15 of the World Weirdest Festivals to Add In Your Travel List

15 of the World Weirdest Festivals to Add In Your Travel List

Festivals are a celebration of life and can take many forms. Music, cultural, food festivals, and the list goes on. But what about those that celebrate unusually? Many people crave the strange and unexpected, something outside of the norm, something weirdest.

So, here is a list of some of the world weirdest festivals. Read on:

1. Baby Jumping FestivalWorld Weirdest Festivals to Add In Your Travel List

This is no joke, and no babies are harmed in the process! In fact, it is a kind of baptism where the little ones are cleansed of bad luck and sin. Grown men in devil costumes run around frantically until the babies are brought out, and they jump over them. The 400-year-old fiesta includes local tradition mixed in with a bit of religion and suspense. This weirdest festival happens each year in Castillo de Murcia, Spain.

2. Underwater Music Festival15 of the World Weirdest Festivals

Divers, snorkelers, and musicians come together dressed in fanciful nautical costume. They use specially-sculpted underwater instruments for a truly breathtaking musical experience. Indeed, this is not only the weirdest festivals, but it is also as well very adventuring too. This unusual festival happens each year in Castillo de Florida, USA.

3. Oregon Country Fairweird and wonderful festivals around the world

Every summer, a tiny town of  Veneta, Oregon, USA is overrun for a weekend with hippies and other curious folks. It’s a celebration of art, music and the creative spirit in general. A kid-friendly atmosphere, but don’t be shocked to see a few people walking around nude but fully painted and waving to everyone. Now that’s weird.

4. Gilroy Garlic FestivalWeird festivals in america

Garlic ice cream, anyone? The small, northern California town of Gilroy is known for its garlic. So, they have to help get rid of all that garlic somehow, why not have a festival for all things garlicky? Held every summer, the event has grown so large that it now includes world-class entertainment and chefs.

5. Day of the Dead FestivalDay of the Dead Festival

Another famous and weirdest festivals, this one is held all over the country in Mexico. Many people equate Day of the Dead to Halloween, but I assure you, the two are very different. Mexico’s celebration is deeply rooted in religious tradition and focuses on family gatherings, honoring those that have passed before them.

6. Burning ManBurning Man USA Black Rock City Desert Nevada Art Festival

In order to attend this famous festival, you must join a group. An entire city is literally built and taken down over the course of the festival. It is a great way to ‘get off the grid,’ get away from everyday life and soak up the music and comradery in a very spiritual way. This weirdest festival happens each year in Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA.

7. Up-Helly AaUp-Helly Aa, St. Ninian’s Isle, Scotland

Local men in St. Ninian’s Isle, Scotland dress up as Vikings and become pyromaniacs as they set fire to everything they see (well, almost everything). Surely, set fire on everything sound really crazy. The festival is in celebration of the end to Yule season, with a burning replica of a Viking longboat which gets paraded around the town of Lerwick.

8.The Battle of OrangesThe Battle of Oranges, Ivrea, Italy

This unusual festival happens each year in Ivrea, Italy. The recreation of the 1194 revolt against the king is played out not with weapons, but with the mighty orange. And we’re not kidding when we say mighty. Those oranges can pack a serious punch and participants are required to wear a helmet. A battle of this stature requires the most citrusy of fruits, making it the largest fruity food fight on the planet.

9. La TomatinaLa Tomatina-Bunol-Spain

You may have already heard of this one; it’s famous. Run down the streets filled with tomatoes and get the messiest you’ve ever been in your life. Participants have to LOVE tomatoes, and not mind the acidity, because I’m telling you, smushed tomato gets everywhere on your body! It truly is the world’s biggest food fight. If you want to participate in this weirdest festival, then you need to visit Bunol, Spain.

10. Buso FestivalStrange festivals celebrated around the world

Dating back to the 18th century, men dress up as “Busos,” or horned devils. The idea is that they will chase away winter, and usher in the summer season. It is a six-day long festival that culminates every year on the Tuesday before Lent. This strange festival happens each year in Lent.Mohacs, Hungary.

11. Cheung Chau Bun FestivalCheung Chau Bun Festival

The name of the game is sweet buns. Moreover, towering fortresses of flaky buns that you can really eat! It is a competition to see who can climb the towers of goodness the fastest. A baker’s delight, or a baker’s worst nightmare? You decide! This strange festival happened in Hong Kong.

12. Boryeong Mud FestivalBoryeong Mud Festival, South Korea

South Korea not only famous for its technology, but it is also famous for this weirdest festival. Here’s mud in your eye! This lovely coastal town gets down and dirty with…you guessed it, plenty of mud wrestling! In addition, there is zip lining, music, inflatable props, and even mud fireworks! Located on the coast of the Yellow Sea, the mud is rich in minerals. Don’t miss the mud obstacle marathon!

13. Thaipusam, The Hindu Piercing Festival15 of the World Weirdest Festivals to Add In Your Travel List

This one extremely unusual festival and similarly not for the squeamish which made this festival very weird. Every winter in Malaysia, local Hindus will pierce their entire bodies, and attach sharp hooks to their backs. In addition, on these hooks, they will attach weights called kavadis and walk around with them for 10 hours. Ouch! But why? Because it shows a demonstration of the Hindu faith and the cleansing of sins.

14. Lopburi Monkey Buffet FestivalLopburi Monkey Buffet Festival, Thailand

Here is where the noble monkey gets worshipped with all of the food it can handle. This unusual festival happened every November near the Khmer Temple, Thailand. Three thousand monkeys, to be exact. They will feast on everything from fruits and veggies to ice cream to well and whatever it is monkey’s like to eat (within reason)!

15. Pikachu Festivalweird festivals in japan

Life in Japan is always interesting. Who doesn’t love Pokemon? Well, I suppose a lot of people don’t, but I dare you not to smile and even giggle a little when you see up to one thousand Pikachu’s parade down the street, accompanied by other Pokemon characters. Gotta catch ‘em all!

Wherever you may be in the world, you can be sure there is a strange and unusual festival happening during any time of the year. Dare to attend one of these festivals to enrich your understanding of the culture of the country. Hope, you enjoy this weirdest festivals list.

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