Uses of Coconut Oil: 5 Try and 7 Avoid

Coconut oil is one of the few natural wonder products that almost everyone seems to approve, including health experts. This is because of its many health benefits that range from clear skin, great hair, fresh breath, and a lot more. As much as most of us love to use coconut oil for almost everything, there are people who think it is not worth the hype. Most of them have even had bad experiences, which they use to cement their claims of coconut oil being “ordinary”. To make this clear, I am going to give you two detailed lists.

One containing five of the best coconut oil uses you just have to try, and the other will have seven coconut oil uses you must never even attempt. Read on:

1. You can use it as a makeup removerCoconut oil for makeup remover

This oil is very safe to use, not only as a facial cleanser but also as a makeup remover. It has antibacterial qualities that make it perfect for this purpose.

If you are one of those women who struggle to clean off mascara, this oil can save you a lot of stress. Once you apply the coconut oil to your face, you will notice the makeup melting off your face, use warm water to rinse off and pat dry.

2. You can use coconut oil to cookUses of Coconut Oil: 5 Try and 7 Avoid

A lot of health experts have said this is the healthiest oil in the world. It is better than other types of oil, so it very good for cooking. Some of the properties that make it great for cooking are the high smoking point, 76°F melting point, little or no cholesterol.

3. You can use coconut oil for your hair careCoconut oil for hair care

Coconut oil can make your hair as beautiful as you can imagine, so feel free to use it. You can use it to de-tangle your hair every day, as a conditioner, and as a base for hair coloring. It has also been proven to prevent/cure hair breakage and dandruff.

4. You can use it to freshen your breathUses of Coconut Oil

This isn’t for only those people that are battling with bad breath. If you feel your mouth is clean, you’d be surprised how much cleaner coconut oil can make it.

Put it in your mouth and swirl for a few minutes, then spit out and rinse with cold water. You’ll even see the substance you spit out to be milky-white in color.

5. You can use it to prevent/cure acneCoconut oil for skin acne care

It is surprising that so many people are still moving around with acne on their skin when we have coconut oil. It can clear out acne as well as any scarring associated with it because of lauric acid that kills the bacteria known to cause acne. Just apply on the skin and place a warm facecloth after some time, then clean off with water.

What not to do with coconut oil

Though coconut oil is a far cry from ordinary, you can’t really blame those who think it’s a scam because, in all honesty, coconut oil is not good for everything. There are things you can do with coconut oil that can actually turn out bad, and you must avoid that at all cost.

1. Never use it as lubrication with condomsCoconut oil as condoms lubrication

It’s true that coconut oil is an excellent lubricant, but when condoms are involved…don’t even try it! When the latex of condom is mixed with coconut oil, it weakens the latex and reduces, if not totally eliminate the usefulness of a condom.

2. Never use it as bathing soapWhat not to do with coconut oil

You may love adding coconut oil to your bathing treatment, but it will give your plumber more work, increase your bills, and even kill main or kill you.

Coconut oil will make your bathroom floors slippery, which could cause a hard fall with no one in there with you to help. Also, if coconut oil goes down your pipe and dries up, it could harden and cause blockage somewhere in the pipe, which will eventually make you spend money on plumbing repairs.

3. Never use it as a salad dressingCoconut oil as salad dressing

Unless you want to rush the meal and finish it in nanoseconds, don’t make salads with coconut oil. If you do, you will have a thick mold when you put it in the fridge or when the coconut oil solidifies naturally. Instead of making plans to rush your salad before coconut oil solidifies, just use a substitute dressing and take your time to enjoy your meal.

4. Never cook coconut oil at high temperatureCoconut oil in frying pan

It has a lot of cooking advantages, but when you do it in high temperatures, you cause more damage than good because the coconut oil will burn and spell doom for your food. So, avoid using it for frying, searing, or other related forms of cooking. As for other low heating forms of cooking, you are good to go.

5. Never use coconut oil as sunscreenCoconut oil as as sunscreen

True, coconut oil can give you a little protection from the sun, but don’t use it as sunscreen. It is not healthy for the skin and can cause burns or long-term skin issues. Best thing to do is to rub it on your skin after spending time in the sun.

6. Never use it as a moisturizer if your skin is sensitiveNever use coconut oil If your skin is sensitive

Your sensitive skin will make you give a sad story after you use coconut oil. If your skin is “special,” you may end up having clogged pores because is comedogenic. If you have doubts, ask a dermatologist to be sure.

7. Never use it if your hair is coarsecoconut oil not for coarse hair

Coconut oil has astringent qualities which could dry up your hair if it is coarse, so don’t be in a hurry to join those girls giving testimonies of how this oil has rejuvenated their hair. You won’t get the same result. This is probably new to you, but it is real. Using this oil for the wrong reasons can backfire. Simply put, it is not good for everything.

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