12 Easy Yet Useful Beauty Hacks For Girls

12 Easy Yet Useful Beauty Hacks For Girls

No matter how bitter the truth maybe but we can always sneak in some useful beauty hacks to make us look all flashy and gorgeous. And let me tell you, it is always wise to be smart in the beauty world rather than being spendthrift. There are tons of beauty hacks that are surfacing the internet these days. However, some of my favorite and unique tricks to look amazing are listed below.

Useful Beauty Hacks For Girls:

1. Glittery Eye Shadow Turned to Funky Highlighter

You may find some unused – your most hated – glittery eye shadow palette lying somewhere in your drawers with all its vibrant colors that never suited your personality, and non-pigmented shades that were somehow not soothing enough to your eyes. Well, I know how to turn that unworthy little palette into your favorite go-to palette.

First of all, scratch out all the glittery shades and collect them in an empty container one by one until the container is full. Then drop some rubbing alcohol on them, this will allow the glittery eye shadows that you have put in the container to settle down properly.

If necessary, mix the contents well so that you obtain the right mix of each color in your one pick. And with this, you’re ready with your multicolored highlighter. This way you need not buy another multi-colored highlighter for yourself, you produced it within the four walls of your house.

Now take some of that home-made colorful highlighter on the brush that caters to highlighting and spread it over your cheekbones finely and be ready to flaunt those popping shades on your skin.

2. Rainbow Coloured Eyeliner

Don’t you think that the black eyeliners are a bit overrated? How about we try something different this time? Do you have some color pencils in your house?

Of course, you do. Now the trick is that you have to pick three neatly sharped colored pencils that you have always adored the most. Then put these three pencils in a glass of lukewarm water for a total of one minute.

Now take one color pencil out of its spa and very carefully and neatly mark the nose edge of your eyelids, one by one on each. Then pick out the second color pencil and mark the middle section of your eyelids and use the third to mark the forehead edge of the eyelids along with the prestigious wing. Wow, look at you! You have a dazzling and colorful winged liner.

3. Eyeshadow aka Highlights For Your Hair

Now we come to eye shadow singles. Don’t you think that their palettes have a little too much product in them?

I am pretty sure that each and every one of us ladies get pretty much bored of the shades too early and throws them in our oldies drawer and are constantly willing (and some even able) to replace them with new ones. It’s a very been there done that kind of a situation.

The good news is that those dumped away eye shadows can be put to better use, that is, to highlight your hair. The first and foremost step is that you have to gather all of the eye shadows that you no longer use.

Now select a thin (or thick as per your desire) lock of your hair that you think will be most visible and look the most stylish when colored. Once you have finalized the strand, press it on the eye shadow powder and then slide the powder down till you reach the end of the hair lock.

Pick another color and do the same with another lock of hair. Again, choose the lock which will look best if colored. If you want several streaks then repeat the same method over and over until you’re satisfied.

4. Squeezing Foundation Out of Foundation-less Tube

This is a common practice that we forget which of our products is over and needs restocking. And then we only get to know about it when we are running late for a party and the foundation won’t come out of its bottle or tube.

That is one short horror story as it freaks you out then and there. Let me tell you that no matter how much you shake it or squeeze it, the foundation just won’t come out, and then you just sit back and curse the world.

There is absolutely no point in doing that. Just focus on what can be done at such times. A little tip for such difficult times is that you must put the foundation bottle in a bowl of warm water and let it stay there for 5 minutes or so.

When you think that the water may have adequately melted or softened its contents, then take out the bottle/tube and squeeze it again. Notice that the foundation will now come out very easily. Apply if on your face and get ready to have some blast at the party.

5. Eyebrow Filler

If you are out of eyebrow filler and do not have money to even buy one then that is not a problem. Believe me. Surprisingly enough, an almond can do the job right. You must be wondering why I am mentioning almonds all of a sudden.

Because almond can be a perfect replacement for eyebrow pencils. Shocking huh? I know. Hold an almond in one hand and a lighter in another. Burn the almond till the burnt end turns black. Now take a brush and rub it on the almond and then use the powdered brush to fill in your brows.

6. Producing Matching Eye Shadows

Wearing accessories and makeup that complements our outfit is a necessity. Systematically, you must have applied a matching lipstick to your outfit, we can make that our template to make the matching eye shadow.

