10 Most Expensive Dogs in the World That Are Charming

Expensive Dog breeds

If you are looking for the most expensive dog in the world, then you are in the right place. Everyone loves their dogs, whether he or she fished it out of a “Free Puppies” box outside of a grocery store, or spent thousands of dollars on a pedigreed dog. There are some dog breeds in the world which are very expensive and only wealthy people can afford it.

While all dogs are lovable, here are the ten most expensive dog breeds in the world that are incredibly charming and beautiful. Read on:

1. The Samoyed Most Expensive Dogs in the World That Are Charming

This fluffy, huge dog always seems to have a smile on its face. That happy countenance is its real personality, Samoyeds are an affectionate dog breed that lives for attention. They also consider as the most expensive large dog breeds in the world. When left alone in a backyard, that can get them into trouble.

Samoyeds have a gregarious personality, and will quickly turn their loneliness into destructive behavior if they aren’t with their family enough. The best part of this dog? Despite being a large dog, drool is for once optional. The “smile” we just talked about is a trait designed to stop drooling, so icicles won’t form on their face while herding in extreme weather.

Unfortunately, a well-bred samoyed will cost you. The lowest you can expect from a quality breeder is $1,000, and for the champion, bloodlines expect as much as $8,000. This price tag made Samoyeds one of the most expensive dog breeds in the world.

2. Afghan HoundMost Expensive Dogs in the World

If you’ve ever seen an Afghan hound in real life, you probably don’t need to be told they’re the most costly dog in the world. Everything about them is beauty, style, and grace. Afghan’s are more than just a pretty face, however. Despite their regal looks, they’re often quite silly and playful. Afghan hound also considers as the most expensive large dog breeds in the world.

Afghan Hounds require extensive grooming as part of their upkeep, but it isn’t just the $80 a month in hair care that will set your wallet back. This is an uncommon dog breed, so you can expect to pay about $2,000 when you purchase from a breeder.

3. Bedlington TerrierMost Expensive Dogs breed

This medium sized, spunky little dog is both unique and adorable. One of the most versatile dogs breeds out there, they can perform a variety of dog sports, work as mini-watch dogs, and still have fun with the family.

These adorable dogs even have a bonus feature—they are hypoallergenic, benefiting dog lovers with allergies. You won’t find a Bedlington Terrier for cheap though, prices average $1,600 and can skyrocket to over $5,000 for top lines. This price tag made Bedlington Terrier one of the most expensive dogs breed in the world.

4. French BulldogExpensive Dog breeds

These tiny versions of the more well known English Bulldog have fewer health issues but are just as friendly. They can be low energy (at least until the vacuum turns on) but are still game for a fun day out with the family.

A great beginners dog breed, French Bulldogs are outgoing and just plain cute. Prices run from $1,400 to as much as $8,500 which made them one of the most expensive dog breeds in the world.

5. Saint BernardMost costly dog in the world

Anyone who has watched the classic Beethoven know all about this lovable breed. These huge dogs are docile and were initially bred to rescue people.

To this day, St. Bernards retain their desire to please and affectionate personalities that make them real charmers. An excellent choice for families, St. Bernards, are known for their patience and tolerance. You can bring them home for an average of $1,500. This price tag made Saint Bernard, one of the most expensive dog breeds.

6. Irish WolfhoundMost costly dog breeds

One of the largest sight hounds out there, Irish wolfhounds are adorable with their shaggy wire coats. This expensive dog breed is known for their unique personalities among other dog breeds. However, two Irish wolfhounds are completely alike in personality.

Gentle with children and easy to train, this dog makes ‘Charming’ its motto. What’s not so charming? The price tag. Expect to spend at least $1,500 to bring one of these dogs home.

7. Bouvier des FlandresBouvier des Flandres

The Bouvier is probably not one you have seen on your day to day walk at the dog park. A very uncommon dog breed, these huge fluffy dogs are known for their big hearts, as well as a mild stubborn streak. Built to work, a Bouvier eats up dog sports, and will wholeheartedly work at just about any of them with the right training.

Their rarity is factored into their price tag. Expect to spend between $2,000 and $6,000 for one of these beautiful dogs. This price tag made Bouvier one of the most expensive dog breeds in the world.

8. Miniature Bull TerrierMiniature Bull Terrier

Spunky and energetic, you may recognize this dog breed as Target’s mascot. These dogs have adorable faces with a quirky roman nose that begs to be rubbed. This cute animal is better known for their powerful personalities and presence.

If you’re looking for a dog breed that is always ready for a game of fetch, look no farther than this fun loving breed—after you save up of course. The average price is around $2,000.

9. NewfoundlandBeautiful Newfoundland Dog

Another large and fluffy breed, Newfoundlands are among the friendliest giants you can hope to meet. This dog breed also considers as the most expensive large dog breeds in the world.

These dog breeds are often used for therapy work because they enjoy being around people. They make wonderful family dogs, and usually only pose issues with small children by accidentally knocking them over. Their affection is free to you, but not until you purchase your puppy. Prices often exceed $2,000.

10. Cavalier King Charles SpanielCute Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These dogs with their extremely round heads and soft fluffy coat bring ‘cute’ to a whole new level. Along with cuteness, they are among the sweetest and beautiful dog breeds out there. Cavaliers love people and take great joy in snuggling whoever will indulge their hearts. Though this dog is bred to be a companion dog, Cavalier’s do enjoy working and can perform in a variety of sports. Happy on the couch or in the ring, they are a great beginner dog.

They range from $1,500 to $3,500, so be prepared to spend a lot for the next decade or more of cuteness. This price tag made Cavalier King Charles Spaniel one of the most expensive dogs breed in the world.

Dogs are one of the most beloved pets we can own. They devote their lives to us, and their companionship is often what keeps us going. Bringing one of these breeds home will lighten your heart for years to come. Let’s face it. Even if the dog’s price didn’t lighten your wallet, all the cute dog stuff you want to buy for your new friend would anyway. These dog breeds are expensive, but often times that price is a sign of good genetics that will give your pet even more years of high-quality life. Additionally, remember having a pet is great for mind, body, and soul which is a reason for adopting a dog today.

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