12 Smart School Girl Fashion Hacks

12 Smart School Girl Fashion Hacks

Fashion is all about being unique and celebrating your existence, it is all about the creativity that you have brought to this world with your birth.

This smart school girl fashion hacks guide is designed to assist all the ladies out there to smartly use the things around them in a new combination to look different and fashionable every now and then.

Smart School Girl Fashion Hacks:

1. Knot the Torn T-shirt

The oldest tragedy in human history must possibly be: shirt getting caught in a hook and tearing in public places. It is extremely relatable and embarrassing at the same time.

It often happens in a school that your T-shirt gets entangled in a screw or hook (stuck in your desk) and when you prepare to get up, you feel something slightly holding you back and OOPS. You get up anyway and your shirt is torn from the side.

In this situation, the best thing that you can do is take the front and back piece of the T-shirt and tie a knot at the side. This can make you look like the coolest girl in the school corridors.

2. Flowery Hairstyle

This may be the oldest trick in the book but is only read and seen by people and not really implemented often which means that you have a high chance to blossom with this smart school girl fashion hacks.

A flower in the hair looks incredible always. When the gardener is shaping the plants in your garden, he often cuts out a branch which has some flowers on it, you may use them for your charm. Pluck them and place them on the left or right side of your hair.

Pin them wisely so they do not fall off. If it is a big flower, then you need not put many, adjust only one flower in your hair above your ear, and steal the show.

3. Painting on Pen Marks

Oho! You were waving the pen in your hand and it left a mark on your shirt? Well, not an issue. Bear it for the day at school, when you are at home finally you can do something about it with this smart school girl fashion hacks.

Once you have reached home, change your clothes and take your spoiled shirt and spread it on a painting mat. Put cardboard in between the front and back portion of the shirt. The cardboard makes it stiff and unable to bother the backside.

Now bring out your fabric paints and a pencil. Also, Google a good and easy image to draw and then draw it with the pencil on the front side of the shirt which has the pen mark. Make sure that you engulf the pen mark inside your drawing. Once you have drawn, start filling it with paint.

After painting it full well, you must let it dry under a fan. When it dries off the paint will become hard. You can also take a printing block and paint it, then stamp it on the shirt front at several places to get block prints. You can wear the shirt like a brand new one the next time.

4. Bleach Your Jeans

Denim looks beautiful in itself, however, have you ever tried bleaching it? Give it a try once, I am sure it will please you more. First, make sure that you have a trendy painting block in stock. Start by taking 1/4th cup of bleach in a bowl, and then put your favorite wooden block in the bleach.

When dealing with bleach make sure to have plastic gloves on to prevent skin burns. Now carefully take out the immersed blocks and stamp it on the front of the jeans. Make sure that you put a rectangular wooden piece underneath the cloth where you’re stamping (to prevent the bleach from ruining the backside).

After imprinting the desired patterns on the jeans, leave it for 2-3 hours for drying. Once done, wear your printed denim and get ready to receive some genuine compliments.

5. Colour The White Shoes

White shoes look adorable at the beginning but slowly they start looking monotonous and you feel like you need to change the color for a better mood. That’s easy as a wink. All you have to do is get some crayons and a blow dryer for this purpose.

You must have understood the process to some extent by now. In the very first step, you have to wash your shoes and let them dry so that all the accumulated dirt gets washed away. Now on the clean and dry shoes, you may begin coloring with your crayons.

Colour with as many crayons you want but color properly. Even after coloring sincerely, you feel that the color is uneven and needs to be merged well, for that you can rub the crayons with a wasted paper, on each shoe.

After that switch on your blow dryer and carefully apply the dryer’s heat to every nook and corner of the coloring. The heat actually melts the crayons and this makes it even and mixes them real well.

6. Matching Necktie

A necklace is worn by everyone, every day. Necklaces do not make you look one in a million, hence, you just look like the rest of them. How about you do something new, something which is not so popular?

I have an idea, you could wear a foulard handkerchief around your neck. Buy a few basic colored foulards and around every week wear the foulard one day when it matches best with your chosen shirt or it could also be a good contrast. You will realize that you stand out with a mere foulard around your neck in school corridors.

