13 Amazing Curvy Girl Fashion Hacks

Top 13 Curvy Girl Fashion Hacks

A body with curves looks just fine, however, they need to be dressed up in a certain way to make them look fashionable too. To assist in that approach, certain valuable hacks have been provided to make a curvy girl look like a diva.

Fashion for the Curvy Girl:

1. Hide That Double Chin

Having a double-chin is a nightmare. No matter how much you try to hide it, it just peeks in every photo of yours. There are several exercises available on the internet which can help you reduce your double-chin but honestly who has such spare time to do them?

I mean, sitting on a couch and watching your favorite TV show is a hell lot easier than exercising the neck. Now what you can do is use a Korean V-shape face tape. Sounds strange? It does, no doubt.

These face tapes come in a packet. The usage of this product is quite simple, all you have to do is take out one tape and then stick it to the double chin area on the left side of your face.

Similarly, stick the tape on the right side double chin of your face too. When done, you’ll find perfect, double-chin free face staring at you in the mirror.

2. Broad Elastic Jeans for Narrow Waist

A curvy girl often finds it difficult to wear jeans, because sometimes either the button does not close easily or the belt just digs into their stomach every time they bend. And if you buy loose jeans then they just dangle on your body and make you look like a sack of potato.

Now to get rid of these problems what you can simply do is: you can replace the waist band of your jeans with a wide stretchy cloth, for example, elastane, lycra, or spandex (whichever you prefer). For this to work out all you need to have is a 7-9 inch long (depending on your height and what you wish for) piece of such cloth.

Now cut our belt of your pants and sew the elastic in place of the belt. You now have a flexible and fitting belt. This will make your moves easy and will assist deeply in reducing your waist size.

3. Now Wear Body-con Dresses

Dresses that stick to your body are sometimes too revealing of your curves. For this reason, you must do something to reduce your belly size. Instead of holding your breath for hours, you can use a plastic wrap around your tummy to tighten and straighten up your curves.

The procedure goes like this, take the plastic wrap from your kitchen and start wrapping up your tummy by rotating the plastic around it. Make sure you put 3-4 layers of plastic wrap to hold the curves in place. Now wear your dress and see the difference yourself. You can also wear Spanx to slim down your tummy.

4. Chubby Face Made Attractively

Nowadays, having cheeks is a symbol of cuteness, and having cheekbones is a symbol of being sexy. But the cool fact is that when you have cheeks you can pretty easily contour them and make them look like cheekbones (but you cannot look chubby when you have a thin face and cheekbones combined, so being chubby is actually good in this way).

To contour a chubby face, follow these steps: firstly, contour the sides of your nose with a brown color and use the same brown color to contour cheeks. Put contour from the top of the ear-side of cheek to the lips in a slanted way and then use your wet beauty blender to blend in the cream contour (use a brush to apply powdered contour).

Also, put the contour on the edges of your forehead and also below the chin to give an illusion of having a broader jawline and narrow face.

5. Rubber Band and Jeans Button

When you have the curvy stomach you have trouble buttoning your jeans, especially the ones that are waist-high; your curves just restlessly come in the way of the button and its hole. Now you can use a hack involving a rubber band to solve your problem. Weird? Yes very!

Now hold the rubber band in your hand and push it to elongate it vertically. Take half of the elongated rubber band and pass it through the hole – with both the parts of rubber band coming out of the buttonhole – stretch out and wound it on top of the button. Put your shirt on the waistband to hide the rubber band.

6. You May Have a Summer Body

Not in the mood of making summer body by lifting heavy weights, running endlessly on the treadmill, and doing those deadly crunches? How about you do something easy like contouring your stomach to make some abs.

This trick is quite easy and can be done within 5 minutes. Now do this: take your cream contour palette. Take a brown shade on contouring brush and dab it on the stomach, first draw a vertical dividing line in the middle, followed by three equally spaced horizontal lines one after the other (just like the abs).

Make use of a beauty blender to blend in the cream contour. When done, be ready to show them off at the beach.

7. The Hairstyle For You

Ever wondered why people who wear buns at the top of their heads and neatly combed ponytails appears to have bigger faces than the other people?

That’s because people having chubby faces along with broader jawlines look slim with their open hair lying on their shoulders. Whereas people with narrow jawlines and slim faces look good when they keep their hair off their faces.

When opening hair you can slay any hairstyle like a boho braid, knotted half-up, etc. The sole purpose is to make your face look thinner. You may even wear long earrings to make the overall look doubly attractive.

8. Which Bra Suits You Best?

Having a curvy body means you have to stop using the ultra-padded brassieres. A padded bra is good but a heavily padded make your chest appear heavier than it already is and gets all the attention.

This also makes it difficult for you to take part in any physical activity involving running and playing. Nonetheless, what you should do is wear lightly padded bras, preferably those that sporty people wear.

They, not only remove focus from your breasts but also tighten and lighten you up but also allow you to perform outdoor recreational activities.

9. The Wardrobe Should Be Dark

It is psychologically proven that when a person wears darker shades they appear to be taller and slimmer to people. Shades like dark brown, navy blue, black, and all other darker tones make you look just the right size and hence mesmerizing.

However, lighter shades like white, grey, light blue can highlight your curves, as they reflect light and make you appear larger than you are. So it is not advisable for curvy women to wear such colors at all.

10. Wearing Flowy Shorts Not Jeans Shorts

If you’re not a fan of wearing revealing clothes and displaying your body then jean shorts may not be the perfect fashion trend for you. Jean shorts when worn on a curvy body reveal your skin when you bend or sit.

However, flowy shorts are the perfect apparel for people with curves. It not only properly conceals all of your curves but also make you look classy and fashionable.

11. Vertically Striped Clothes

This is another psychological hack. The stripes or the design of your shirt plays a vital role in building a perception about your height and weight. Thin people wear horizontally striped shirts.

Alternatively, curvy people must wear stripes that appear vertical as they make them look thinner and taller. Whatever the design maybe, if it is vertical then it will make a curvy person look much less curvy and taller than they actually are.

12. Pick Blocked Heels

When you have a curvy body, it means that you have to be careful with not just the clothes but also the type of shoes that you choose to wear.

Chubby people must always pick the blocked heels for themselves because it can balance their weight properly and they will also look glamorous with them on. Pencil heels must be strictly avoided by curvy people.

13. The Type Of Cloth

The fabric that sinks is the one that suits a curvy person best. It is because whenever a lean person wears a silky fabric or the like of it, they look extremely thin! Imagine how slim a curvy person would look in such clothes. So, for curvy people, fabric with a flare and a fall is more acceptable than any other kind of fabric.

The key pointer relating to fashion is that one must learn to carry themselves, no matter what their size and shape, they can always look good. Nobody is perfect physically, we all have to work to appear pretty and in that process, we often require plenty of tricks and tips to achieve our beauty and fashion goals at the earliest. So all curvy ladies out there may utilize the curvy girl fashion hacks shared in this article to bring out the best in themselves.

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