10 Parenting Tips From the Successful Wealthy Parents

Good Parenting is playing with kids

If you are looking for the best parenting tips, then you are in the right place. It is quite easy to distinguish the wealthy and successful people from the average ones. They not only think and live differently but also have unique styles of parenting. While all parents want to raise their children to be successful individuals, average people tend to pass down their limiting attitude to their children while the successful, wealthy parents raise their children to be even more successful.

So here, we have gathered ten parenting tips from successful and wealthy parents. You can use these tips for raising your children. Read on:

1. Encouragement10 Parenting Tips From the Successful Wealthy Parents

It is extremely essential for parents to give constant support to their children. They should be encouraged to outperform themselves, and not to beat others. Moreover, appreciation should not only just be given on the results. Children should be praised for their efforts and hard work. This instills a sense of accepting failure in them.

According to Stanford professor Carol Dweck, this attitude develops a ‘growth mindset’ in the children which enables them to be more successful in life. Sara Blakely, American billionaire and founder of Spanx, also support these parenting tips. She says,

My dad would ask my brother and me what we had failed at that week, and if we didn’t have something to tell him, he’d be disappointed. I did not realize it at the time, but he was just redefining failure for me, so failure didn’t become about the outcome, it became about not trying.

2. Emotional intelligenceImportance of Emotional intelligence for kid

It is crucial for parents to teach their children the importance of developing meaningful relationships. Moreover, children should also know how to control and express their emotions. This is indispensable if they are to lead a happy and successful life. Parents should themselves demonstrate emotional intelligence, and in time their children will also adopt it. They should show love and value the relationships in their lives.

Tory Burch, a billionaire businessman, explains these parenting tips well. He says,

Put your children and family first, and then everything falls into place.

3. Successful parents set the prioritiesMother encouraging her daughter after falling

One can simply not be rich and successful without knowing the importance of setting priorities. Moreover, successful wealthy parents pass this knowledge onto their children. It is important to focus on one task and then move onto the next. Children should also understand that they cannot succeed at everything. Prioritizing is also important when maintaining a balance between professional and family lives.

4. You can’t please everyone10 Lessons To Learn From The Rich On How To Raising Children

While raising children successful wealthy parents themselves never demonstrate behaviors where they aim to please everyone. This is because you cannot become rich and successful while pleasing everyone, including your family, friends, neighbors and professional colleagues.

5. Do not give in to stereotypesFather teaching daughter how to use tools

Successful wealthy parents never teach their children to believe in stereotypes. These may include ‘boys do not cry’ and ‘girls belong in the kitchen.’ They also never burden their children with the responsibility of taking care of them in their old age. This parenting tip enables children to achieve their goals with better focus.

Millionaires have achieved success by being different and not giving in to stereotypes, and this is what they teach to their children. Famous American actress Blake Lively mention in an interview regarding parenting tips

We’ve joked that my daughter is bossy. But my husband [Ryan Reynolds] said, ‘I don’t ever want to use that word again. You’ve never heard a man called bossy.'” — Blake Lively

6. Spend time smartlyParenting Tips From the Successful Wealthy Parents

The rich know exactly how to make use of their time, which is why they have achieved success. They spend time productively rather than wasting it on frivolous activities and entertainment. They raise their children with the same mindset.

Steve Siebold, author of the book, ‘Secrets Self-Made Millionaires Teach Their Kids’ explains,

The masses spend their time, while the rich invest in it. Spend your time basking in entertainment, and you will struggle your entire life financially. Invest your time creating solutions to people’s problems, and you’ll never lose a minute of sleep worrying about how to pay the mortgage.”

7. They set rules and limitationsParenting Tips From the Successful Parents

While raising children the successful parents do not spoil their children, as a common notion. They set rules and make sure their children follow them and they avoid the traits of toxic parenting behavior.

An example would be of Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft Corporation. He and his wife did not allow their three children to use smartphone and tablets till the age of fourteen. They remained firm even when their children complained that their friends already had these gadgets. Furthermore, even when the children received smartphones, they were required to use them with rules. They could only use them for a limited time and not while eating or doing homework.

8. Spending money wiselyMother teaching kid to spending money wisely

According to this parenting tip,  successful parents raise their children by teaching them to spend money wisely. Their children may inherit all their wealth but may lose it if not used with discipline. Parents need to warn their children behavior against excessive spending but also not encourage them to exhibit miserly behavior.

9. They set the bar highPositive parenting tips

The successful parents set high expectations for themselves and teach their children to do the same. Parents should raise their children by not telling them not to be afraid of thinking big. They should aim to achieve success and gain wealth in their twenties or thirties. Children also need to realize that this will not happen overnight and they’ll need to put in all their efforts to achieve their goals.

10. They take out time for enjoymentGood Parenting is playing with kids

While raising children successful parents ensure that their children also enjoy their childhood and that they laugh and play. This reduces stress and makes the path to success more enjoyable. A very good example can be Richard Branson. Everyone knows that he is one hell of an adventurous and spontaneous person. He often says in his interviews also that one should not stop enjoying life every single day.

The successful wealthy parent has the mindset that has made them successful at their professional and parenting life. They also pass these ‘legacies’ to their children. Indeed, all the parents can learn vital lessons from successful parents on how to raise children. Hopefully, our parenting tips will help you to understand parenthood and you will do your best in the parenting role. Don’t worry, if you can’t follow all,  Just as American actress Reese Witherspoon mentioned,

No one’s really doing it perfectly. I think you love your kids with your whole heart, and you do the best you possibly can.”

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