10 Psychological Rules For a Better And Happy Life

10 Psychological Rules For a Better And Happy Life

Despite how many advancements have been made to the comfort and safety of our modern lifestyle, many of us are still unhappy with life. Getting stuck in a rut is a common situation for people, but it doesn’t have to hold us back from our dreams. If you’re looking for the answer to how to be happy in life then here are ten psychological rules for a better and happy life.

Spoiler Alert: If you are not a fan of reading then there is a video at the end of this article that covers this topic.

Psychological rules for a better and happy life:10 Psychological Rules For a Better And Happy Life

1. Reflection effect

The people you associate with are often a reflection of your own personality. A person you look up to and admire in your life probably has an aspect of their personality very similar to yours.

Whether it is their passion or drive to excel, or perhaps kindness and love for a certain charity, you can learn a lot about yourself by looking at the people in your life.

Even if the people in your lives are less pleasant, perhaps people you can’t stand, they are also probably similar to you in some way. Looking at other people and trying to see yourself in them, can have a big impact on how you focus your life.

2. No one can make you feel bad

Yes, you read it right, no one can make you feel bad about yourself without your permission. We all know that jealous co-worker who feels the need to make other people look smaller in order to make themselves look bigger.

Whether you are their target because you have different religious or political views, or perhaps just a different perspective on how a project should be done, remember words can only hurt you if you let them.

You don’t have to change to please other people, and you can’t please everyone even if that is something you want to do. It is best to simply be yourself, and do your best to seek out an environment that allows you to be that person to the best of your ability. More sooner you understand this psychological rule, more sooner you can have a better and happy life.

3. Learn from mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. While undoing them may not be possible, you can use them as a learning tool. Mistakes are how we grow, and if you aren’t making any, you’re probably not growing.

If you make a mistake, taking the time to evaluate what went wrong and how you can do better will make you a better person for a lifetime, not just for the moment it happened. This action also has a direct relationship with a better and happy life.

4. You don’t need permission to change

If you want to lose weight, adopt a healthier lifestyle, or explore your spiritual side, there is no reason not to. Family pressure and even outside influences such as family and friends can often stop us from making changes that we think could benefit our health.

If you want to try something, try it. Life is too short to be worried about what other people might think about it, especially if their primary reason for objecting is that you might be healthier for it—and they’d feel guilty about trying it too.

5. Live in the now

If you wish for a better and happy life then you need to live in the now. Because, no matter how much we might want to, we can never change the past. While we can have goals for the future, there is no time machine to automatically get us there. The only phase of time we have any control over is right now. Living in the now is the best way to get the maximum out of life.

Sure, you may not be able to afford traveling the world at this very moment, but if travel is important to you, you can work an extra hour now, or start a side business today, to reach that dream.

6. Look for the silver lining

Everyone wishes for a better and happy life, but not everyone can achieve it. It because of our own fault. When you are having a bad day, it is normal to notice every little irritating thing that comes your way. This is natural and somewhat hard to resist, but it doesn’t have to consume your life.

If you’re struggling with seeing only the bad, it may be helpful to begin daily meditation where you search the day for the good things that happen—and only the good. Looking at the good things only is a great psychological rule, to walk on the way to a better and happy life.

7. Practice the art of gratitude

The art of saying thank you has largely become a forgotten one, but practicing gratitude can make a big change not just in your life, but in others too. If you bring a thank you card to your vet for getting your dog in on a busy day, chances are your pet will receive better care the next time you come in.

Gratitude is an amazing skill, and the impact is far-reaching and lifelong. So, you should practice this psychological rule more often for a better and happy life.

8. Don’t expect the world of yourself

We all tend to have high expectations of ourselves, but it is important to remember we are human too. Women are particularly guilty of striving for superhuman status. Struggling to have a career, be the primary parent of children, do the bulk of the housework, and still squeeze in a little time for personal interests can quickly become impossible.

You don’t necessarily have to give up on any of these things to get a break, but you do need to delegate some responsibilities in each area to have it all. Don’t be afraid to decline the work a coworker tries to palm off on your desk when it isn’t even yours, or ask you’re significant other to take out the trash.

In doing so, you’ll be able to focus more on what you do handle. So, accept and practice this psychological rule for a better and happy life.

9. Become part of something bigger

If you feel like something is missing from your life, volunteering or joining a larger community may help fill in those missing spaces. You’ll never know until you try.

10. Accept that people don’t care

People don’t care as much as you think they will. Sometimes, being you may involve changing in ways that go against the norm. If you want to change your style, experiment with veganism, or change in other ways, don’t worry about the reactions others will have. You’d be surprised how little your changes matter to others.

It’s easy to imagine happiness as a result, but happiness is also a driver. These ten psychological rules for a better and happy life can be life-changing if you let them. The choice is yours. Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

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