Obtain the brush which you use to color your eyes. Now roll the brush over your lipstick until there is enough product on it. Now slowly dab you brush on your eyelids to transfer the product from the brush to your eyes. Do that to each eye until you are done applying an even layer of the color and are happy with the result.

7. Curing Dryness of the Lips

Sometimes, we all get tired of having dry lips. Follow this useful beauty hack to have perfect, soft lips. Apply toothpaste on your dry lips and let it sit for 5 minutes.

Now take a soft toothbrush and gently brush your lips in a circular motion for 2-3 minutes. Once done, use a tissue to wipe off the toothpaste and the debris of your removed skin.

Apply a sweet-smelling chapstick (and if you don’t have a chapstick then take olive oil) on your clean lips to prevent them from drying again.

8. Having A Beautiful, Freckled Skin

Recently, people have developed an obsession with freckles. Those who do not have freckles use different methods like mascara, henna or brown lip pencils to draw them artificially on their skin.

I can very well tell you about the henna trick to have long-lasting natural-looking freckles on the desired area. Use henna cone to make teeny-weeny dots on your cheeks and nose.

Let it stay for 1 minute, when the henna has dried and the color absorbed fully by the skin, you may scratch the dried henna off or simply wash your face with a mild soap. Now flaunt your freckles as you own them.

9. Makeup removal shortage

Removing make-up before going to bed is the best beauty hack to have flawless skin but if you’re lazy and don’t want to do it, then get ready to have break-outs. But what if we ran out of the blessed makeup remover?

There is a famous saying: when there is a will, there is away. Surely there is a way in this case too. Open your oiling kit and take out the coconut oil from it. Spill a small amount of coconut oil on a cotton pad and rub it on your skin to free it from makeup.

After a while, change the cotton pad and add another small amount of coconut oil on it and remove makeup again. Do this for around 5 times so that with every new cotton pad any leftover make-up is removed too.

At the end of this process you are left with an oily face, massage your face well, and then wash the oil off with a good face wash to get soft, clear, and glowing skin.

10. Curling Like a Pro

Not in the mood to curl your hair but still want to look pretty. Here is a little hack to save time and have perfect blow-dry curls. Take an empty 2-liter bottle. Cut it from the top so that you can use it easily.

Now make a rectangular hole towards the end of the bottle. Put a thick strand of hair from the top opening of the bottle (which you cut initially). Notice that your hair locks have spiraled inside the bottle. To have the best curls make sure that they spiral beautifully in the bottle.

Now insert the blow dryer in the rectangular opening (which you cut the second once) and blow-dry your hair for a total of 1 minute. Repeat this with the rest of the hair to have stunning curls.

11. Coldwater makeup setting spray

There is no way to recreate a make-up setting spray but there is a quite never-heard-of hack that you could use when in need of an alternative way to set up your make-up.

Take a bowl full of cold water and add ice cubes in it to make it chilly. Now lower your head, hold your breath and immerse your face in the ice-cold water for 30-60 seconds (depending on how long you can hold your breath).

Now take out your face from the water and breathe first of all. Let the water dry out. Meanwhile, take a small napkin and rub the dripping water off your neck and ideally lie down under the fan. Once the water has completely dried, you are then ready to show off your perfect make-up look.

12. Make Your Eyes Look The Right Size

This pointer is not targeted at telling you that your small or big eyes do not look fine the way they are. Instead, the plan is to offer a little change to your look at a new occasion. Artificially resizing your eyes can also make you look very different from your last dolled-up look.

The people with large eyes can use a black pencil and those with smaller eyes can use a white pencil for this activity. The procedure is that the pencil you have chosen as per your eye size must be applied to the eye water line to enable the eyes to look slightly big or small. This small smart move can make you look very attractive on the occasion.

There is not always a need to buy new things to solve your beauty problems. You can actually help yourself by utilizing your neglected make-up items or using other items at home to sail smoothly through the days of life. It does not mean that you don’t buy new things or equipment for beautifying yourself at all.

Do buy them but also keep an eye for things that can be done smartly without purchasing things unnecessarily. After all, we must aim to seek efficiency and beauty together.

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