Top 13 Amazing Places To Visit In Sweden

Sarek National Park
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This article discovers the thirteen amazing places to visit in Sweden. This nordic country is a popular tourist destination and for a good reason. The rich heritage, remarkable beauty, and unique culture make it an experience outside of what we normally get to see. So, Sweden is a top pick for many people looking for a relaxing retreat.

If you are one of them, here are thirteen amazing places to visit in Sweden you won’t want to miss. Read on!

Spoiler Alert: If you are not a fan of reading then there is a video at the end of this article that covers this topic.

1. Vasa MuseumAmazing Places To Visit In Sweden

If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to sail the seven seas as a Viking, visiting the Vasa museum could be your closest shot at doing so. This museum is for the only 17th-century ship ever to be restored. Vasa museum is considered the top-rated tourist attraction to visit in Stockholm.

It was pulled from the bottom of the ocean where it wrecked over 300 years ago and now gives you a chance to see the full ship in great detail. A wondrous experience, you won’t find another like it anywhere else in the world.

2. Drottningholm Palace12 Amazing Places To Visit In Sweden

If you are looking for the answer to what places to visit in Stockholm? Then this is the place for you. For the history buff out there, getting a chance to see Drottningholm Palace is another once in a lifetime experience. This palace goes back centuries, but what is particularly amazing about it is the theater on site.

You can still catch a show in it at certain times a year—and it is the only 18th-century theater in the world that still uses the original machinery. If you miss this chance on your visit to Sweden, you won’t get another anywhere else. So, don’t miss this place to visit during your Sweden tour.

3. Ice Hotel, Jukkasjärvi12 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Sweden

Ice hotel, a truly an amazing place to visit in Sweden. Feeling a little too hot this summer? Why not sleep in a bed made of ice? At the ice hotel, you can have this opportunity all year long with a little help from solar panels keeping that ice cool.

Every year a new one is built, so you may also get a chance to see the construction in action next to the modern hotel. It’s a perfect way to spend at least one night of your stay, and an experience you won’t soon forget.

4. BirkaTop-Rated Tourist Attractions in Sweden

Everybody loves Vikings, and Birka is the perfect place to see how they lived and worked. Originally built as early as 700, Birka may well have been Sweden’s very first town. 200 years after the rise of Birka, people began abandoning it for unknown reasons. Today, you can still visit it however and learn more about what it was like to live as a Viking so very long ago in Sweden.

5. SigtunaSigtuna, Sweden

Often referred to as “Where Sweden Begins,” Sigtuna is a beautiful location full of history and purely natural splendor. Visit ancient ruins that will sweep you back in time, rune stones capturing love letters from the past, and some of the most beautiful lakes in the area.

If you’ve been looking for refreshing locations to swim in, this is the number one spot in Sweden. Outside the water, there are still plenty of opportunities in this charming little town. The architecture of this town is beautiful and colorful, making it a unique place to visit during your Sweden tour.

6. AbiskoAbisko, Sweden

Getting out and experiencing nature north of the arctic circle is a large part of the Sweden experience. Abisko is a great place to allow you to do that. With lemmings, reindeer, and natural beauty everywhere, it is a hiker’s paradise.

Take photos of majestic waterfalls by day, and then stay up all night watching the northern lights once the sun has finally sunk. In Abisko, you can do it all.

7. Stockholm’s ArchipelagoStockholm’s Archipelago

Archipelago’s is a unique and beautiful part of the natural world. Stockholm’s Archipelago features thousands of islands to explore, sandy beaches with spectacular views, and an unending supply of historical sites to visit.

See the graves of Vikings from the past, or walk through ancient fortresses still standing to this day. The opportunities are as vast as the Archipelago itself. So, add this place in your basket to visit in Sweden.

8. Tylösand BeachTylösand Beach, Sweden

It’s hard to picture turquoise waters and warm sand in the arctic circle, but you can easily forget where you are when you visit Tylösand Beach. The waters here are fairly shallow, making them heat up fast for a warmer swimming experience.

Tourists rave about how clean and clear the water is, as well as the convenience of a hotel and restaurant nearby. Hit the waves and enjoy a day at the beach in this picture-perfect area.

9. SmögenTop 12 Places in Sweden

With so many cities and natural wonders to visit, Smögen provides a unique change of pace. A fishing village, Smögen gives you the chance to experience life on the water in a new way. Here you can try your hand at lobster fishing, eat at some of the best restaurants in the world, or simply shop in one of the many family-owned businesses in town.

10. ÅreskutanÅreskutan, Sweden

This mountain is home to one of the largest ski resorts in Sweden. If you love nothing more than slicing through a fresh layer of powder, Åreskutan is a great place to visit on your tour of Sweden.

In summer, this place becomes one of the most beautiful natural places in Sweden. During the summer, fresh snow is replaced by greenery and beautiful hiking experiences.

11. Vadstena CastleBest places to visit in sweden

This fortress turned castle is a beautiful representation of Sweden’s past. Today, the castle is one of the best-preserved examples of Renaissance architecture, and open to the public for viewing.

The castle contains an opera house and museum. The grounds outside are regularly used for concerts, making it a thriving hub for the culture of Sweden as well as a historic landmark.

12. Ales Stenar12 Amazing best places to visit in Sweden

Sweden’s version of the stone henge, Ales Stenar is a series of giant boulders placed in the outline of a ship. No one is quite sure why Ales Stenar was created, but the power of this majestic location is worthy of a visit. It is one of the best-preserved stone megalithic monuments in the country and comes with stunning views as well. A truly unique location.

13. Sarek National Park
Sarek National Park
Credit: @emrikjanssonphotography

If you love nature then Sarek National Park is the place for you. It is considered as the most beautiful natural place in Sweden. Tangled strands of the Rapa River flow below the slopes of Sarek National Park, one of six reserves that make up Sweden’s Laponian area World heritage site. The river delta in Sarek, among the most beautiful places, you will ever see.

Sweden is filled with amazing places, hidden getaways, and fun traditions that make visiting it worthwhile. If you are planning to visit Sweden, check out these twelve amazing places to visit in Sweden to fill your vacation with experiences you won’t soon forget. Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

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