14 Signs of a Solid Relationship

14 Signs of a Solid Relationship

When you and your partner have a rough patch, it can sometimes make you wonder whether it is time to throw in the towel at last, or whether your partnership is worth fighting for. If you’ve been pondering whether your relationship is a strong and solid one built to last, or was never meant to be. In this article, we will discover fourteen signs of a solid relationship.

A relationship rarely breaks down overnight, so it can sometimes be difficult to detect in time. All couples go through bad periods, but when it becomes more every day than exceptions, it may be time to stop and think about the future. So, here are fourteen signs that going to tell you if you have a solid relationship or not.

Signs of a solid relationship

1. You aren’t afraid to communicate

Do you struggle a lot? Or have you stopped talking altogether? Just unplugging and switching off is a common symptom that leads many to feel unloved in relationships.

In fact, it can be a bigger warning signal if you do not bother at all, as it can be a sign that you are not invested in or care about improving the situation. This is also one of the reasons why relationships fail.

Fights are bound to happen in any relationship, but how you handle them determines how strong a relationship is. If you can sort out your differences in a constructive manner, it is a good sign that you are in a solid relationship with your other half.

2. You are comfortable spending time away from each other

Most couples make an effort to spend time together, and to include each other in their mutual interests. Being able to spend time pursuing hobbies you don’t necessarily share together is a sign of a rock-solid relationship.

If you find yourself uncomfortable with an overnight trip with your friends or don’t think you’ll be allowed to try painting because it doesn’t interest your partner, your relationship may be in trouble.

3. You don’t need your partner to change in order to like them

We all know not to get into a relationship hoping your loved one will change, but it is still tempting to try and fix the ‘little’ things about your partner.

While you may well wish your partner would get off the couch and lose a few pounds, trying to force, change on another person is wrong for any reason. If your partner loves you for what you are; then it is a sign of a solid relationship. If it happened the opposite then be careful as it is a sign of a toxic relationship.

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4. You like being with your partner

It’s easy to get along with another person when you are going out to dinner, at a movie, or focused on something else. When it’s a stay at home day, and you’re both in your, however, a sign of a solid relationship is that you can still be happy hanging out together, doing absolutely nothing.

5. You can count on your partner’s support

Whether you need support for the workweek, a sport you participate in, or your home life, it’s nice to know it is always there. A great partner will support you when you need it, without taking over and managing every aspect of it for you.

Having empathy in the relationship is one of the signs of a solid relationship. Empathy is an incredibly powerful feeling that can take over and permeate your entire life.

A clear warning flag is when you completely stop caring about things in the relationship that have previously upset you. Your relationship is perceived as drained of emotion.

6. You respect each other

This one seems like it should be obvious, but if you are used to being treated poorly, it may escape your notice. A solid relationship is full of respect on both sides. That means you can expect to discuss differences in a fair manner, not be belittled in front of your friends, and not pick fights over little things. Respecting each other is a critical part of being in a relationship.

7. You appreciate the things they do for you

Whether your partner sets the coffee pot for you every morning, leaves you notes, or packs your lunch, it’s the little things that tend to make or break a relationship. Both are appreciating all the things they do for you, and in turn, being appreciated for the things you do for them can make a big difference

8. You speak the same lingo

This one might seem a little strange, but studies have proven if you tend to use the same words as your partner, you are more likely to last.

Whether he starts to use your same cheer when things go right, or you start greeting people with his way of saying hello, picking up speech patterns is a sign you are in tune with each other.

9. You kiss frequently

Whether you kiss your partner or not is a pretty visible sign, but there’s a lot more to it than that. Studies show if you kiss frequently, your relationship is much more likely to last. Continuing to kiss each other long after you first meet is a great sign your relationship is still going strong.

10. They bring out your good side

When you are around someone who is truly good for you, they tend to bring out the best in you. They might smooth the edges of your temper, make you want to lose a couple of extra pounds (without actually pressuring you to do so) or help you handle stress better.

Whatever it is they do if you find your partner helps you be your best you, it’s a great sign your relationship is solid.

11. You both have some control in the relationship

If you or your partner call the shots on everything, it’s a sign of an imbalanced relationship. A rock-solid relationship has given and taken, with each partner having an equal say in what happens within the relationship.

While it’s perfectly reasonable for one partner to take the lead in an area they feel most comfortable in—it’s important that a leadership role doesn’t spread to controlling everything.

12. You trust each other

A good partnership is a stress-free one. If you’re constantly trying to sneak looks at his phone or guarding your own like a dog with a bone, it’s a critical sign that you don’t trust your partner. If you can’t trust your partner to handle themselves appropriately, your partnership may well be a very strained one.

13. You can tell your partner anything

Being able to tell your partner everything, from getting fired to scoring a raise, is an important sign of whether your relationship is good or not. If you feel the need to hide certain things, good or bad, because you know your partner isn’t going to take it well, that’s a bad sign for the future of your relationship.

14. You stay in touch with each other

While some people can’t go 15 minutes without a text from their other half, and some can go the whole day with just a good morning, it’s still important to check-in. People in good relationships will make an effort to talk with their partners throughout the day.

If days go by without you hearing a word from your partner, (unless they are in a situation where it can’t be helped, such as deployment) it’s definitely not a good sign for the relationship.

While all relationships are different, these signs of a solid relationship can give you a good feel for how solid your relationship is.

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