16 Interesting Facts About India That Will Make You Want to Visit

Amazing facts india

India is a land that is diverse and colorful, with much to do and even more to see. India has seen many firsts and inventions, such as shampoo and chess. The country was the first to refine sugar, the first to identify water on the moon, and has had many firsts in science, technology, medicine, and more. Also, India as a whole full of interesting facts regarding cultural,  wisdom, history, spices, and beautiful nature.

If you’ve never traveled to this fascinating country, here are sixteen interesting facts about India that will make you want to visit. Read on:

1. Two extra seasons16 Interesting Facts About India That Will Make You Want to Visit

Most of the world celebrates four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and autumn. But, an interesting fact is that in India the Hindu calendar has two extra seasons; the monsoon season, and prevernal or late winter season.

Monsoon season usually lasts from July to September, but it has no set date as the monsoon can be unpredictable. The first storm that heralds the monsoon season is celebrated, creating a party like atmosphere from the kids playing in the streets to adults joining in the fun.

2. India is home to many speciesInteresting Facts About India

India is home to many different animals, some of which are rare and endangered. The snow leopard, the Indian rhinoceros, the Asiatic lion, and the Bengal tiger are just a few. The Bengal tiger is currently on the endangered species list but is making a rebound now thanks to concerted efforts of groups worldwide to save it. If you are into wild animals then you should travel to India.

3. Indian people love goldFacts about india for kids

About 11% of the gold in the world is held in Indian households. Jewelry, gold bars, and coins are hoarded by households in India. It is estimated that the amounts total over 24,000 tonnes combined. However, It might be not an interesting fact about India only; as many middle east country people also love gold.

4. Smart countryAmazing facts india

The number of citizens with IQs over 120 is extremely high. In fact, a 12-year-old boy named Rahul has an estimated IQ of 162, potentially higher than Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein. India has always had a reputation for being tech-savvy and has had many firsts in science, medicine, and mathematics. This interesting fact about India surely will make you doubtful on your IQ level, so why not travel to India and check it of your own?

5. Floating stoneslife in india facts

The Indian city of Rameshwaram features a river with floating rocks. There is nothing unusual about the rocks, or even the river water. Moreover, scientists have yet to determine why these rocks float. This is why it is one of the more interesting out of our sixteen facts about India that will make you want to visit.

6. Lake created by a meteortravel facts about india

Lonar Lake in Maharashtra is the only crater in the world that has been formed by a meteor striking basaltic rock. It is full of mysteries that science can’t explain, such as unique organisms found only in the lake, its ability to be both saline and alkaline together.

Why a compass is useless at some points on the lake, and most mysterious of all, what is actually under it? The lake is well worth a visit, ringed by beautiful temples and surrounded by beautiful, wildlife-rich forests.

7. Cursed riverKarmanasa River is cursed

Rivers are held sacred in India, worshipped and revered. There is one glaring exception though; locals believe that the Karmanasa River is cursed. The name Karmanasa translates to “destroyer of religious merit,” and it is believed that coming in contact with the river will ruin your future plans. Residents don’t use the water to cook, so they only eat raw fruits. This is one of the interesting out of our sixteen facts about India that will make you want to visit.

8. Elephant spaElephant spa in India

Kerala’s Punnathoor Cotta Elephant Yard Rejuvenation Centre at the Guruvayur Temple specializes in cool baths for the gentle giants on one special day in July. Elephants are bathed by locals and treated to massages, and nutritious elephant approved treats. The spa is also used to train the elephants for their roles in the temple’s processions and other rituals. This is a very popular destination for tourists traveling through India.

9. Magnetic Hill in LehMagnetic Hill in Leh in India

This is a fascinating natural wonder. The magnetic forces within Magnetic hill actually pull cars up the hill. The force is so strong that planes have to fly higher to avoid the magnetic field.

10. The Golden Temple in Amritsar

Visit the Golden Temple in Amritsar to receive a free vegetarian meal. The temple feeds India feeds over 100,000 people a day regardless of race, class or religion.

11. No money, no problemmatrimandir-auroville-city-of-dawn

Auroville in South India is an experimental city established founded in India in 1968. The “City of Dawn” recognizes no religion and uses no currency. With citizens from all over the world, the total population of Auroville is currently 2400.

12. Cows are constitutionally protectedlife in india facts

We just need to admit that Indian religion cultural is very interesting. They have so many gods and among those god Cow is one of them. Under Article 48 of the Constitution of Indian, the slaughter of all cattle has been banned.

The Supreme Court upheld Article 48 in October 2005. Twenty four out of twenty-nine Indian states have followed Article 48, banning the sale and slaughter of cows. On a side note, India also requires photo IDs on domestic cows to protect them against being stolen. Well, this is surely an interesting fact. Indeed!

13. Shiny pastMajhgawan Mine in Pradesh

This is surely an interesting fact for many of us that India was the first country to mine diamonds, and until 1726, it was the largest source of diamond mining in the world. It is estimated that diamond mining in India originated around 700 BC.

Diamond mines were founded along river banks throughout India, but most of these have ceased production as they no longer produced the shiny gems. Currently, there is only one mine large-scale production mine left in India, the Majhgawan Mine in Pradesh.

14. Taj Mahal is actually a templeindia facts and information

Taj Mahal one of the most visited places in India. Long believed to be a burial temple commissioned by Shahjahan as an Islamic mausoleum to honor his love, Mumtaz, the Taj Mahal has been proven actually to be a Shiva Temple. There is no documentation to prove it was ever tomb, and the origins of the building are much older than the legend reports.

From the name itself to the Sanskrit writings found within, it appears this was never really a burial hall. Still, the building is incredibly beautiful and a must-see tourist destination for all travelers.

15. Kongka Pass is reportedly a UFO baseKongka Pass is reportedly a UFO base

Kongka Pass is a desolate stretch of disputed territory between China and India. It lies in the Himalayan mountain range and is considered by many people to be a UFO base. There have been many sightings of UFO’s, both coming from the ground and returning back into it.

Local residents of China and India alike have reported strange lights and encounters that seem to originate from Kongka Pass. If you wish to meet Alien then, this is the place for you to travel to India.

16. Kuldhara, haunted town

In Rajasthan, the haunted town of Kuldhara is a popular tourist attraction. The town, home to 1500 Brahmin settlers in the 13th century, was mysteriously abandoned overnight. Legend claims that Salim Singh, a lecherous minister, found himself captivated by a beautiful girl living in the village, threatening the residents with death if they did not give her to him. The town fled the village overnight rather than turn her over to the sinister Salim.

They placed a curse on the town as they fled so that it could never be inhabited again, and it has remained abandoned ever since. Residents of near-by towns refuse to go into the village after dark. If you like adventure, then Kuldhara is the place to visit in India.

India is a welcoming country, full of mysteries and wonders. With all the fun facts and interesting folklore surrounding it, it’s hard to limit the list to just sixteen facts about India that will make you want to visit. So, when you are planning to visit India?

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