Dating Advice: 15 Things You Should Never Do on a Date

Dating advice for a date

Dating can be both a fun and scary experience. When you first meet someone, it can be hard to gauge whether they are truly right for you or simply hiding their true selves. So, in this article, we will discover fifteen dating advice that you should never do on a date.

We all want to put our best foot forward when meeting a new person, and to keep being our best selves throughout a partnership. If you are looking for ways to improve your dating skills, here are fifteen dating advice that you should never do on a date. Ever. For any reason.

Dating advice: Things You Should Never Do on a Date

1. Use your cell phone during your date

Nothing says you are not engaged with your partner or care about anything they have to say than constantly scrolling through your social media feeds while they are trying to talk with you.

If you truly want to get to know a person and to develop a lasting bond with them, you need to be present. Put your phone down and focus on your date. Things will be better that way!

2. Complain the entire time you are with them

Even if you feel comfortable with your date and are ready to expose some of your problems to them, no one wants to be a therapist for their partner 100% of the time.

It’s okay to share issues with partners you’ve bonded to, but if you can’t wait to see your date purely for the chance to recite all the woes in your life, you’re dating for the wrong reasons. So, our dating advice for you not to keep complaining during the date.

3. Lie to your date

Sure being a brain surgeon sounds way cooler than your job sweeping the movie theater floor, but when the truth comes out, you’re going to lose all the trust you have developed during that time.

Stick to the truth, even if the truth isn’t delightful. Your date will appreciate it, and you may be surprised to discover what you thought was a lame thing to admit is actually a feature they like about you.

4. Talk about your ex

Yes, this is another dating advice that you should never do on a date. The chances are good that one day the person sitting across from you is going to be your ex also.

If all you can do is badmouth your last partner, they can be assured this sort of dirt is going to be going around with their name attached the second you part ways.

If all you do is pine for your last love, they’re going to feel rejected while still dating you. The best practice is not to mention them unless it’s vitally important.

5. Insult the staff

How you treat staff is a great measuring stick for what sort of person you are. If you are rude or dismissive of the people serving you, chances are you may not be a very understanding partner once you get comfortable. Not a great way to put your best foot forward.

6. Forget personal hygiene – important dating advice

Most of us take extra special care of our hygiene on a date. When we go out with a person, we know that how you look is actually better than usual. If you have plaque visible on your unbrushed teeth, and hair that hasn’t seen a comb all week, your partner is going to assume this is your spruced-up look.

7. Obsess over hygiene

On the same topic, if you constantly have a mirror out re-combing your hair, you are giving off the impression that you are too self-absorbed to care about your date. Dress well, and take time on your appearance, but then let it be.

You don’t need to touch up every few seconds in order to keep looking your best. Therefore, obsess over hygiene is another dating advice that you should never do on a date.

8. Monopolize the conversation

Talking is how we get to know other people, but if you don’t allow your date to say two words the whole time, you aren’t learning anything about your partner—just yourself.

9. Show up late

Showing up late is a sign of disrespect for your partner and this is the thing you should never do on a date. It is saying you don’t value their time enough to show up on time, but you still expect them to be there waiting around for you. It’s an insult and not one that your partner is likely to take well. So, remember this dating advice.

10. Bring up sex, marriage, or kids on the first few dates

Your partner is still getting to know you. During your first few dates, they want to learn things like whether your personality meshes well with theirs, and whether you share anything in common with them. They definitely don’t want to be planning as if this is forever until they know whether you are even compatible.

11. Argue with them

There will be disagreements in every relationship, but if you turn everything into a battle of wills, you’re going to find yourself an ex very quickly. Save the arguments for the important stuff and avoid this argue thing on a date.

12. Invite your friends along

Dates are never wracking enough, especially when it is all new and exciting. Don’t make things even more awkward by bringing a friend into the mix. If you are not feeling secure with the person you going to date then find a public place for a meeting.

13. Eat like a pig

It’s useful to eat in front of a mirror a couple of times before you go on a date so you can see for yourself how you eat. If you can hear loud smacking noises, see your own masticated food in your mouth, or take bites an elephant would choke on, it’s time to change your habits.

14. Expect the other person to pay

This dating advice regardless of gender, it is rude to assume. Even if you’re a girl, you should offer to pay for the date. It’s just polite. If you are the one who wants to go to an expensive restaurant or ordered a lobster or other extremely expensive meal, you should definitely be the one who pays.

15. Avoid eye contact

For some people, making eye contact can be a difficult thing to do, but it is an important thing to practice. Not only is it good for your date, but it will also be good for everyone else you meet in your life too.

Dating can be both hard and exhilarating, to make the most of it, avoid these 15 common mistakes. You’ll find dating both more comfortable and more enjoyable if you do. Hopefully, our dating advice about the ‘thing you should never do on a date’ will help your relationship.

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