7. Make New From Old Earrings

You have a party tomorrow and have the same old earrings to wear? Not a problem, girl. I guarantee that you will look the most voguish tomorrow like you do always, just follow the steps given for this smart school girl fashion hacks.

Pick a pair of earrings that have a long hook. Now take out your art box. Select plain cardboard, pencil, cutter, spray paint, glue, and an old beady bracelet. With a pencil, now draw a flower or a pentagon, basically an easy shape to draw and cut. Once you have drawn the picture, double the cardboard and cut the picture with the cutter.

Now you have two similar shaped cut-outs. Spread them over a mat and with the favorite colored spray paint front the back and front of the cut-outs. Make sure you spray on the backside only when the front side has dried.

When both the sides have been sprayed and dried, pick your earrings with long hooks and break the earring off the hook. Now cautiously stick the painted cut-outs on each hook with super glue. Yay! Your new accessory is ready.

8. Renew Old Bags

My goodness! The bag is so old and tacky. Let’s renew it. It is simple, wash your old bag and let it dry. When it has dried, insert cardboard in the bag and paint the front with a very cool word/phrase or draw a cool symbol or picture like a dancing lady wearing headphones.

You can then decorate the bag with enamel pins which makes it look even more fashionable. Enamel pins have small phrases, emoticons, or symbols on them and more which can make your bag look as smart as you.

9. Smartly Increasing Jeans Size

When a pair of jeans feels very short, you can easily elongate it by one inch using a decent, lace. The lace could be white, blue, or black in color, as these are the standard colors that would not look strange on denim.

Now take a fabric glue and stick the lace with the help of glue at the bottom of the pants to make them longer. Make sure that the lace is of at least one and a half inches in size because half an inch would be needed to bind the lace with the pants by gluing them together.

This smart school girl fashion hack will not just make your pants the right size but it will also make them look way prettier.

10. Lip Balm Before Lipstick

Lipsticks often act stubborn and don’t appear even on the lips when applied. This makes you look rather unprofessional at being fashionable. This happens because our lips have developed a rugged terrain and need to be softened and smoothened to have an even lip coloring.

Consequently, it is recommended that you apply a balm before applying your lipstick. Apply an even layer of your favorite balm and then press your lips for a minute till it softens the lip texture. After that apply lipstick.

The lipstick now slips easily across your lips. To give the lipstick a glossy touch, apply some balm over the lipstick too and press the lips together to spread it evenly. Now don’t be shy because people might start gawking at your perfect lips.

11. Scarf Hides What’s Visible

Often the tops that we buy have broad necks, some of us don’t really like revealing our bodies so much, in which case, it is necessary to do something about the revealing skin without being old-fashioned.

Take an old printed scarf that goes well with the shirt and if it is long then cut it to make a 20 by 20-inch piece. Take care that you cut it from the max printed area. Sew the edges so that the threads stop dangling from there.

Now keep the cloth upside down, take one corner and join it with the opposite corner, you obtain a triangle. Now hold the other two edges in each hand and fix it on your neck (leaving it slightly loose so that it does not suffocate you).

Tie a neat knot at the back of your neck. Now wear the shirt over it. The printed scarf hides the revealing neck and chests adjoining area very artistically.

12. Colour Pen Tattoo

I am sure you have plenty of markers and pens of various colors just lying idly in your drawer. You may use them for making a tattoo on your left arm, where the sleeve of your T just ends.

Wax your hands fully and then maybe draw a small colorful bee or butterfly. You may even write something interesting in a fancy font. Or better yet, write something in another language, this will make people wonder what you have written and about how vast your learning is. Everyone will be just amazed by your any kind of colorful tattoo.

The methods are simple, you just need to have the drive-in yourself to look different from the rest. These smart school girl fashion hacks are designed to make you feel confident by being unique.

It is easy to follow the trend and dress up accordingly, but only a few people bother about creativity. Being creative is hard, and for this reason, you are going to rock because you will be doing the uncommon, which in turn will make you look the best. Do try as many tricks as you want and become a trendsetter.

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