12 Men Wardrobe Mistakes that are Haunting Them

Men Wardrobe Mistakes That Are Haunting Them

Often men dress up differently to look attractive, however, they do not end up looking so because they are miscalculating some key factors of male dressing.

There are many things that often seem wrong with the male wardrobe, some common mistakes that men are doing while dressing up, are given below that must be avoided.

Men Wardrobe Mistakes that are Haunting Them:

1. The Pants are Too Skinny

I would really like to know what men are thinking while purchasing the skinny pants for themselves. Do they feel that it will make them look physically fit and tall?

Because I think it does the opposite, they look emaciated, especially the already thin ones. Skinny pants look poor to moderate on men, never have they ever looked really good. A slightly loose fabric looks really glamorous though. The weaker waists should seriously avoid skinny bottoms as they can look doubly weaker in them instead of graceful.

2. Untucked T-shirt and Dress Pants

The T-shirt and dress pants combo looks pretty cool on guys only when it is worn in the right manner. Personally speaking, I have often seen men wear untucked Ts with dress pants and that too without a coat.

This is a totally wrong way of wearing apparel. You must first tuck in your shirt and then make sure that you wear the corresponding coat of the dress pants on top of your T.

3. Wearing Bright Colours

Bright colors look good to the eyes, but not when they are displayed on male physiques. Men should be very cautious when choosing what color to buy and wear.

The louder shades look awful on men as they make them look non-serious and childish. For masculinity, it is necessary that they wear the dull tones and simpler outfits.

4. Buttoning Coat when Obese

This is especially for men who are healthier than others. The suit and tie look fine on obese men until they decide to button up their coat.

I was attending a Toastmasters’ session and the guy who was presenting looked pretty graceful up till the time when he buttoned his coat. Be realistic, do not button your coat, this will conceal your obesity better.

5. Wrong Sized Pants

The correct size of the pants that you are buying is very important. The majority of the lads are seen wearing pants that are too long for them, so long that the fabric gets below their feet or accumulates at the bottom.

I suggest men must take an inch tape and hold the inch tape against their belly, then measure straight down till their toe-thumb. This gives the correct length. The waist is not the sole important thing in a trouser or pants, the length is also very noticeable and important.

6. Pants too Low

Saggin, or whatever, does not look appropriate… Note that down in some special notebook guys. I have often feared that such low pants will fall off! Not Joking!

Smarter blokes tighten them at the end of the waist with strong belts but it still does not look an ounce of impressive. Keep your pants at your waist. This way you will look like a gentleman, decent and presentable.

7. Wearing the Wrong Belt

Shiny, huge and big buckles. NO. That’s not the belt that you are going to wear. Matte, thinner, and no big buckles. YES. That’s the one for you. No huge and glossy belt has ever looked nice.

It is not the belt that you want all attention on, do you? The attention should be on you. Keeping your belts simple is a crucial part of developing a dressing sense.

8. Tight and Revealing Shirts

Let me tell you what looks horrible to the eyes: shirts that are not loose and shirts that are made of thin fabric. This is against the basic etiquettes guys. Nobody wants to know how many abs you have or how manly your chest and biceps are. You must wear slightly loose pants and shirts to look good.

9. Wrong Tie Colour and Size

Tie, the great decorator for men, can make men look like kings or clowns. I remember one of my professors used to wear a big yellow tie with golden dots, it used to hurt my eyes. Don’t make it look like you’ve just cut a tie out of an old curtain.

Be choosy with your ties, pick the elegant ones, like grey, navy blue or crimson (for events like wedding and all). Also, make sure that the tie is not gigantic, the medium size looks adequate.

10. Coat has the Wrong Length

Coats can make men look beautiful. Truly. They elevate their status to simply another level, but only the right coat size, my friends. Don’t make the world think that you are wearing your dad’s hand-me-downs.

Stay alert to the coat length and breadth. It should not be too short, too long or too tight or too loose for that matter. Hire a good tailor for stitching it or buy it from a known coat shop.

11. Can See Chest Hair

The grand misconception amongst mankind is that women are impressed with their macho-ness. Yes, women like the strength of a man, the valor, and the audacity.

However, the point to be noted here is that they would like to see you move mountains but would not like to see how hairy you are as a show of your manliness. Kindly, button up your shirt till the accepted limit and give off gentlemanly vibes.

12. Poor Socks Matching

The socks get hidden under your pants but when you sit or bend they do get displayed. That is exactly the time everyone notices the poor combinations that some men choose for themselves. Bright, unmatched, and funky socks are a big no.

Wear matching socks that have a classic texture or if unsure then go with plain matching socks to be on the safe side. Shades of fawn, blue, grey, black, and white are most suitable for men.

Inculcating a dressing sense can be tough. Having read the article, you might be feeling that at one time or another you must have made a fool out of yourself. Do not overthink this, it happens with everyone.

No one is born with a perfect sense regarding what to wear, some people just learn it quicker than others due to sociological factors. Take care of the basic wardrobe principles as guided above and look handsome throughout the day.

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