need and then immerse in it some water to make it soft, later apply it on your skin and let it dry, wash off once it has dried. Repeated application of Fuller’s Earth can give you a ravishing look.

9. Mint Water

Drink lots of mint water daily to improve your digestion and detoxification. This can help you correct any imbalance inside you to give your skin a flawless touch. Many of our skin issues are corrected by high water intake and a good digestive system, therefore, mint-water can correct it from the core.

What you need is some mint leaves, a few cardamoms, and a spoonful of fennel seeds. Boil them in two glasses on water and drink the water frequently (when cooled).

10. Gram Flour

For this remedy, all you need to do is mix 4-5 spoons of gram flour with water (or rose water) and apply on your affected areas until it dries. Actually, massage it until it dries for the best results. Once it has dried you may wash it off to reveal a neat skin.

11. Turmeric

Most of us already aware of incredible turmeric health benefits. Turmeric, like lemon, has intense cleansing properties, it is used by brides and celebrities to make them look different.

It beautifies the skin by improving the color as well as by removing any dirt and marks from it. If you mix gram flour, water, and turmeric and apply it daily, you will notice that the skin will start becoming fairer and tidier.

12. Water

Drink plenty of water each day to safeguard your skin against all odds. If you are adequately hydrated, no external or internal attacks can ever rob your skin of its appeal. Water can clean your system by flushing out germs, this then makes you look prettier.

Many of the dark spots you have are because you are not drinking enough water. Consult your physician and increase the water intake as per their advice.

It is time that you start giving yourself some attention. If you let the sun and the air pollution damage your skin, if you let your constipation and dietary imbalances persist, and if you continue to procrastinate about doing something about the issue then you are not serious about your skin at all.

If you sincerely desire to have that perfect skin that can make people stop and stare at you then you better start making daily trips to your kitchen and treating your body externally with any of the most suitable above listed twelve home remedies to remove dark spots on the face.

I assure you that your efforts will not go wasted and you will feel the difference as the compliments start coming your way in no time!

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