15 Amazing Places to Visit in Portugal

Amazing Places to Visit in Portugal

Portugal is one of those places that will make you fall in love with it in just a glance. Portugal is a gorgeous country to explore. It has everything for everyone. This country cannot miss its spot of being the favorite place of vacation. In this article, we will discover fifteen amazing places to visit in Portugal.

But do not judge this country by its size as no matter how small it is but it has a lot to offer to its lovers. You will find the finest amalgam of beauty and variety in this European nation. So, if you are planning to head towards this country then this blog will be of great help to you. Here are the top fifteen places you can visit in Portugal.

Amazing Places to Visit in Portugal:

1. Lisbon

As the capital, Lisbon is an obvious choice as one of the best places to visit in Portugal. Lisbon is The City of Seven Hills, the Queen of the Sea, and The City of Light.

After traipsing up and down these hills for two months, I know Portugal’s capital is worthy of all of these titles. Lisbon is big, but each neighborhood feels like its own little city.

2. Salema

Situated three hours South of the capital, near Cape Sagres, Salema is a beautifully tranquil beach resort and one of the best spots in Portugal, especially if you want to be near the coast.

Although located in the package holiday favorite the Algarve, this pretty village remains comparatively untouched by the ravages of tourism.

This also offering just a scattering of eating places, a traditional outdoor market, one small main street, and clusters of pretty white stucco houses. This peaceful fishing village is located between two sharp cliffs with a glorious sandy beach rolling between.

3. Obidos

Entrance to this walled city is through Porta da Vila, an elaborately decorated main gate covered in traditional azulejos depicting the Passion of Christ. Once inside, freely explore the car-free cobbled streets, white-washed houses, and stop in at the 12th century Santa Maria Church. To get a view over the town, take the hour walk along the wall which completely encircles the city.

4. Coimbra

Coimbra may be a medieval city, but it’s buzzing with young life thanks to its large student population. Situated on the Mondego River, this beautiful city is home to the University of Coimbra, one of the oldest universities in the world.

Visit the 12th-century Romanesque cathedral Sé Velha, the Café Santa Cruz for conventual cakes called crúzios, and the University’s richly decorated baroque library, Biblioteca Joanina. As you wander the ancient streets, you may hear Portugal’s second type of fado, often called student fado, drifting through an open window.

5. Azores

Made up of nine different islands and located way off the coast of Portugal in the mid-Atlantic, The Azores may be the ideal place for those who are looking for adventure, however, they are also a great place for those who are searching for beauty and awe-inspiring scenery too.

An unusual travel destination, every single one of the islands has its own charm to bring and in order to really absorb it, we advise you to try and discover as much as you can.

6. Algarve

Yes it’s developed and touristy but it’s also popular for a reason – it’s one of the top tourist attractions in Portugal. Not only is the weather mild here all year round but when you come to the Algarve you are going to be treated to the most stunning golden beaches stretching as far as the eye can see. It also offers some of the best golf in the country.

7. Sortelha

The Sortelha is a tiny village that is dominated by one of its most imposing residence, the castle that overlooks the region! Make sure to wander the castle grounds, though you’ll need comfy walking shoes for this ramble.

8. Coimbra

History is something that you are going to find in this wonderful city as this was Portugal’s former capital. Based on the banks of the River Mondego, Coimbra is home to one of the oldest universities, not only in Portugal but across the whole of Europe too.

So prized is the university that it has actually made its way onto the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list and when you get the chance to explore the city you are likely to see why this is.

9. Evora

Évora is a Portuguese city in the municipality of Évora and the capital of Portugal’s south-central Alentejo region. The beautifully preserved historic town has been classed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and when you visit, you’ll soon discover why.

Encircled by white-washed houses, it’s home to a 2000-year-old Templo Romano, a 16th-century aqueduct that can be followed by foot for five miles and the incredible Capela da Ossos – a sinister crypt – which displays the full skeletons of over 5000 Evora residents.

10. Braga

Braga’s role as the religious capital of Portugal is made clear by the number of churches, chapels, and monasteries dotted throughout the town. In keeping with the character, Braga decorates for Semana Santa (Holy Week) festivals with lights and flowers and hosts numerous processions.

Don’t miss important religious sites including the Sé Cathedral, Antigo Paço Episcopal, and the hillside sanctuary Bom Jesus do Monte. As one of Portugal’s oldest cities, you can follow the architecture through the ages.

11. Marvao

Nestled peacefully between Castelo de Vide and Portalegre, and only a few kilometers from Spain this idyllic place is perched on the highest crest of the Serra de São. The beautiful medieval mountainside town in Alentejo that still has its original 13th-century walls and is perfectly preserved.

The streets wind seductively between the surrounding walls, making Marvao a very beautiful place to visit. As you can imagine, the views from across the town are not to be missed.

12. Obidos

One of the most picturesque locations in Portugal. This is an ancient fortified town located in the Estremadura Province. In the 13th century, Portuguese Queen Isabel was so enchanted by the village of Obidos that her husband, King Denis I, gave it to her as a present. This prompted a tradition of Portuguese kings buying this picturesque village for their queens, which lasted for many centuries.

13. Amarante

Not too far from Porto in the north of the country, Amarante is a great place to explore some of the histories of this beautiful region. Look out for the gorgeous arched bridge of Ponte São Gonçalo and wander the riverside route where there are lots of independent restaurants and cafes that line the route. You won’t be able to resist the sweet treats.

14. Douro Valley

While you may be tempted to stay in enchanting Porto your whole trip, an excursion up through the Douro Valley is a must. Cruising up the Douro River used to be the only convenient way to reach the Valley.

However, a new tunnel opened in 2016 through the Serra do Marao mountains. Now driving through the world’s first officially designated wine region and staying for an extended visit is a much easier option.

15. Porto

It is the second-largest city of the country with 14th-century walls, medieval streets, and picturesque houses. Apart from these beauties, this city is even new and fashionable.

The city of Porto is located on the coast of the Northwest and it is one of the famous tourist places to visit in Portugal. Sit under the arches at Placa da Ribeira (the riverfront square) and watch the boats float past and then take a visit to the palatial 19th-century Palácio de Bolsa.

Most apartments in the area have terraces that overlook the tranquil waters. Declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, it’s a combination of old-world charm with cobbled streets and bustling metropolitan culture, making it a very intriguing travel destination indeed.

Apart from these fifteen places, there are many more spots that you can explore so now you might have a good idea about the richness of this place. Portugal not only has amazing places but it even offers the richness of culture, heritage, and tradition.

The beauty of this nation is not just limited to its places and architecture but it is even linked to the friendly people of the country as well. So, while you are planning to visit this place bear in mind that you do not just visit a country of Europe but even an amazing world by itself too.

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