10 Easy to Read First Date Signals to Look Out For

Easy to Read First Date Signals to Find the Right Person

The first date can be both a beautiful and nerve-wracking time. You’re hoping for the best, but afraid of the worst. Often, we don’t find out until many months down the road that the person we thought we loved is someone else entirely. So, it is essential to give extra attention to on the first date signals.

If you’ve got a big date coming up and want to know if the person is worth the second date, then here are ten easy to read first date signals which you should pay attention to. Read on:

1. They keep touching their hair, face, neck, or chest10 Easy to Read First Date Signals to Find the Right Person

Some people wave their hands wildly when they talked, and some people hardly move at all. If your new partner is playing with his hair or brushing off imaginary dust from her shirt, they may find you extremely attractive. Trying to improve one’s appearance by subtly fixing loose strands of hair is a common habit of people who like what they see when they look at another person—and hope they look just as good.

If they keep their hands on their chest, face, or neck, they may also be trying to draw attention to the feature they think subconsciously is the best, another hint that they think you are attractive. So, give attention to this first date signals for finding the right person.

2. Closed posture or putting a purse down as a barrier10 Easy to Read First Date Signals

If someone finds you uncomfortable to be around, they’ll often defend themselves through body language. This could be through folding the arms, leaning away, or if you try to sit next to them, putting something between you and your date—such as a purse. If they do these things, it’s a sign to back off, and to give them the space they need to be comfortable.

3. They lean toward you intentlyEasy to Read First Date Signals to Find the Right Person

This is another first date signals to find the right person. A date that is engaged with you will spend their time leaning slightly toward you and keep eye contact for long periods of time. People lean toward the things that they like, and if they are leaning in, that thing they like is you. If they spend more time looking at the door or their watch, they may be feeling uncomfortable.

4. Pays more attention to the phone than to youEasy to Read First Date Signals

If someone is willing to break out the phone and start texting on their first date, they aren’t into you at all. A person who is more interested in their phone than in talking with you isn’t engaged at all and probably isn’t the kind of person you want to be dating since they’re willing to make their first impression with you so poor.

While picking up an urgent phone call from family or friends is fine (especially with explanation) be wary of anyone who is scrolling their social media feed while supposedly getting to know you.

5. Constantly checks on your conditionFirst Date Signals to Find the Right Person

Are you too cold? Too hot? Do you need a drink? Are you having fun? A person who is constantly checking on how you feel is cute on the first date. However, it is also a red flag for the first date which represents a chronic worrier. This kind of person is entirely up to you whether you want to keep dating or not, but keep in mind it may extend to things you may not necessarily want—like worrying you’re cheating because you didn’t text back right away.

6. Keeps covering their left handDate Signals to Find the Right Person

This is a very important first date signals to find the right person. If a person on a first date is constantly hiding or covering their left hand, you’ll probably want to think twice before dating again. People who are often cheating subtly cover up that hand, even if they’ve remembered to take their wedding ring off because they are ashamed of what they are doing.

Be especially wary if they don’t ever use your name, and simply choose to call you by a pet name no matter what. This is both a sign of someone who enjoys controlling other people (by replacing their names) or of someone who has cheated so many times they can’t keep names straight anymore.

7. Complains about everythingAngry and rude girl on first date

If the person you are going out with can’t stop complaining from the moment they open their menu to the moment you leave the restaurant, you can probably assume this is how they will treat you once they get more comfortable.

Hypercritical people are difficult to satisfy and can also make others miserable. If the staff clearly hates your date and they don’t know your potential partner yet either, chances are there are better options out there.

8. Keeps trying to touch you without being obvious about itFirst date red flags to look out for

While a person who grabs your butt on a first date is definitely not someone you ever want to go out with again, subtle touches can be a sign that they really like you. If they brush their hands against yours when sharing the dessert menu with you or offer to take your coat and lightly touch your shoulders as they do so, look at it is as a positive first date signals.

9. They match their stride to yoursDate red flags to look out for

If your date has already entered the restaurant and you’re still several feet behind, their thoughts aren’t on learning more about you. Likewise, a person who falls far behind you may feel intimidated by your presence. Someone who is interested and engaged with you will walk alongside you whenever possible and match your pace.

10. Can’t stop talking about their exDating Tips for Finding the Right Person

If every new topic you bring up leads to a story about their last boyfriend or girlfriend, the person sitting across from you is not ready to be dating. Being used as a rebound is both unpleasant and can quickly lead to a broken heart if it turns out they aren’t interested in a romantic relationship at all. What you do in this situation is up to you, but it should be a big red flag moving forward.

These ten first date signals to find the right person can give you a bright idea of what your date is like, and whether or not they are someone you should keep dating. While there is no guarantee that a person who likes you is a good person, or a grumpy and critical person wasn’t just having a bad day, they can still provide helpful information about your date.

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