12 Beautiful Places to Visit in Finland

12 Amazing Places To Visit In Finland

If you are planning to visit Finland and searching for the answer to places to visit in Finland, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will introduce to you some amazing places in Finland. When most people are looking for a great place to vacation, Finland is rarely on their radar.

No matter what your reason for vacationing is, however, Finland may surprise you on how it fits the list. From castles made out of ice to natural wonders that will take your breath away, Finland has it all.

However, nature plays an important role in the finished lifestyle so you need to find the best time to visit Finland which suits you. Anyway, here are twelve of the most beautiful places in Finland you need to add to your list if you are planning a visit.

Beautiful Places to Visit in Finland

1. OuluOulu

Oulu is known for being Finland’s center for technology, as well as being a busy tourist city. It is a popular place to hold music and cultural festivals and has a variety of museums and art centers as well. Oulu is the perfect city to stay in while you are touring Finland, with its close proximity to other beautiful places in Finland, and its own thriving culture.

2. Archipelago National ParkArchipelago National Park

Often referred to as the most beautiful Archipelago in the world, Archipelago National Park certainly has the most islands out of any available. This park is only accessible by sea, so be prepared for a boating trip if you want to make this park part of your adventure.

With 10 nature trails and hundreds of different birds and animals living in the park, it is a nature lover’s paradise. It is one of the best places to visit in Finland in the summer.

3. TampereTampere

The third-largest city in Finland, Tampere is a unique location all its own. Tampere draws people for its natural beauty. Located between two lakes, it has a number of boating and swimming areas to keep water lovers happy. Both seasons are the best time to visit Tampere.

Tampere is as fun in winter as it is in summer, with swimming and boating giving way to ice fishing and pinewood saunas. You can still swim if you dare—a portion of the lakes are kept ice-free for the brave few who want to experience a very chilly swim.

4. Turku CastleTurku Castle

Dating back to the medieval period, Turku Castle is one of the oldest buildings still standing in Finland. Today it is a museum where you can walk through the halls built almost a thousand years ago.

Learn about the history of this castle, including the many sieges it survived, and take photos of this iconic and beautiful location. if you are in Finland, then Turku Castle worth visiting.

5. Ruins of old VaasaRuins of old Vaasa

Vaasa is yet another charming and modern city in Finland. Close to Vassa however, there is an entirely different one. Ancient ruins of the city where Vaasa got its beginnings. You can still walk around these old ruins today, and see what once was long before the popular new city went up in its place. So, add ruins of old Vaasa in your things to do in Finland list.

6. LeviLevi

Lapland is one of the best places to visit in Finland in the winter. If you enjoy skiing or other snow sports, Levi is a place you need to visit. A resort located in Lapland, Levis is part of the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup circuit.

Not only is it the perfect place for snow lovers, but it also has some of the best viewings of the Aurora Borealis in the world. There is even a hotel nearby that features glass-topped domes where you can look to your heart’s content without ever getting cold.

7. Kemi (snow castle!)Kemi (snow castle!)

There no doubt that winter is the best time to visit Finland. Every year in Kemi, a snow castle is constructed during the winter season. This huge ice hotel is rendered in exquisite beauty, with murals made in the ice, sculptures, ice furniture, and more.

Expect to spend about two hours looking around every room of this vast and beautiful castle. Too cold for you? Warm-up with a hot coffee in the ice cafe.

8. Lemmenjoki National ParkLemmenjoki National Park

This beautiful park is home to some of the most breathtaking views in the country. Most of the people who are backpackers traveler, who want to experience beauty as deeply as they can.

You won’t just find people mesmerized with nature here; however—you might also find gold diggers on one of 40 claims within the park. Definalty, Lemmenjoki National Park is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Finland.

9. RovaniemiRovaniemi

During Christmas time, this city is a sight to behold. Rovaniemi takes a special shine to Santa Claus, and in some places that tradition goes year-round. If you are bringing youngsters who are excited at being in the arctic circle, a visit to Santa Claus Village or Santa Park may give them a special kind of magic, you can’t get anywhere else.

Rovaniemi is also home to sled dog and reindeer farms, where sledding is available if you’ve ever wanted to try out your own team. Rovaniemi is a beautiful place in Finland, which worth visiting.

10. Parola Tank MuseumParola Tank Museum

If you have a love for things that go, “Boom!” (or just have a young boy) the Parola Tank Museum is a thrilling place to visit. Their collection has grown to include dozens of tanks, anti-tank guns, and other armored vehicles. Many of the tanks are extremely rare and range from very old to fairly new. A great place to visit both for its historical factor, and for simply being fun.

11. HelsinkiHelsinki

The capital of Finland, Helsinki, is a beautiful city filled with exquisite architecture and historical buildings. There are many places to visit in Helsinki.

Dozens of dazzlingly beautiful churches and cathedrals dot the area, and there are a number of interesting statues ranging from beautiful too—well—naughty. A walk around the city is an adventure in itself, and well worth the effort of visiting here.

12. Lake SaimaaLake Saimaa

Finland is home to a variety of beautiful lakes and rivers, but this lake underscores the beauty of Finland. Saimaa is the largest lake in Finland and is home to some of the most beautiful wetlands on the planet.

Here you may get a chance to see one of the most endangered species on the planet, the Saimaa Ringed Seal. There are currently only 400 of these unusual freshwater seals left on the earth, and they only live here at this one lake. There are also a few other species of animals found only here, such as the Saimaa salmon, that are well worth searching for.

Finland is a travel destination most people don’t have checked off their list. If you’re ready for an adventure that is truly unique among your friends, visit Finland and experience a world you’ve never seen before.

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